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  1. WAR. How many elves would it take to fuse a light bulb?
  2. I'm having a problem logging into my account. I find it hard to recall it's Id and pass. I already sent ticket to online support regarding the same issue but i have'nt got a reply yet. I can provide you with the information about my character, payment info, etc. Please recover my account for me as soon as possible. I would really appreciate that.
  3. You forgot stunning strong ppl like bd,pala which is actually the most imp thing to do
  4. How do I enjoy ayvondil quests in symbian phone?
  5. Would being high level affect the chances of getting them drops?
  6. check the bg tower again. Another quest must have opened there.
  7. I wish all the bugs were fixed at once so that we can play without any disturbance.
  8. There must be more four people who did it with you. You didnt post their names? :[
  9. Start a rogue char in my opinion xD
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