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  1. V. 3.0 hasn't been released yet. At least don't spread wrong info when spamming.
  2. Tess


    You can surley ask the devs. But they're gonna need you to tell them info about those chars like creation time, gold, items etc. to prove that you are the real owners of those chars.
  3. Good, at least I hope that means you'll stop spamming forum.
  4. I'll remember that, tyvm ;) :friends:
  5. Let's hope that's not the case :drinks: Btw, you have an interesting sentence under your profile picture.
  6. Tess


    Yep, though I'm not saying that there isn't any greedy high lvl player in mc side too. But overall, mc certainly tops elf. Btw, I've played both mc and elf. Now I'm gonna stick to my mc.
  7. Tess


    Mc side is surely better than elf. Mc community is better, the players are very helpful and not too many noobs in second island like elfs.
  8. I like your style :lol:
  9. Tess

    Scammer !

    Spamming is annoying. Make a new thread for your problem.
  10. Tess

    Fix population

    I don't think mc quests should be made easier. Because most noobs can't survive mc first island for this reason, and mc are much better off without noobs. That's why the mc community is so nice and helpful :) I play in sapphire server. So we don't have mc population problem as much as emerald I guess. But I agree about the imbalance in range class and farming.
  11. With amping you can never be too careful. I amped my arena swords to +2 without signs. But I also lost my cc boots at +2 without signs. So, make your choice and let's hope your luck holds :)
  12. Yes, chainless quests are yellow quests. It's a mistake to go to lvl 15 without arena weapon. You can buy arena weapons from arena supplier at the shop in Nadir or Kamp Gasphel.
  13. You can use these two items. The bonus stats inside the red lines will only be activated if you have gloves/boots of the same set. Otherwise you'll only get the stats in the first row.
  14. Well tried baton is bg drop. It's so rare that you'd better forget about ever buying it or farming for it. Lvl 15 arena staff is the best option for you.
  15. You only need about 1700 more points for lvl 15 bow. Just stay at lvl 14 to collect these points and then lvl up. Dont spend anymore points on lvl 14 arena armor.
  16. Hmm, you posted twice for me, I see I got your full attention. Next time you're jumping for somebody to get a reply from them, check if they have been online since the time of your questoin to them. When you say I'm 'supposed' to be his friend you make it sound like as if it's obligatory for me to be his friend. I met Umix when I was a newbie and that was for only two-three days, I don't really remember. Then he stopped playing and came back two months later with a new char. I was very glad at first. Then for some reasons he got into my nerves. I then quit replying his pm to hint him that he should stay out of my way. But he still didn't get the message :facepalm: He posted another thread crying about Grover trolling him. I think he just got what was coming. My druid was helping Umix do wolf leader. When he saw he didn't have any tank then bragged that he would offer Grover 'something he couldn't resist'. Turns out he offered him 1k to do wolf leader. So for this much gold Grover came to first island. Anyway, at first grover tried to solo wolf leader. But when he failed Umix started to jeer at him. I heard a few more thing when they were talking in party chat and it seems Umix had even promised to give Grover a costume but later he was stepping back. I don't think what language Grover used to Umix is right. At the same time I also believe Umix could've behaved more maturely at first or he wouldn't land in this trouble :wacko: Anyway, I'm not a fan of Umix and I don't owe anyone anymore excuse for being so. This is as much as I'm going to say. If you're going to follow his example of using CAPSLOCK and trying to troll then you're welcome to it. After all, this forum has been dull for the last few days ;)
  17. Pls add tips on blind vs earthquake. Thanks, cool guide :drinks:
  18. So you guys got killed in a friendly fire? ;D
  19. What really happened at anax guys? Seems like you've got a fight among you.
  20. Agree. I saved several astral items to build a druid. But I made a shammy too. If inter-faction trade was available then I'd certainly pass those items to my shammy.
  21. At least that's what he said today :unknw:
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