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  1. Relic update was indeed pretty good even though it was quite a balance breaker if we ever had such thing.. In pvp and pve both. And yes sure it won't get you any more drops than what you would get now, but at least you could calculate your chances and base your opinion on being unlucky on known facts rather than just going like "ok this is bs, the whole event is a scam".. Giving out a number by aaying we have double the drop chances we had before is basically the same as saying that we have tripple or 10x the chances we would normally have, considering the fact that we don't know
  2. Pick a friend or two and go collect some empty bottles. You get a nice walk outta it, some pocket money and most likely have a decent time with your mates.. 3 things you won't get from dgs as far as my own experiences go, covering 90% of the spams and whatnot.. ๐Ÿ™‡โ€โ™‚๏ธ (oh n u get to save some turtles as well and who doesn't like turtles? ๐Ÿข)
  3. Well yeah but then again, when did they do something that was truly necessary? :d Pretty sure you know what I mean by that... Half the updates bring no new mechanics or improvements whatsoever. So why not work on those since I bet we can all agree on the fact that they're not even nearly as good as they could be.. Some would say "should" but I like to think of it as something the devs have so far left out on purpose.... For whatever reason that might be.
  4. Well to be fair, it would be nice to know the chances of getting these things so you could do simple maths n then take your usual luck into account, before spending tens of hours in the dgs.. Even though you're right and this very much is NOT the case, I feel confident in saying that nobody would be against such a patch. And then again, having done quite a few unpopular tweaks lately (or do correct me if Im wrong), devs could use some positive feedback from the players other than just people saying "yay, if we are lucky enough, we might get to see someone drop a demo through world chat!" ๐Ÿ™‡โ€โ™‚๏ธ
  5. Well firts of all, why'd you go solo dgs that are waaay more efficient if you're with a pt? Sure it might be fun but that's not a factor under consideration when going through balancing patches now is it? Second of all, are you honestly gonna tell me that you'd pick a +10 mage over a +10 rang with the typical dps build? Nowadays the dgs don't require aoe dmg or control with wardens and priests around doing the tanking, buffing and aoe dmg. When it comes to single target dmg such as bosses or minis inside the dg or during raid bosses for example, rangs, bds and even seekers will li
  6. Still an unecessary nerf if you ask me.. Eye was the skill that made mages useful in the dgs where aoe dmg is not needed. Now that it's nerfed you have even fewer reasons to pick a mage over a priest or any dps for example.
  7. Surely you meant every 2nd offensive action rather than every 2nd skill usage? And I mean... One does not just nuke down a 5-6k hp caster.. Heal or no heal. Once the stun ends all you need to do is blind, maybe kite a little and put the totem down with a heal on its side and you'll be good for a good while. IF they do manage to take you down in one combo whatsoever, then I dare to doubt the quality of your build or the story of having all classes maxed out.. And on top of all this, you gotta remember lightning shield which would take the ranger to low hp while it's executing its c
  8. Us focusing on our own classes would bring nothing but bunch of inbalance to the game wouldn't you say? I assume you have more than one character and as long as it's not a barb or charmer, it probably feels a lot harder to use than what it looks like. This would obviously give you entirely false picture of what your class is like for you've only seen the users' side of things. I could say that mages are broken when fighting one on my pala or charmer but then again I know how difficult they are to play since I happen to main one, so if I get wrecked by one I won't go screaming stuff like "nerf
  9. And according to the feedback we've given and the opinions we're having they needed to be buffed alongside with other classes already considered stronger than others..
  10. Considering that these changes were already seen as necessary, I dare to doubt that :l
  11. Pretty sure I already made my point in my previous comment. If you'd "read our letters" you'd know this without me having to point it out.. Just saying.
  12. I mean... As far as our letters go, I think you read em n did the straight opposite. But appreciate the fact you read em nonetheless!
  13. I rarely share any criticism on such subjects before actually seeing them but as bad as it seems "on paper" I gotta say that this can't be a good fix.. And it definitely is not made accordingly to people's feedbacks&opinions, so I don't know where that came from. But yeah... I could give more details and back up this opinion of mine but as it seems it'd be close to pointless according to the skill "fixes" you plan on executing. Rest of the update could very well be alright but the balancing part of it just ruins it for me at least. You pretty much buffed classes that were alre
  14. Yeah I have but then again... That's fully luck based innit xd I play mage mainly for its consistency so that'd kinda ruin it..
  15. I mean... I only now saw this post and honestly I could probably write a book of this if somebody paid me to... Anyway to put it somewhat shortly, I feel like mages are pretty much balanced atm for they're doing a ton of aoe dmg yet still lose in single target dmg to most dps classes such as rangs/bds from elf side or hunters/rogs from mc side. So that's the pve side of things but what about pvp as a mage? When it comes to arena/gvgs/large scale pvp battles, mages tend to be quite useful indeed due the aoe dmg theyre capable of dealing, but then if we look at 1v1s or 2v2s its a whole different
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