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  1. Love it, best costume i saw yet
  2. (MC) Fishermen village - Elder Beyn 03/04/2013
  3. waaahh sexyyyy emblem should winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn . greatt work :D
  4. (MC) Lowland of Sorrow - Old Arr-Vok 02/04/2013
  5. EU players rage on poor sendler while server was off :D :diablo: low lvls over load :dirol: until a noob rus player reseted it -_-
  6. daffy

    Hydra bug

    maybe yew should lure hydra to a place where mobs cnt attack?
  7. nice joke..............
  8. yew r not the only one bro,some players think themselves r really cool .. most of tyms im getting stun nd mc let mey die by mobs :D =-= nd it really pisses mey off cuz it takes alot of tym to go to the place i wana get and then all armor broken need scroll blah blah blah....its not fun anymore -_- its dying all the tym.. (for all factions players) i dnt get it why yew guys dnt let others also enjoy this new map like yew want to enjoy it too..
  9. for mey it's hard to win arena with mage maybe im not used to skills yet :unknw: i die easily -_-
  10. my bf told mey the same but i just dnt listen :|okie wil do it :D
  11. nop only sun magic.. but im showing that fury has hp nd mage's not
  12. fury nd rogues bg armor has hp but mage's ,warlock dnt have it wil make them useless cuz they cnt heal they can die easily. need hp instead of accurecy or mana . and arena armor there s not set bonus with it so it's weak
  13. mage's armor have no hp why?all equips of bg armor helm belt and gloves dont have hp :unknw: and only mages warlocks has no bg amulet ,So its easy to kill a mage with 1500 hp approx Coz most of players crit 1200-1100.. i think it should be fixed cuz there's no balance
  14. daffy

    deleted chars

    be a gud soldier :l
  15. daffy

    deleted chars

  16. daffy

    "Warriors of Glory"

    then get ready to be spa..... :|
  17. daffy

    "Warriors of Glory"

    hiiiii yomii :give_rose: Otay i wil add yew :D
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