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  1. Please don't say it's coming with 28 items Last updated bring lvl 32 gears And everyone want 32 gear no one use 26_28 if get 32 logic I hopefully 30 Waiting the test server:3
  2. Thanks now hope no more lvl 12vs lvl3 guilde ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Som


    Please check gvg system seems like bug Aggin Unfair when lvl 12 guilde Mach with lvl3 you need fix this. (System drink pirate rum XD)
  4. Som

    Item lock

    Hello I hear many players complain herre and in game Because sold item by miss click. Or put wrong item on market low price and sold My option: Can lock and un-lock item Locked item "can't sell can't put market can't sell to npc can't destroy" U Can lock and un-lock item every time All item! Not Just equipment Hope it's release :3 thanks
  5. Som

    Why why and why

    I spend a loot of time for Farm gold and get key and this mob just 1hit me!? Devs it's serious? I'm f2p But you took all my chache My friend open allot Chest this mob never stacked him? Someone got speed belt just opened My chest Please FIX THIS Chest system ty
  6. Thanks for great work and new strong set. How about Anyversary :3!?
  7. This amazing guide Thanks so much @Akasha look it
  8. Som

    Mage op?

    Idk why player complaining about mages I see every FB post #nerfmage Idk what ppl think but mage not op I had lvl 30 with 800 mageic dmg Solo bosses ? Yes! But slowly Every speed ranger/seeker/bd able to steal boss So? And every time I see Esy-hard mage pls pls pls So nerf?
  9. Hmm sounds like Anyversary coming,? We need new lvl30 set ๐Ÿ™‚ lvl 30 DMG resi accessories and ofc new expert :0 by:zor the best seeker
  10. Hello we can report account sellers? In pushing site?
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