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    Tavern :)

    are you talking of flood from halo 3? :shok: :shok: :shok: i guess i killed em all with master cheif :tease: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol:
  2. there was no druid in party...we had to use pots to kill that monster :bad:
  3. lolololol cronoz aka orolando called me for pvp and i killed him....then agai he called and used 2pots in pvp and still almost died....i guess this guy is mentaly retard...moreover after that he try to interfere in my pvp with other guys....
  4. i have very bad experiance with bg set :bad: lost gloves of shadows on +2 :( i then get boots of revenge which i latter sold.... to be honest...rangers gerenally use boots of shadows and gloves of revenge,...my freind lusy does it and he is having great combo with that...he easily beat keutupat who is having shadows set ....and all this happened before amplify so for ranger mixed bg set is best combo :) idk about bd i would suggest you to go for cc equips as they easier to get and are almost equivalent...almost... if u amplify them good...they infact much better lol
  5. [Jaw] , nepz , xmoon , pliskin , savageking ,philipmalou , eridon(will soon be deathknight with me :spiteful: )...no partcular order..just names...all good
  6. A retard lvl 14 ranger pm me in cry that he lost bow...so i bought him bow from shop freeeeeee...and gave him...now he made a mc and when i asked him why u dont play ranger ...he said...none of ur bussiness....and said i was stupid to help him....lol... forgot his name..
  7. can i make a request? i know indo language is very good and old language but that doesnt mean everyone understands it....talk in a language we all understand...english :yahoo: im too lazy to use google translater to just convert cry in indo into to cry in english lol.... ;D so i want to see the cry in englsih as laugh at it ...xD
  8. i never said that...i only gave a reason of their angrynessu failed to realize what i ment.....i said they angry because u weak....ofc many ppl use arena tiks that they buy via mcoins or real money....comeon...who likes to lose his REAL MONEY.. :) i was just justifing their cause...there is no reason why i should think of you and not them :) seeing your profile pic as ranger...if you are a ranger and still lose the matches which u should win from that point...then the problem is not of amplify..but skill useage..as rangers along with shamans and rouge are top classes of the game...and good at even 0 amplify ya my clan name is im so good clan...any problem? most of time we helping noobs in island 1 or with chainless league....even when im writing this post my ranger is helping a player named "positive" do quest sea monster in mc land.. :) ...can u suggest a better name for my clan? so just fuk off :tease:
  9. rouge funny class.... shaman class of strong...good for killing elf party at crossing ranger good/strong but not a "funny" class...
  10. generally children below age of 14 get scammed....u cant expect someone older to be scammed(if he still get scammed ..he is REATRD) :pleasantry: aslanbr traded his acc for mrhunter...he not scammed
  11. agree...but it had lot of lag as well
  12. buy mcoins-scroll of repair
  13. thats right,,,i was going to post that...he took about 3-4k from meby begging all time epic begger!!!!!!!!!!
  14. also call me too..i will help u in healing him/her lol.... u know the most funny thing in world is? ...to piss off a guy like neamitika :rofl: who gets irritated so quick :rofl:
  15. alonso14

    Skill Build

    im too lazy to lvl up so im still 19 :bad: but when lvl 20(if ever..i dont think so..lol) 5 rb 5 ps 5 dodge 1 ss 1 trap dodge is boss.....just think of that leech in astral lab :spiteful: if someone in pvp dodge like him lol :yahoo:
  16. alonso14

    Skill Build

    great but my ss @ 3 failed like 50% so i changed it...now [email protected] good to get agro off me earlier my dodge was 5 so my dodge+skill was 32%(dont remember correctly) now dodge 3 so my dodge 28.9% or 29% ...depends on gear which i use sometime without it is about 24 or 23.9..works fine for me
  17. omfggggggggggg :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: super noob look ranger ss @5 is like blind @2... blind is 100% accurate...ss fails like 30-50% opponent needs to run into trap while quake can be done on opponent anywhere quake has range as well as area effect..that means you can quake 2 or 3 or 4 or 100opponets if they in the range but trap 1 or at max 3 but no ranger has lvl 5 trap hey dude...do u know difference between moon def and phy def?... you know you can blind ranger and spam heal and heal whereas blessing last few secs and in that you got to hit shaman ... you really dont know your class nither do you know rangers...if u are shaman and you cant kill ranger then you are not noob but a fool and poor in skill and tactiks...you should better farm and not go arena or pvp.... :bad: and yea dont cry noob OH WAIT..WHY IM BUMPING THIS NOOB THREAD :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  18. ya but most of time they doing nerdy job of healing tank in farm 8)
  19. slay...i gues they stole your mcoins to distribute to players who won in the latest competition or collect it back for future competition ...lol :rofl: :rofl: on topic.... i earlier had a similar incident that i lost 19 mcoin but never reported it...i just changed the password incase someone knew my password and bought some item for himself lol
  20. thats right...and u know..forsaken is in disadvantage as dark set is there but no sun set :facepalm: :facepalm:
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