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  1. Casting for the Justice League is finished. Say hello tho the new BATMAN!!!
  2. Devs, Pls make Andorra Server !!!
  3. Check it. Symbian is dead. Dont blame devs for that. All Updates become more and more complex. And Symbian is the badest client to programm.
  4. luleee

    Still Waitin'

    10 MONTHS SO FAR!!!! People of Arinar! We continue revealing information about upcoming massive update, which is currently in development. Today you will find out what mysterious land of Ayvondil conceals. In the whole world of Arinar hardly be able to find more mysterious place, than Eternal Forest. Ayvondil — motherland of Firstborn, home which was gifted to them by Nuadu. Forest arches still cherish the memory of the miracles that were happening here in ancient times, when the world was young. Orin's legion devastated Ayvondil during the first War of Spear. It
  5. As far as i know this is a number from Mauritania ( Country in West Africa ) You know someone from there?
  6. Sell Black Soul Jakkar - EU MC Side ( Same as in my Profile pic )
  7. Thats the reason why devs won't stop the Timer. Btw, at the Beginning of these elixiers and minions the Timer stopped if you left game. Devs changed that in a "maintenance"
  8. NOPE = Nuclear Orbit Power Engine???????
  9. They dont do this because they want you to buy teleport scroll to make money.
  10. @ Bia: You're always right @ Swaaz: Agree with u that foul language should not be posted here
  11. ( Swaaz ) As far as i have seen Mecha only posts some screens from the game of ppl who insult him. Whats wrong about that? Isn't this section for screens from the Game??? Well, if it is not, theres an Arena section where you can post your 100 screens of Arena results too ;D No offense but i dont see any real bad thing about Mechas posts.
  12. luleee

    iOS updates

    Why should others wait because apple needs to long for approval???? Go buy another phone so u can update earlier. dont buy symbian ;D
  13. Well, one Account has to be blocked. I know Provo for long time and he is a good Guy . Account Nr. 1 and 2 is not against the EULA. So block Accounts that where made after them.
  14. A normal Day in Arena
  15. Well the Holi Festival is also in Italy. Check this Site: http://www.holione.com/it/events/roma.html And i think you mean the "Octoberfest" in Munic. Lots of drunk ppl there :drinks: [/size] If you go there you need a " DIRNDL"
  16. Its a festival in India where PPL throw colour in the air. In Germany we have some "Holi Festivals" too now. But we combined it with colours and Electro Music.
  17. WarCry - Makes all enemies in the radius of Warcry effect to attack the barbarian. The barbarian's physical and magic defense increases while the skill active C'mon. That Skill sucks alot. Raised defence??? pfff.... in lvl 1 u get 3 seconds of druids shield. I raised it to lvl 3 and all i have is 6 secons for a less amount of def That Warcry makes mobs only aggro if noone hits them before. Mobs dont attack you if they are already aggro to another player. Tried in dungeon to take mobs on me but didn't really happen. Why are your Skill Descriptions always so.....mysterious????Cant you
  18. I call it the way I want, no need to correct me!!! ;D
  19. Since last Serverstop ( yesterday ) its not possible to equip the Skill on my Necro and my Rouge. ( one Account ) Before this i equipped the expert Skill on my Barb, Shaman and my Warlock. ( other Account ) Also i read in World chat that others cant equip new skill too since last serverstop.
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