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  1. well... amplification system changes from every game... i saw two games with amplify system instead of warspear. Ragnarok (Brasil) and talisman online. on Ragnarok, there is a very small chance of get items to +5-+6-+7-+8-+9-+10 and there is nothing to save item and if fail, 100% chance to lose item, but on other Ragnarok (Korean), there is another way, there are tickets, sold by real money which amplify in 100%, so have tickets to +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 and +10, each with a different price! Now on Talisman Online, the items used to amplify are sold in real money shop only, very expensive, extremely expensive... BUT you can get them from any mob and the best part, when you fail in amplify, you don't lose the item, just things you used to amplify (money, ruby/emerald and maybe some runes that increase % of success), and every time the item fail to amplify, next time its added 5% in success chance. Most games are different...
  2. on 0.7, didn't exist levels, items was by rank and that lvl10 bow was rank1, maybe that char is from 0.7 and had that bow bought by other player. just like a druid i had in AMBER server... it was lvl3 with lvl9 staff :)
  3. they don't need any information... you announce it, you just lost account and peter too. i would hire a bodyguard in case peter goes to kill you.
  4. you saying there is no good admin/developer able to do it?
  5. if you didn't read forum rules... Types of account blocks on Warspear Online forum:1. Warning and deleting post in case of: Unmotivated use of Caps Lock Insults Unmotivated citation of the whole post Spam and Flood (And trolling) Posts not connected with topic Discussion of moderator's actions Posting links to unlicensed programs and files Pornography Breaking rules Above [/l][/l]
  6. a good admin/developer would ban this person. anyway. good idea to add back old costumes who were removed (just not the holidays)
  7. it used to be green. that's why i said different color. (different from normal color)
  8. thats cause kuzmitch is an admin (or maybe don't like change the color?), but developers all have names in different color.
  9. if you have account's log... there have ways to do it, hard but if someone really wanna work on it they can. (i just don't know how to do)but since you can't ever recover my friend's account yet, there probably don't have account's log... then for now its impossible, everyone just got scammed
  10. hmm, if you keep talking like this, maybe she love you someday :good:
  11. nice, why don't you make a great history of it? a big one, you will be famous :clapping:
  12. can we have amplify chance of sucess table? +1= 100%, +2= x%, +3= y%, etc...
  13. you wrong. nobody said crossbows will have magic attack. rangers will use crossbows in future (1y maybe?) rangers bladedancers druids shamans rogues and barbs will have other classes... like ranger: hunter - scout. probably hunter will use crossbows.
  14. looks like moderators will have a hard day...
  15. lets learn a little about respect jayrox...not everyone got time/money to learn english. not everyone want learn english... but if you want to threat everyone with good english... "devs" don't exist. "tht" don't exist. you should instead of threat them with no respect, try help them to learn english...
  16. u saying girls have balls them? cause when he call a girl as a noob, they feel very bad... like a punch in the balls. hm, lets think about the word noob... noob is anyone who still have gotten something to learn, cause aren't perfect to master all things on the life. aren't you a noob? i m one :friends: . i didn't learn everything... i m not a pro to know all... i m not god to know everything. if someone call you noob, say "thank you! but i already knew i m one, i wish i were like you who know everything and isn't a noob" :)
  17. lol, you duck isn't really an insult... ever in veiled form... if it was "u suck" it would be some kind of veiled form insult. [glow=red,2,300][shadow=red,left]http://warspear-online.com/en/rules/community[/shadow][/glow]
  18. back to topic... how do you plan to fix population? put a arrow saying you to choose one team and put a very little option to enter other team? give free mc to who enter one team? pay 5$ to enter other team? isn't anyone fault if new players choose one team instead of other. if you read rules, you should create just one account, the imbalance people talk is cause they create other accounts to play other faction.
  19. ashurain, send a ticket for support... you still able to recover your account, do it! just send your email for them, if they are smart enough, they have account's log with each thing that account did... if they have it, you ARE able to recover your high levels chars even though someone created new chars... ask them for recover your chars and they will also delete lvl1 chars, unless they don't have account's log (should have) happy birthday mr knoxy
  20. that's an easy question... we elves learned to have ideas with mountain clan. now we are doomed for it... please god, save us!
  21. if he is constantly insulting you for your english or giving false accusations, you can report him and see what developers will do.
  22. some classes need mana to play... some wins will be cause of 5% crit... some wins will be cause of 5% dodge... such a luck fight as lvl1 people... no way to decide whos the best skilled player cause it is a full luck game
  23. tip for you, lets choose another game to start while wait for 3.0
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