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  1. Hello next halowen event can ad lvl 29/30/31/32? Gear or still 28!? :(?
  2. Please ad lvl 29 wepon to trade able because when i druid Ed get wepon reward like cbow ect not good for me :9 How work can put trade end market! ?
  3. Som

    Phishing sites!

    Hello i found goldseller Hello i found goldseller
  4. Som

    Bot army

    This ranger just kill monster aggin end aggin no guest ect just kill quest monster
  5. Som

    Bot army

    Mc side too full lvl2 bot Hunter Here bot ranger why? This no player unable trade unable p invite unable guid invite
  6. Som

    Bot army

    Hello aggin found bug or no bug idk PLEASE REMOVE this not good begginer player hard complete quest
  7. When enemy player hit you 1000 dmg you. Get 300hp 30% Now it's PvP relic
  8. Max heal end root for stun 🙂 For arena no ned barskin 🙂
  9. Som

    Charmer Wolf bug

    Hello today i see charmer Wolf bug in BG tower.
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