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  1. Well Well! i started to play again for 1 week but after is saw they delleted my arena point :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: (and they give me 8k gold insstead of my arena point.... it downst worth 8k of aren arent only 8k of gold ) :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: and now are new swords in arenashop... it was like a flashback.. i remember why i didint play it anymore... THIS GAME ITS SO STUPID BUT SO STUPID THAT HE CAN play BY BUYNG MIRACLECOINS AND ONLY MIRACLE COINS... so im gonna go back to my other games ... i can suggest the new dota2 its pretty cool ;) THIS GAME ITS AN INSULT ON UR MONEY !!!
  2. well said mitza... this game suck dicks hard
  3. holly shit im gonna have a nightmare tonight thx to ur face .. the devil come to ur house?? :diablo:
  4. hi .. some days ago i searched for some file in my pc and i founded smthing that i did for u long time ago exaclty the day befor that stupid incident in the lab at chief and i wanted u to have them cuz this its just a game and i dont play it any more those are the images i did for W:O:G they arent the best cuz i couldnt do it to much in PS and its like an "im sory" for what i sayd in the past about the wog and about knox :D i didnt sayd to much about wog ....knox was my subject i didnt know why cuz he didnt did anything wrong so ya im sory :) i wish that u culd have care about "the kindred clan" members cuz as u know this game have many players who do bad things and they dont leave other ppl to hunt ur clan its big and it can help my members clan to hunt deep in the lab... yomitza still playng ? :D i bet he have the best gear for rng ... ty very much and have a good play regards NeaMitika aka Lucio
  5. wazzzzzaaaap buddys damn i didnt played ws at all in the last time i had phone problem i changed my iphone for a nokia c6 then my nokia c6 brokes bcs nokia sucks those days now i use another stupid phone from nokia got millions of bugs but anyway hgow u do... do u still play this crappy game? its still the same as before ? let me know bb LUCIO
  6. qelcome in to the clan dave :)
  7. WTF u think if u delete may post i will nt post again?? this game its made by monkeys to steal ppl money this game its made by tht ugly pice of shit PL ppl ur mom its a slut :) the one i see every day on you porn when i jurk off
  8. ALL this stupid game is a bug all about new update its that ur brain its less then a monkey :good: :good: :good: :good: im happy that im more inteligent then u !! make me a favour delete this shit game!
  9. tankyou :) im glad i have youre support :give_rose: :give_rose: :give_rose:
  10. HI raix bro before i decide if u can join THEKINDRED i want to speak about u to other members:P OKALI no problem bro i think u shuld speak with mathy,... and i think we shuld keep the best items in the clan :( good to see u again
  11. priesstes of dragon Hunting a boss that no one hunt :give_rose: :give_rose: :give_rose: :give_rose: :give_rose:
  12. hi lolla :P welcome to the clan :give_rose: :give_rose: :give_rose: :)) i wasted 50 signs to +6 my swords :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :)) this game rlly sucks :) :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  13. hi okaliii :give_rose: :give_rose: :give_rose: :give_rose:
  14. pwned mc at granite :))
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