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  1. Well since we are getting less gold and prices on many things have gone up people are not going to like it. Even the rich are effected by this it will just take longer for them to feel it.
  2. How can I play something I knew nothing about? And I do not have a TARDIS. I have a question and I am not trying to start a fight I just am asking out of honesty: How can you not see that less gold for people means less arena tickets, Glad pots, and everything else?(because people selling them will not want to lower prices) Also catching up to people that were op before update has become harder too you know.
  3. Is farming mobs the only way to get gold? No. However before this update farming mobs was far more reliable than farming bosses and doing dgs. Also getting drops from bosses and dgs is nice but if it's a item I cannot use or I do not need who will I sell it to? People are getting less gold than they use to. So you telling me to do bosses and dgs will not be very effective.
  4. Let me tell you a little story: In t4 on map 4 I needed help with a Yellow quest. It was with the many wisps that appeared. I needed help. And even though there were boss farmer/questors close by it took me awhile to get it done. The refused to help me even though it would have taken 2 mins at the very most. Like I said: if people have less gold to spend then they cannot buy things to advance unless sellers drop the price. Will they? Most will hold out for as long as they think they can. Plus not to mention prices of arena tickets and more advance crafting resources have gone up in price. I know a lot things on here you cannot do alone however people are doing different things. You make it sound like people will drop helping guild members with their quests, arena, hunting enemy players or whatever for me. On another note players keep on calling out for help on the world chat for help with dgs or bosses on their map 1. Few help them. I do help them whenever I can but few others do.
  5. One thing about this is with people getting less gold overall people selling items will have a harder time selling unless they drop the prices. People cannot cling to each other all the time. People are doing different things and have different ways of getting stronger.
  6. That info helps but unless you are trying to tell me it's not a bug then that doesn't answer my question. If it's not a bug I just want to know so I know how to move forward. Knowing all this is useful. And making a party and farming this sounds good in theory but in practice finding help can be hard. People still need to do things like bosses and arena and they might not want to farm after it. But I will give it a shot maybe it will not be that difficult.
  7. Is this a bug? Items only 1 gold now? Also some do not even drop items unless it's for quests. There are other items besides honeycombs if they drop only worth one gold when before they were worth more. The first pic another item drops too.
  8. Ok thanks. Just being cautious.
  9. Chances are it's not a problem, I got this warning before, on other things and nothing happened, but I thought I would post this anyway. After I Downloaded 6.5 I got this warning. Look at the bottom left. It is: Version 6.5 for Debian 32 bit Linux.
  10. Happy New Year Devs and Forum staff. What new years resolutions do you plan to make?
  11. I started this game on 4/4/2016. My Death Knight is in good shape. My Blade Dancer is lacking in some areas. Both have room for improvement. As not playing for the full year but most of it I must say that one of the reasons I like this game ( I have said this before) is that it looks like a Super Nintendo game. I grew up with the Super Nintendo. In 1991 Super Mario World was the first video game I ever played. Super Mario RPG was the RPG that got me into RPG's. It's nice to see a modern game use a Super Nintendo like look to it.
  12. I joined Vortex maybe 3 weeks ago. I love it. It does have some good people in it.
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