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    Asif got a reaction from Omercix in Maces two hands   
    That broken long time ago..plus fero flipping nonsense.
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    Asif got a reaction from UK in Why walk so much?   
    LOL. you seems hate to walk even in game.
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    Asif got a reaction from Turtle in DK Builder for newbie   
    Its called reserved for a reason, its nice to have but the moment you depend on it, you basically ducked (in pve). T3 mobs hit like a truck in case you didnt aware. For mid-amp (like me) its juz like just safety measure/supp for healer, rather put all strains and blame on healer when u die.
    In good high amp pt, u basically dont need this skill. Get what I mean?
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    Asif reacted to Lyzoic in [2016.11.01] Game servers stop on 02.11   
    the ach "endless march" doesnt work somehow, we did the nightmare parade group ride, and nobody got points from releasing wave, still 0/30 in every pt member
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    Asif got a reaction from Shuggar in Birthdays!   
    Happy Birthday!!

    (˃ᆺ˂) mine 12 December (。・ω・。)
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    Asif got a reaction from ColdFootedMole in Astral Lab Guides B1-9   
    Source : http://warspear-online.wikia.com
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