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  1. Have you tried to enable your device in order to download apps from other sites aside Google Play? I dont have any Andriod Device. I just trying with Window Desktop . Already installed it successfully. but
  2. Android 4.0.0 or lower http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/7.8.0-test/warspear-oldsdk.apkAndroid 4.0.3 or higher http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/7.8.0-test/warspear-newsdk.apkWindows Desktop http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/7.8.0-test/warspear.exeWindows Desktop OpenGLhttp://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/7.8.0-test/warspear-gl.exe  I cant connect to test server. It keep giving me Connection with Server has been lost. How should I connect the test server. I tried with Windows Desktop and GL. still cant!!
  3. To be honest with you, double chance of drop mean nothing when chance is very low. Lets assume that chance was 0.1% . when increase double , would be 0.2% . that is really nothing. so simply , not get tricked by double chance of drop. its just about of selling seekers business. better try it with luck . if you knew how Chance, Probability, Luck, Percentage calculation for games works, you would give up trying Here good to read about it
  4. Alright, I'm going to buy that glove and boot with retribution then add retribution rune to my +10 blades. so, Retribution up to 10% Stun 10% Life steal 20% and lvl 4 shield , lvl4 CS , lvl4 power strike. we wont hit anyone in arena , just stand on with activating lvl 4 shield , lvl4 CS Let be hitted . like to see how dmg returns pain in attacker asses it is time for you to shout in WC 'FK BD OP ' Like malee classes were suffered from op of range classes such Shaman/WL/Ranger OP in back time of swamps
  5. I had done dis crap since last year just sell 20x of stamina instead of using it to play twr that make sure to get troll you know what I bought Ice casket for 1 million gold I opened it all I got none , the best was stupid minions , fed up that kindda chance rate .
  6. US saphire realm not available again *z* :facepalm:
  7. BD items are used to be very expensive. Blade of Doom price was 1.2M 5 mons ago. Dagger was 600K and DD armor about 800K. BD cant win range classes if opponent clever enuf even if weak. :unknw:
  8. I could not even complete once the SAN HAM quest with my bd :facepalm: sometime,I ask myself why did I choose the most been bullied char, useless bd and most expensive items hero like bd. no1 wanna invite a bd to farm eye too :facepalm:
  9. WTF where is my joker's card ? :facepalm: I have never done the quest yet. I just hold the card and wait for appropriate times for party :diablo: dammm you ,reset all of my quest from my questing list . wasting our time to get the joker card again , suck...................... :facepalm:
  10. the update of Nokia "warspear.sisx" doesn't work on Nokia N8. It is crash while connecting after press Play button. :facepalm:
  11. Admin...................... have you uploaded right latest version for window pc ??????????? Dammm .............keep asking me to update . I tired uninstall and install several times :facepalm:
  12. wtfffffffffffffffffffffffffff :facepalm: THE GAME IS KEEP ASKING ME "UPDATE IS NOW?" . I have already download and installed latest version.
  13. Hello War spear..................... please tell us what Ice necromancer and Hydra's Spirit drops .That Just put there for fun only ? player said that drops nothing .I cant find any info in forun :facepalm: Thank for info whenever updates :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:
  14. what will happen to my existing arena point ? Will they reset it to zero after update? if so, have to buy arena staff before 26th
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