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  1. As a Player and a costumer of this game for over an year now, I had only few moments on wich I depended on the game support. The first time was when I made a mistake, and got my account stolen cause I gave my info. I sent email to support reporting everything. I told it was my fault, and they blocked it so the person that stole my account would stop using it. Then I received na email telling me that according to the rules, my account would be blocked for 3 weeks. So I waited. I never got any email back. And after 5 months, I was able to talk to AIGRIND, and they found my e-mails and send me my new login and password. When I got my account back, I made sure to read all the rules, so nothing like that would happen again. I wasn't even playing much because of my thesis I was finishing at the time. And then, in less than a month that I recovered it, I tried to log and it said my account was blocked. I got blocked once and payed for it. Now they are blocking again for the same reason as before? I'm assuming that cause I didn't even had time to do anything to get my account blocked. I wouldn't be such a fool. I even bought Mcoin, that I didn't even used (and can't use), few days before it got blocked. Why would I waste my Money on na account if I was doing something wrong.... Makes no sense. By the rules, the support should have unblocked my acc at the first time in 3 weeks. So, does the rules only apply to the players? I don't know how I could trust to spend Money on this game. It's like buying a car, and then suddenly someone take your Keys and say you can't use anymore. There should be rules that protects your costumers, not disrespect them. A game without its players, its nothing. It's a shame... What's the refunding rules for that? To pay for something you can't use?
  2. Funny. I made a mistake once, my acc got blocked and I received email saying it would stay blocked for 3 weeks. Ok so, I deserved it and I waited for the time so I could have it back.. Response time exceeded a LOT more than that and after 5 months i was able to talk to AIGRiND and they managed to get me my account back. Not even one month passed that I got my account back, It's already blocked again. I admited my mistake to Warspear support when I was wrong, but now my account gets blocked for apparently the same reason (Cause since i got it back, i've been playing strictly by the rules (YES, when my account got blocked I read ALL the rules) There are so many bad players that steal, and do bad things to others, and the people that actually help this game by buying MCOINs, don't even get the chance to know the reason why the account was blocked. I hope that one day, you guys create rules and support to actually help people that need, instead of just disrespecting your costumers, that are actually making the game a success. I was just trusting warspear again, even bought mcoins (wich I cant use) So. What's the refunding rules for that?
  3. If they can't handle it, then perhaps they shouldn't had started it... A screen separating us was never a problem for me. At that time, I made it my reality. Anyways... Sometimes I still get kinda sentimental about it, and it all comes back.. but nvm. Life goes on... :good:
  4. Thank you lisa and panchen :) I am much better. Sometimes we waste our feelings on people that just don't deserve it... Unfortunately. And that is a terrible feeling. Loving someone who lives far away, and after all not being sure of who that person really was... Completely lose contact and you have nothing to do, no way to say anything, except try to forget and pretend it never happened... That is no way to treat anyone... He cowardly ran away, not giving me any reason, leaving me not knowing even if one single word he said was true... Hurts a lot! And makes it hard to deal with... And hard to forget. My heart still hurts, I wont lie. But it is healing... Maybe I just feel too much... But my feelings were true, and I would have left and done anything for him. "You and me against the world, ok?" he said. Yeah right... :) Oh, how silly I was. If I could go back in time... Well... Whatever... Everyone can think what they want. I hope one day they can find pure simple love, and also feel the pain of a lost love. Then they will be able to comprehend. "Icyes", your heart is as cold as your nickname suggest. You don't deserve anything I did for you.
  5. Yup! Thank you Shitzo ^^
  6. Thank you :) At least I know in my heart I fought for it with everything I could. Even knowing the chances of a long distance relationship are so very low. But that, in any moment, made my love weaker. Anyways... Im not afraid of taking risks for the people I love. And yes, its impossible to control things like that :) Glad to see im not the only one ^^
  7. Hahahah! So true! there's always someone :lol: As if would change your life they saying that
  8. Thx sulla. It's already healing.. He dissapeared like 5-6 months ago. I already have a bf and all. But I just needed some closure on this. It's hard to have so much to say and keep it trapped inside.
