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  1. Nice guide bro, Thank God I'm in active guild and 500k Still to much anyway love u. Hexa
  2. Som

    Skill balance?

    In future updatd we get any skill balance? Some class seems Ower powered
  3. Really cry for a relic -_-? And don't mention chief skill in pvp and group fight more annoying than charmer also thrashing still underated skill can't move for 6sec and - a loot dmg so why cry? Druid stun you? Use octo book/resist no problems.
  4. Charmer come whith 7 + 1 bird + arena minion + pumpkin guard dog and call it 1v1 ;-;
  5. Som


    Everything good now I bought coin aggin and removed and get unblock ty Also please close topic if possible.
  6. Som


    Same happened with my friends and he got unblock :3 just saying Don't tell me losse ful mermem char and full book because bank are stupid?
  7. Som


    Hello, 2 day's aggo I bought MC coin 14,250 and my bank refunded it so it's lead to my profile blocked I bought same amount aggin when I get unblock?
  8. This time I need aggre with via all locations visited ect. Beholder no reseed and you guys won't listen to players fix this all need chest/bufs @Holmes @Peony @Akasha
  9. Som


    Stop wl fight for wins bruh
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