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  1. Apologies if someone got alluded for showing the other side of the coin 🙂 I know, she was moderator before and the best one by far this forum ever had tbh, i think we all agree here atleast ❤ If for you developers make so many mistakes with bans is cool i respect your opinion, for me they did their job right at first. The case got reviewed few times and developers always did keep the ban after investigation, but he keep bring people on forum to cry about it and eventually he got unbanned. 99% of topics of banned people asking for review get closed instantly by mod
  2. On the topic i linked @Reivenorik who was developer said there: -"Technical support will NEVER hold an innocent person into blocking." -"Your gaming session may exceed 24 hours, but you cannot perform any actions at all times without the help of third-party programs or transferring accounts to another person, which is prohibited by the rules of the game. I will not argue with you about the fairness of the decision of technical support, but I will say that the discussion of their decisions on the forum is prohibited." Since the cheaters on those topic and this
  3. @Holmes @Akasha @Peony you can check YingYang players are sharing accounts on arena/dg all the time as well, even using bots since some accounts are spamming arena non stop every season on the last 72 hours no rest Funniest thing is your developer team noticed this and banned few, but then these cheaters came forum and paid people that had nothing to do with arena to flood and make dramas crying for their unblock, example this topic: More topics were deleted, here is another one: PS: dont think is a good business strategy unban cheaters because they cry
  4. @Sora22 hahah @Holmes @Peony matchmaking works fine im surprised you guys balanced it thanks for the work. EU server and this topic in a nutshell:
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