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  1. [Zetta]

    Mage skills

    5fb 5illu is a must... and we need to test ss and tw dmg at lvl 5 cz both are aoe... so lets see
  2. [Zetta]

    Mage skills

    Fireball: the usual skill.. Time warp: works hen not in combat... and it is not necessary to target at elnemy... can be used too run as well.. Stone shatters is good, but since it is aoe the dmg is not very significant.. Illusory chains imo is mages best ftiend.... definite skill points here... Sun armor: iv never liked such skills.... plus fior mage its only magic reduction... so i dnt think its as good....
  3. Please post all the ws 3.0 in game vugs you find under a single topic.. Here the map shows green dot but there is no question markers..y I will ppst more bugs as and when i find them..
  4. Guys please calm down.. its a huge update hence got more bugs.. kuz has promised to fix bugs today so dont worry just wait and watch.. go watch batman or go have intercourse with ur friends... ani in a few hours the game will be ready.. Symbian and ios ppl it is not Aigrinds mistake that ur platform authorities havent approved the game.. kuz dint want us to wait longer so he gave out update even though ur platforms are delaying..
  5. Android samsung galaxy nexus... downloaded the new APK file u posted... not working...
  6. 21st december 2012 = doomsday so no update bfr we die ;D
  7. Justice should be done... scammer, buyer should be banned.... fizza should get back his char..
  8. Hello patahhati, may god be with you, ur child and ur family.. we will all pray for you.. get well soon..
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