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  1. In test the pass reward not really cool hope it will changed :3
  2. Why barb cry? Why not talking about barbarian charge skill stun time :3?
  3. Can we getting information about the changes or it's elrady exist?
  4. Can aggre with zurp and they really strong with skills
  5. Haha ofc true but still looks like hard Example: If you use staff you lose passive DMG/whirlwind of repentance Ofc more heal If using mace u can DMG with passive/repentance and little bit les heal from passive so staff build Templar useless in DMG dealing Another player no inv Templar to party because still lowest support/DMG One druid or priest deal more dmg and effective support :/this why I sad about Templar
  6. How Templar can to prevail? With 2 DMG skills? And 5 expert that's the question
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