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  1. Love it, best costume i saw yet
  2. (MC) Fishermen village - Elder Beyn 03/04/2013
  3. waaahh sexyyyy emblem should winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn . greatt work :D
  4. (MC) Lowland of Sorrow - Old Arr-Vok 02/04/2013
  5. EU players rage on poor sendler while server was off :D :diablo: low lvls over load :dirol: until a noob rus player reseted it -_-
  6. daffy

    Hydra bug

    maybe yew should lure hydra to a place where mobs cnt attack?
  7. nice joke..............
  8. yew r not the only one bro,some players think themselves r really cool .. most of tyms im getting stun nd mc let mey die by mobs :D =-= nd it really pisses mey off cuz it takes alot of tym to go to the place i wana get and then all armor broken need scroll blah blah blah....its not fun anymore -_- its dying all the tym.. (for all factions players) i dnt get it why yew guys dnt let others also enjoy this new map like yew want to enjoy it too..
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