  9. It's ok guys. Lots of kids play this game, I'm aware of that. And sometimes you can't try and argue with some kind of people, cause they simply can't understand ;) Thank you Sapphire, I totally agree with you. You don't like it, go read something else. Lots of other interesting threads. You're not even making sense anymore. Like Jswaaz said, just looks like you're making this personal for some reason. Weird. "Spam drama"? :facepalm: I don't care if other fake players posted similar things to make spam, but it's not my case. You should stop judging things you're not sure of. Pointing fingers it's just too damn easy, huh? Hahah you actually made me laugh on this one! Thats just too childish! Like "Oh yea.. no arguments, then you start telling how you killed him in game". Typical kiddo stuff lol Well I don't care at all. This was important to me, and I'm glad I wrote here cause made me feel much better. That's what matters to me. And again, it's no use exchanging wise words to people that have limited point of view :) But big thanks for the people that showed some support! I'm glad to see some mature players here.
  10. I wasn't "seeking" for emotional partners, you see. I was just playing and it happened ;) and that doesn't mean I don't have a life, I have plenty of friends no need to be rude. Well, I really don't care. I knew there could be this kind of people giving their "opinion". I could stay here and talk about who I am and my achievements in life and other stuff, but thats not why I'm here, so whatever. Thank you for the other comments. Sometimes love appears in places we never thought it would. It's not something you control. I won't stay here trying to show things to others that have limited point of view.
  11. I'm writing this, because despite all the time that passed, I still keep this sadness inside my heart and I need to put it out somehow, and maybe it will serve to open people eyes or whatever... All my friends and everyone inside ws knew I had a boyfriend there. Yes. What a joke, right? The thing is, when you start playing, you're pretty much all alone. My start in WS I had so little help until I met him. I was getting lazy and almost quitting, and I barely had time to really know and enjoy the game. So he started to help me. We would talk for hours and quest together for hours as well. After a while I just remember the day he gave me a quest flower he just picked, and yes, that melted my heart. I didn't believed people could start liking each other like that through a game, Always thought it was stupid and bullshit, even more when our contact was entirely inside the game at that time. So he asked me to be his girlfriend... At first I didn't gave too much thought to it cause I was no fool, and people just love to make a fool of others all the time, plus I was sure it wouldn't lead to anything... So, what the hell... I accepted. From there on, we learned more and more about each other. I was always honest and always told the truth about everything, but until today I don't really know for sure if he did. Months passed, and I was always eager to log and just hear from him, turn off from the world and live our little lie... We were already a normal couple, besides the huge distance that separated us. But we always talked a lot, exchanged pics, had fights, etc, etc. like any couple. But somehow I Always felt like there was a barrier. And then things started to get weird, and he got distant. When he logged, he didn't stayed much. We were breaking up and getting back together many times. And he got distant, and distant, and sometimes he would just vanish, giving me no news at all, or just making something up some time later. And God, how I was blind... I always accepted his excuses, and tried to reason with him. And sometimes he would just log out and disappear in the middle of the conversation... yup ;) Only I know what I've been through... But no... I didn't cared if he wasn't perfect, I didn't cared how he looked like, or what he could or not have, noone of those superficial stuff, all I cared was how he used to make me feel, and how I could make him feel. That's kinda funny, right? Cause I see a lot of people complaining that girls inside game just fool boys to get stuff, or that some of them are not even girl at all. Yet here I am. Fooled. Broken hearted. He said once he couldn't believe he could have someone like me as his gf, yet he left me without saying one single word. Leaving things unfinished, unexplained. Well, this is my story, and now is when I leave all my dear friends behind. I hope you all understand that I just can't play this anymore. At least for some time. I tried to get back but I just can't... This game and the people I've met will always be on my heart. Edward (if that's really your real name...), if u ever read this, I wish you all the best. Always. My love for you was real, and I have no shame in that.
  12. anyone that understands and make sense could answer?
  13. Hello. I could recover my stolen acc, received new id/pass, and in the email said it would be unblocked in 2 weeks. Today it makes 1 month it is blocked... I would like to know why... I already send email in the support area, but no response...
  14. ty for posting and helping wako :sorry:
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