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  1. Haha ofc true but still looks like hard Example: If you use staff you lose passive DMG/whirlwind of repentance Ofc more heal If using mace u can DMG with passive/repentance and little bit les heal from passive so staff build Templar useless in DMG dealing Another player no inv Templar to party because still lowest support/DMG One druid or priest deal more dmg and effective support :/this why I sad about Templar
  2. How Templar can to prevail? With 2 DMG skills? And 5 expert that's the question
  3. GM know I want take he's post cuz I'm the usurper and block my log xD JK (Fix this please)
  4. You all focus new class and forget horror ;( "Sad samhain noise's" ;-; How about horror :)?
  5. Som

    Phishing sites!

    Hello I want report fake free mcoin links 2 guy spam it in EU-emerald 
  6. Horror is coming Devs can we get any sneak peek? Lvl 32 gear come or lvl30 aggin :)?
  7. Aggre but if you see closer charmer best in PvP and good in pve to many stun an run tactic And see necro totem and warlock weak zone it's incredible in gvg or war I disagree with dk to. Ranger's / hunters get big Nerf to but actually need After new boss/mini boss drop rules Many ranger's with max speed esy steal bd/mage/wd or another slow calss kill/drop really need balance this. Ruge kill you with one combo. And now more effective. Yes yes seeker stun but 80% still no 100. notice it And yeea seeker skill balanced now Attack instick really o
  8. Lol U Just read this one? You forget read mage Nerf. wd Nerf? And stop complaint about one skill still no one spend point on this skill. An yea we can complain to Charmer more op lol Now he's pet deal more DMG and hard to kill cuz use summoner's own resi and fero -_- So we can call mcspear?
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