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  1. Ricochet is not working. Its asking to equip weapon!!!
  2. With reference to, ''I assume in hunting you are always the leader of the hunting party and when the boss is almost dead you kick them all every time? The others can get your drop!!'' Your assumption is wrong. I prefer to hunt solo. And I rarely farm main bosses. I prefer doing dailies and raising gold.
  3. Your point is a good one Elenitza. But however as the average density of players is high in a server, there will always be a queue. For instance, I have a game character at server,Us-Sapphire which has consistently large player density at any time (unless server is disconnected for maintainence). So even if you log in and log out..mostly there will be a queue full of ally/enemy players waiting for that particular drop. And not all care about getting the drop in 'first come first get' basis. And time spent on gaming also plays an important factor.
  4. Greetings all! I want to know if its wrong to grab(steal according to some players) norlant quest items like tellus stones, conneticut signs,etc ? Personally norlant swamps is a red zone like Irselnort. So in my opinion its wiser to grab the required stuff and run/teleport because at any moment some enemy player may come and kill instead of waiting in a queue along with other ally players who got there first/before you. And since every jump to a location is random.And chances of getting the same map is random, I feel kind of upset that others call me stealer,noob,etc when I take it before them irrespective of the fact whether I was there before or after them or after lot of tries I got there.
  5. Greetings All :drinks: As a player and main character being a barb, I suggest game developer to improve the skill system in barbarian class.
  6. Greetings! All. :drinks: I just wish to discuss pros and cons in barbarian class after the introduction of the Chosen and Forsaken class,the Norlant swamps and Halloween map. To the point, I must say that barbarian class has remained same ever since the update more or less while other classes have gained significant skill attributes. The only changes made are a slight increase in hp regeneration and chop damage. And roar which is a pretty gpod skill as it reduces damage of opponents around barbarian char.Though it has long cooling time and takes a lot of energy points. And the cons of this class are pretty a long list. Some of them are Uneven probability of stun while using charge skill(Even when skill is maxed out). Again discussing this point is pretty not required as it has been done in previous posts in class discussion but it is worth to list it.; Barbarian max damage and critical damage remains low as ever; The biggest question finally is, what has barbarian significantly gained from all this changes.Lets compare it to existing old classes. Bladedancer class has gained a strong chop combined with hamstring, Rangers have got crossbow which deal higher damage than bow,Druid's last skill deals dot damage,Rogue has higher critical and lastly Shaman's quake does damage. There maybe other pros and cons, which I may have missed out. Anyway I am not against game developer or anyone. I am just posting my observation based on playing with all classes. Barb is a good class to play while farming with bosses or doing quests... But any class is awesome to play if you have all equipment amplified to +5 or at least have good attributes for quests. Its just that I am not having as much fun in barb at pvp and arena when compared to other classes. And again with the new update releasing on November 26'th,2012, there is going to be a new type of team based arena and therefore it would be nice if the class would be more intresting.
  7. Greetings All. My account has been hacked, ending a three month long fun playing here at Warspear and all other players worldwide. My account heroes are Indr Level 19 Ranger,Exii level 15 Rogue and Triv level 3 Barbarian. I am of opinion they were hacked by Kingxhitter, not sure of id name though....Kindly be careful if you meet him/her in the game. Thanks for your attention.
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