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  1. 1 hour ago, Strahd said:

    The following classes are extremely overpowered in both PvP and PvE:



    Blade Dancer 


    The rest of the classes could use a buff. Especially on Legion side.

    I agree on that but there is a class that could have a skill nerf!! The charmer Call need a small nerf!! Its needed to balance the game. What i propose its that wolfs become 2 hit kill against other players but still the same on PVE.

  2. Necro need stun skill like Charmer and Warden have!! The solution for Dead Soldier problem its becoming a summon skill like Charmer but it creates up to 3 skeletons with dmg equal to necro mdmg!! But still the problem for how long should be the duration of each skeleton and for that i propose 30 seconds because necro have low mdmg when compare with other class.

  3. The problem that sentinels and others is the fact that charmer pets have high resilience on arena!! THE PROBLEM IS THE ARENA WHEN VS CHARMER 😎 To fix that and not screw the charmer its adding some codes to the arena script. Reduce resilience of pets to 50% of charmer and Stun char = stun dog and also reduce the number of wolfs to 4 on arena and JUST ON ARENA. With this everyone will be happy 😌

  4. On 8/18/2021 at 1:44 AM, Baphometh said:

    That's exactly why I think it's not worth spending points on it, however I think you're missing my point which is when priest/necro go for a full supportive build, like Heal and Shield 5/5 and 3/5 Nightmares/Armistice the priest main damage skill has a 6 seconds cd and deals more damage than the necro's which has 9 seconds cd, so basically necro get punished for not spending points on Deathly Eye.


    True, but as I said above, it's not about this skill exactly, It's about Poison Spittle having a 9 seconds cd and dealing less dmg because this combo exists, so this change would be just to remove the combo and for necros to not get punished for not putting points on this skill specifically. 

    I think this is more for when you need to use other skills and try to keep 2 stacks on a boss fight for example. 

    1 - Its with the talents or with out talents?

    2 - Did you get cool down crystals on your gear?

    3 - I think that Poison Spittle need an upgrade also but in DMG!! the other option is to create relics for that  know as cursed relics 😎 These relics will have hp consumption by hour (50-100 for necro and 500-600 for priest) and increase Poison Spittle DMG in 40%  and Harads Tears on 20% (these are the reasons for the name cursed relics).

  5. On arena its fair but when you running from a high lvl is unfair!! You have 80 er but did you put money in game right? But i am free player no money to put in the game!! Its because of all crisis, especially when fuel cost €2 per liter.

    i am already consider that maybe what the other user said is an option to consider!!

  6. 9 hours ago, PureSex said:

    Let's start with the fact that the developers have established a good balance of classes, there are classes that are clearly stronger to climb into the current state, but you start to locate yourself, you start to reckon with the fact that there will be a balance of classes, the problem should be addressed prominently and differentiate the world pve and pvp, at the moment I feel,

    • necromancer deserve buff in terms of pvp as well as deathknight
    • a paladin to the subject its hard , when he is alone he is easy target, but if he got teammate it is practically impossible to kill him and his partner (mainly thanks to scared shield)
    • druid is strong and, hard to kill and a lot of stuns that can make permanent stunned.
    • warlock lost a lot of quality by introducing resistance, was stun based, lost one attribute, and now dont work always.
    • charmer and bladedancer, ranger are still very strong,
    • Chieftain is just a solid class, they are better at pvp better in pve, but also there are worst.

    I understand all want the class that he play was best, but I don't think so if it's main idea of balancing classes.

    Charmer become strong after 5 consecutive nerfs!! After devs see that was almost no one playing charmer they decide to reverse the nerfs.

  7. Now i understand the the point 1 of Call. Can be better but can be implement? Perhaps not, it requires a lot of work just to implement the point 1, up to 3 weeks. Its only 3 to 4 months just to rewrite the skill with those points of Call. To the rest the devs won't make changes.


    The point 3 of Call should just be implemented in arena, may screw the Wars and the rests. Some charmer use wolfs to get way from high lvls and strong chars (its my case).

  8. That can be arranged by add limiter of summons on the arena!! But you are only thinking on arena 😔 You didn't think on PVE where charmer depends a lot from wolfs because its attack is weak and wolfs is strong!! By the way 9 and 6 its already on charmer.

    Now correct me if i am wrong!! On number 1 of the Call that you propose that will be EC skill that will last for 26 secs or its the wolf that will have duration of 26 secs?

    There isn't mana reg rings at lvl 13 😒 neither belt and more the normal harmony crystals are too expensive!! Every thing on market is expensive😡

  9. 1- Call its already good how it is! Its summons and do what they want! If you don't know bellow lvl 14 the energy that a Charmer have its very low for even be energy consumption when other class have more energy!!

    2- Combat healing heal a lot less that Shaman and Necromancer!! It heal at lvl 13 something around 20-25 hp at 1/5 the shaman and necro heals 95 hp at same lvl with 1/5!!

    3- Chaos assistant is already related with magic dmg less mdmg less atk and healing!!

    Nothing less than nerf was presented here!!

    If this its done i will leave WS for good!!

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