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  1. This is my photo entry of me buying $10 worth of caffeine :drinks: to Lvl up to 20 and ace my History test the next morning :bad: . I study and play until 5am, I even went to sleep with my uniform so not waste time in the morning. :good:
  2. Post your videos here and they will go on Youtube, I start by posting a video of killing Saffo
  3. Because there has yet to been some hardcore proof but know we have a pic and chat log proof SO BAN HIM :diablo:
  4. administration if can check chat logs then check at December 24 2011 around 2-3 pm usa eastern time in eu- emerald, he admited or at least said that if i gave him email and pass he would hack the mc shop and give me free mc coins, i gave him a fake email and boom he was gone, he then came back asked again and i took a screen shot, many other people agree that he is a scammer, now i have proof, a screen shot, so now ban the guy
  5. Matadorbr is a scammer he tried to scam me and high jack my account he also admited to hacking the mc shop
  6. Yes you are right Sulla, however I am not gonna lie I said if Pueppi helps me in 2 or 3 quest then I would give rune, but Pueppi just help me in Death Knights then ask for rune, i dont give because the deals not over and then she call me scammer, when in a way she was triying to scamm me so I still ask is 1 quest help for 1 rune worth it Animator-17 (Emerald, Druid)
  7. So now i am on the scammer list and VendettA says that she list the people because other people confirmed it to. Well I dare VendettA to tell me who said animator was a scammer. O yea by the way Pueppi wants me to give her a rune for helping me in one quest only one, the quest was Death Knights, I ask u Warspear Community is that fair one rune for one quest, am i the scammer or is it Pueppi thats trying to get the most for less. Animator-17 (Emerald,Druid)
  8. u need write more detailed time for people in the usa
  9. Thanks for everybody that help today, now Mlodziak will announce time for those that could not make it in time
  10. i think if we play it smart and have a tactic this is enogh
  11. Also count on this people Mirabel (bd) Uye(bd) Angeldust(archer) Metalizor (bd)
  12. Count us in (we are elves by the way) Gintax (Archer) Animator (Druid)
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