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    lol love u guys ::)
  2. poor buga... kkk i think i killed 100 times that " poor crosser " .... against me...no way !!!
  3. rare to find enemy come alone.... usually a group help low lvs to complete their quests.... except in Swamps ( the antigame place ) ... this part of game need good teamwork but fight in open area ( even against 20 mc's) is funny.... Hope the future clans make a lot of big wars so the fight will be balanced... raise ur power bro ! ::)

    My stuffs

    ppl ask all the time to link high amplified items... sometimes like 100 times for a day... i understad at all you :D i think ppl want see numbers... it's time to update the warspedia page.... ty for the post ...! ::)
  5. pls guys give us the fullscreen on pc ...... will be better in all point of view..... ::)
  6. add COLORS for the weapons.....will be good for your market as well.....
  7. Help babys in first . chosen - Kill whatever i met - BG Adds and Lab Gate Guards..... But yes , actually without new quests n bosses ... im really bored . ty for topic !
  8. :spiteful: :spiteful: :spiteful:
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