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  1. Ok cool.. I wish it was in english too i can't speak russian nor read it.. Anyway many thanks for your information. :)
  2. Well, it happens many times sometimes players in arena faces with high level or low level which levels does not fit in that category. can anyone explain it?
  3. Haha @ odin that one works too lol from where you got that chart of drops ? Thats really nice one :) :)
  4. Cool... Thanks i was curious. You make me and many more who will read this know now :) :) :) hehe
  5. hey there Pro players ( not cocky one), well you have been came across ''Sorceress of Dragon clan'' well,you don't know or don't remember then i would like remind it, that sorceress is inside the hall where constellation quest are there. I have been curious what this boss drops alike griduar or gariel does it drops ring? untill now no one answer me about it nor i have farm it till date i been playing w.s..so if anyone wise pro i mean old player know about it,will you mind to share? Hehe :) :)
  6. weezer

    New quest bug?

    Loooooooll....... The quest on other side not on the exact location lmao. Thanks anyhow :) :) XDXDXD
  7. weezer

    New quest bug?

    Dear GM, there is quest in mountain clan quest name ''wheatstone'' which player have to collect Black emery. One of four black emery can't be taken as the green question mark on stone is not showing. So this quest can't be completed and further quest too. I am not sure i am only one who is facing or others too. I request you to confirm about this quest and fix it soon. Thank you.
  8. I am on symbian too,querty kpad is best for game.my game often works smoothly in andriod. But andriod keypads (touch screens) are confusing and helpless sometimes i die cos of it during lab farm.Though the speed of game is faster on my andriod. Hope game works as you said it works when sound is off mode. Thanks alot. :)
  9. Dear GM, have you notice that in this new version, players playing with symbian phones like nokia facing game crash while crossing screen borders and some of moobs like boars,spiders etc sounds not coming when it attcks on you. I am really tired and annoyed after this same problem occuring playing. It was'nt there in previous version such kind of bug. It is making game boring for me now;getting game crush in each crossing.I cant run when enemy attcks nor can go fast during war or pvp.This really need to fix. I humble request you to please fix this bug.
  10. So we need to re-download this version?? I don't know about other peeps they facing this bug or not.. Game crashing while crossing screen borders, No sound when moobs attack.. Hope it is fix. :-)
  11. Very intresting.. Wow too many damage skills. Far far more better than shaman. i like it.. I do agree now every update sentinels get some more benefit than the legions. (LOng bow of abyss zealot... In dormant stage,whereas sentinels will enjoy using pollaxe of abyss.... sigh!!)
  12. I don't like the skills..i expected more. i think Deathknight will be weak against druid/shaman who got good dark defence in astral lab set. Even though i don't like being elf,still i prefer Paladin over deathknight. I do hope warlock got some goOd. My last hope.
  13. *hi* kuzmitch, no one replied my post on forum so i am posting the same topic. Will be there any possibility of trade of goods between alliance i.e forsaken and mountain clan or elfs and chosens? I am curious to know cos i got two handed axe, i was thinking to shift it to my future paladin :D i am just curious XD n.vm :)
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