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  1. Give the druids 'totem' like skill ... so that we can rape all them as**s...
  2. The Devs should make a skill for druid which can let them (druid) be a difference in dungeon. Frankly speaking, as of now the druids are the last option for dungeon, which is a little dissappointing. Hope to see some change in that..
  3. Agreed! Even I don't know what to do with the cc I have. And now many players losing interest in the tournament.....A change in the reward will bring all lot of HAPPINESS to all the players
  4. crying,crying everywhere..... When it was a draw, no one complained, no one cried. But, now that the elves won, mcs coming here to cry n complain. So, when it was a draw, the game was balanced?
  5. the big deal is now druids have two skill which are useless when alone...TWO. What's up with that.
  6. Nobody was talking about .."when the druid is not alone" I know its a good skill ( LINK) when in party. But, invigorating stream not a good even if in party. And the main topic here is: Invigorating Stream. So, before criticizing read carefully ...
  7. Did you see the ".....which when alone..." Part ? I'd suggest you to read with more attention the next time you read. So, yeah Secret Link is useless, when the druid is alone, IS is useless when the druid is alone. Before pointing the mistakes (which wasn't there at all), atleast try to rectify your own mistake or else the stone will fall on yourself
  8. Thank you for changing the topic name
  9. and sorry, I don't know how to change the topic name...i am new here. :/
  10. ....please bring back push effect, or let the skill heal the users also.
  11. At least you understood ...
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