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  1. This does not affect the fairness of the game, but also provides the fluency of the game. It is strongly recommended.
  2. I think this is a great suggestion, You can even make a new pet, which can automatically help you pick up items.
  3. In particular, the use of the castle healing medicine shaman, often 1v2, even if his equipment is not all 10, the same operating environment, easy 1v2. People don't feel the need to weaken the shaman? ?
  4. Yes, I'm thinking of changing careers, even if I've pve pvp all plus 10 Maybe ranger is a good choice
  5. Maybe I didn't make myself clear. I'm sorry. I mean, the seeker should need a stable control skill
  6. My account has also been blocked. It seems that there have been more blockades recently. I may just have been maliciously reported after leaving the arena for a while.
  7. The seeker only needs a steady grip to change the situation
  8. Inner anger is a useless skill, and I'd rather not have it
  9. I think he needs a steady hand of control
  10. No one thinks SEEKER Needs a steady control skill Not after he's invisible 。Now SEEKERYou can't see it in the arena The hero is too weak
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