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  1. To make it more interesting why not give everyone a chest that contains a costume. That will be awesome
  2. Can't wait for the server maintenance anymore :D
  3. I've been playing Charmer for a while and am enjoying it. My charmer is Level 18 with no Amplified items and this post is for people who don't want to spent real money and complete quest with just simple items. Charmer is a really cool hero as you can summon a minion to help you in battle everytime. If you want to complete quest easier and all alone then charmer is the best option. You can build different types of charmer. You can be a support or a tanker, How cool is that. Well here's my build for low level. Skills: Call : This skill is awesome. You can call a Minion to help you in battle. At low level this is really useful. I would recommend it 5 if you are going to do quest solo. At Call level 5, you can call two pets without any skill reduction item . You can easily complete boss and low level dgs at Forsaken Map all alone. I completed 3 dgs alone with the Help of my pet and some health potions which you get at the starting when you create a new hero in the game Oppression Magical attacks that deals damage to enemy and applies to him the negative effect stun. My oppression is level 3, am planning to make it 5. I really find it useful, the longer the stun the better. When you reach level 18 and after getting some new expert skill, you can easily kill other player One on One without even letting them move with all the stun skill. And this skill is really good for kiting as well. Pet-Run-Stun Next up Warrior Healing Uselful for support hero. If you want to be a healer you can max this skill out. If you are not a support hero, keep it at level 2,3. It helps in battle when your pet dies Dark Prism This is a damage skill. You can keep warrior healing 2 and this 2 Expert skill At Level 18 I would recommend stone curse. Helps alot in Arena. Stop one player and attack other players. Even blessing, knowledge and fire skill works great at level 18. I didn't try eye of darkness but it seems like a cool skill as you will be able to see invisible hero like Seeker, Rouge. This is my skill build for Level 18. Do comment your skill build. Byeeeeeee
  4. Woke up, saw this contest, took a selfie jajaja. Iamwokos EU-Emerald Blade Dancer
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