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  1. Sounds good, should be an item a vendor sells to summon the phantom or whatever and the aggro of that is locked to the user that uses or party they are in. And no drops or kinda defeats purpose if it's meant for quest.
  2. Cool and all but this doesn't work for me (black screen/closing). Laptop is using an older Intel chipset so OpenGL is 1.1 and even though supports higher Intel doesn't have a Windows 8 driver available only a Windows 7 which there's no telling if it will be fully compatible, so please do a release for older systems if this is to replace everything or support an earlier OpenGL :D
  3. You can easily avoid most of bds main attacks i.e. flash and hamstring, just adjust your build and most bds are all life steal.
  4. If you don't like absolute reflexes as is on behalf of all seekers probably, we'll gladly accept :D As far as a stun goes you have the option of using stun weapons and/or stun relics and potions, sure that's at the cost of the insane amount of damage rogues get as is with dual axes so seems like a fair trade off if you need a stun.
  5. The weapons these events drop are like TP weapons if you do T4's event quest or other kinds?
  6. Makes it harder or well longer for the wardens who solo bosses I suppose other than that don't see it changing anything.
  7. Hopefully you guys plan on adding the various building in small quicker incremental updates rather than a super long wait for all of them or this will get old super quick, other than that sounds cool kudos to the team.
  8. I think every seeker here has complained about the insanely high mana usage our skills take but devs apparently think it's fine. Also having all these dmg skills means absolutely nothing if we have no skills to defend ourselves with in pvp, e.g. dodge/parry/resist skills so basically you have made a suicide class. The new passive is useless as light gear as is, in pvp you will die long before you even get 2 hits off with that boost and pve you either won't be tanking and if you do happen to be your hp will likely be near full all the time via druids heals or priest. Please rethink th
  9. Umm so what gives, those skills for seekers don't sound passive and we need defence -.- I'm already out of slots for skills.
  10. Meant to give the skills a chance to be avoided atm correct me if i'm wrong here but they don't miss at all. Edit: I dont have much of an issue with necros at least their sleep breaks if hit
  11. Same can be said for shamans blind (i hate this), necro sleep and so forth with the range they have, this is about druids so i'll keep it there but there's a problem with all off those skills when against 1 or worse 2 of those classes you are turned into a puppet unable to evade the controlling effects or even move. Suggested before either make 'ranged' controlling effect skills adhere to the dodge parameter the same way every melee attack is affected by it and parry e.g. hamstring, merciless strike, blah blah and/or change those controlling effects of druid/priest/shaman/necro/etc to a s
  12. This, make those skills at least avoidable.
  13. Accuracy doesn't affect block it's a direct chance to block any attack. I'm using elf so can't exactly speak from having to face a warden in war but it also seems like a strategy issue vs them as if you see a warden and they all have basically the same build, max block so instead of everyone attacking it at the flag (per-longing it's life as you not only have npcs hitting but your high levels and low levels == more blocks == more healing) wouldn't it have been better to use the myriad of control effects shamans, hunters and locks have and just move it from the flag while only a few
  14. Give this man a totem/banner/counter anything he's got way too many adds on him :D
  15. 1) Most of the unique relics just work and don't have the pop up to them e.g. high mastery; salutary healing should show the healing fx when it works though. 2) This afaik works similar to the always active relics doesn't it? where it's applied to the mana usage of the skill, check to see if it's less.
  16. Can't see this happening but i'd also like the saved gear sets as would make life a lot easier even if it took the same time it takes to open a daily chest delay wise.
  17. I have an issue with all classes with ranged controlling abilities either having 100% chance of hitting or at least close. All the classes with them such as druid's root, shaman's blind, necro's sleep thing, hunter's new skills and such should be the same as ranger's scatter either usable at melee range only or 2 yards max if they are going to not miss or give them the ability to actually miss so those classes need accuracy in their builds. o.O @ charmer skill also didn't know it did that :D Rangers do need some changes to their skills applied as compared to what hunters
  18. I'd like to see changes along the lines of below personally. .Spirituality is changed from energy boost to + accuracy and mana regen as base .Ranged aoe blind skill that levels up similar to shamans blind where it affects more targets at each level, duration and dodge increases same no other debuffs. .Passive skill that offers some level of defense (mind is going blank here but anything at this point will work, dodge bonus, parry bonus, stone skin type, anything) Keep in mind the last 2 would be experts and come at a cost of expert points thus affecting other
  19. They can use spears. 1. In relation to the insane amount of mana seeker's skills use, yes i would say it would be nice to have the amount decrease as the level goes up or at least require less originally most skills require 20-22 to be used which is alot when used 1 after the other. Your only option else wise is to use relics to lessen these amounts and even then don't expect to spam all skills active at the same time cause it won't work. 2. Other classes having constant mana taking skills I do like the idea of also so +1 to that being applied across the board.
  20. Yeah new expert skills being released would be nice, also please some passive (no insane mana amounts) defensive ones for seekers.
  21. So I just did shadows before this do I get my extra pocket? :D, also please change seeker shield look so I don't look like a giant disco ball running around.
  22. Too many charmer summons lol, also can someone tell me how the hell i delete this quotation cause it won't move :(
  23. So like Seekers will be able to go invisible in battle mode when ever they want? as not seeing a stun like rogues on base skills and you did say "using tactical tricks".
  24. if you have the common dmg/lifesteal build as a BD odds are you will die against a DK almost always as without counter and under silence you aren't doing the damage you used to, not to mention if the DK has any stats to block/parry your normal attacks or skills you are basically just a practice doll for those hits until they kill you. DK is a very overpowered class and does need nerfs as mentioned by others, I won't pretend to know what their skills do to offer suggestions as I don't play the class and don't know their full mechanics. The silence itself doesn't bother me as a BD 1v1 only when
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