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  1. goodluck with the new job. Bye pervy :good:
  2. Thank you all. It fits with other fractions just like the vampire costume but u may be right that it fits even more with forsaken class. :give_rose:
  3. Just what the game needs. Something unique 8) i love it :good:
  4. the witch costume *long black and red ripped dress with a moon stone/ crystal in the middle, and a unique witches hat. *colour of costume can be plain black but decided to give it a bit of red on bottom xdd *the face was inspired by the reaper hence the costume can go very well with broom or scythe skin ;) * the hat is my favourite, so if the costume was to be chosen i wouldnt mind colour and face being changed but the hat STAYS!! xdd * shoes are... well i was just showing off my drawing skills lol as i know the shoes will not come out as i drew them
  5. ladyindiie

    Rap "Battles"

    Haha thats a question u shud ask urself. Did i hit a nerve now u trying to get back at me but cant? lmao u so whack its hard to even contain myself. And there u r thinking u got me mad. Lmao try again lov pls. U are like an amusing lil puppet of mine.
  6. ladyindiie

    Rap "Battles"

    haha go on. Keep trying to defend solomon wifey! Maybe u might get somewhere as for now... u draggin. its not working love. U trying hard too hard.
  7. ladyindiie

    Rap "Battles"

    lmfao. lol are u for real? at first i thought this is how u joke but damn lol. fail?? madly? lmao love clearly u trying turn this to beef and its just not gon work. only thing that turns up is tuna lmao fail? i posted that on fb notes and the format is clearly not same as the one here so cut and paste wasnt option which i changed. looool and it eats u that much? show ppl? lol u aint getting enough attention? come on dig deeper into fail movements in this forum im sure ul come up with something. u just cleary trying hard to embarass urself over nothing. lol cant stop laughing. tell me u joking
  8. ladyindiie

    Rap "Battles"

    haha suit urself , bet it ups your status or shit like that. it dont have to bother me at all :give_rose:
  9. ladyindiie

    Rap "Battles"

    **U ASKED HOWCOME U AINT IN MY LINES? WELL IM A NICE GAL. A SPIT JUST FOR U .I.** Hail Mary, 'matta fact hail INDIIE NOOBS take my name in vain/vein like I was cocaine My affirmations kill ELVES like assasination Bringin' you pain until you wish you had a vaccination Or vaccine, I shine like Vaseline Gas plays like petroleum, walk over YALL like linoleum My FEAR expand like a rubber band Walkin' NAKED through the CARAVANS, give the finger to MARCELINE NOOBS just don't understand my reasons, I transcend like season And scar these GUILDS like legion It's treason, my suspension a
  10. ladyindiie

    Rap "Battles"

    u just had to sleep on the forum and catch that huh. for u info im editing that now. try do something meantime will ya lol delete that
  11. ladyindiie

    Rap "Battles"

    :bomb: HATERS :bomb: CIRCLED on 'em Man, I just CIRCLED on 'em CIRCLED on 'em Put your ASTROLOGER BATON's in the air If you CIRCLED on 'em X2 All these ELVES is my sons And I'm a go and get some bibs for 'em A couple formulas, little pretty lids on 'em If I had a LONGBOW I would pull it out and BLESS IT on 'em Let me FEAR it off I just signed WITH EPM I might break you off And we ain't making up, I don't need a mediator Just let those bums blow steam, radiator That was an SPLASH OF DARKNESS NOOB CIRCLED on 'em You felt the ground shaking Man, I just
  12. due date, i love you beth cooper, hangover1, ect xdd
  13. I cant say anything about ciamiau since i didnt know him. All i knew was he had stalkers (merc&span)xdd bit funny but yeah on the real, big ups for being able to tell all your friends who u realy are. :good:
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