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  1. Everybody knows how unreliable Forest Song is. Even at 3/4 it depends heavily on chance and no druid can say for 100% that Song will work in a crucial situation. Besides, the fact that it works only in a small radius around the druid means that one has to literally walk to the target location to cast it, and even then there is no guarantee it will work. Also, several crucial turns are lost when the enemy can already cast a number of counterspells. In reality, a druid's only reliable stun is Root, which is actually only a disable and not a full stun, and it also only works on a single target. Tornado's super-short "blink and you'll miss it" stun was initially forgivable due to its casting area where one could push or pull the target by 3 yards. Basically, no one complained about its stun time because the casting area compensated for it. Now the push/pull effect only produces a ONE yard effect, and combined with its miniscule damage and non-existent stun, this skill now struggles to even keep up with a basic shaman skill, earthquake.
  2. The new dynamics of push or pull that Tornado introduced to druid gameplay was unique and awesome. Considering its stun is negligible and its damage just bordering on microscopic, the push/pull was what made this skill interesting. Now with its area of effect reduced to just 3x3, the furthest you could push or pull anyone is ONE yard only. How's that for balance? Atleast shaman earthquake holds melee for 5+ secs at max level. Tornado "stuns" for 1.5 secs. In fact the stun time is so short that many people won't even realise that they had just been stunned!
  3. Agreed, ash! Considering Tornado is an expert skill you'd expect it to at the very least rival shaman earthquake, but no. It doesn't even come close! Lame skill is lame.
  4. Bottom line is, "Tornado" seriously sucks right now. And for the record, I really wish people would stop comparing this to shaman earthquake because Tornado is supposed to be an "expert" skill, and the fact that it pales even in comparison to a basic shaman skill says a LOT. I find it very unsettling that both the druid expert skills sound amazing on paper but are both quite something else in actual usage. Forest Song, whatever one's opinion on it may be, is forever limited by the fact that it all depends on chance. It is extremely unreliable even at 3/4 and is further limited by the fact that it works only in a few spaces around the caster, necessitating the druid to actually walk to his/her target location! Tornado, being an "expert" skill, would be expected to fill in the gaps left wide open by Song but in reality fails miserably. It costs more mana and its cooldown lasts longer than shaman Earthquake, and yet it performs worse with an almost non-existent stun (0.5-2 secs).
  5. The non-existent stun (max 2 secs @ 3/4) was bad enough. Now with the area of effect reduced to just 3x3, I find it hard to believe devs actually mean to pass off this stupid skill as an "expert" one.
  6. Tornado is practically useless now both in pvp and pve.
  7. Tornado sucks big time now. Area reduced from 7x7 to 3x3. I don't know what the devs were thinking. It is supposed to be an expert skill. Now it is even more useless than shaman earthquake, which is not even in the same league what with it not being an expert skill at all. If any skill needs nerfing it's the shaman shield, which is simply insane. Come on, devs, there will always be people who whine and whine about everything. Druids were finally rising up to be pretty cool and now you're nerfing an "expert" skill that hadn't even been op in the first place and now you've made it worse than a basic shaman skill. With only a 3x3 area of effect now this skill is pretty much useless. It hardly stuns for a second and the dmg it deals is laughable at best. I don't see what's "expert" about it now. I'm even starting to regret wasting 40k on it, which I could have bought signs with instead.
  8. Thank you for the info, Sceadu! I'm finding it extremely difficult to choose between the two....forest song and tornado. On the one hand, my forest song at 3/4 is awesome when it works but like you pointed out, it is very unreliable, especially in pvp. I would prefer tornado but it seems the stun duration is too low at only ~2 secs! I like the new dynamics tornado brings to pvp and pve. It is especially fun at crossings to pull away legion players before they can cross back. Also, since we can essentially pull mobs from as far away as 8 yards, this skill now gives druids the farthest ranged attack, very handy when there are many players aiming for the same mobs when questing! I wish we had more skill points. For now I'll keep my forest song as it is and make do with tornado at 1/4. :(
  9. I'm very surprised there isn't already a topic on this. Anyway, so has anyone taken it on a test drive yet? Currently at level 1 it does ~300 damage and maybe stuns for a second or half. Can anyone tell me what happens at 3/4 or 4/4? Does the damage or stun time increase? Or perhaps both? Currently I have forest song at 3/4 but don't wanna take a chance on a book of oblivion in case the new skill Sucks.
  10. Agreed. There's a massive difference in gear between the level 15 and 17 arena gears. Besides it'll add more value to the level 15 gear, which no one seems to buy these days.
  11. Wow, nice suggestion. We definitely need more cc quests like these, Voted up. :good:
  12. Reduce sleep duration are you kidding me?? For an expert skill, the duration is too less if you ask me, ~3secs at level 3. In my opinion, considering the very low chance for it to work and its extremely short duration, devs should increase it's effect by atleast 1 or 2 secs. Come on, isn't it supposed to be an "expert" skill and all that?
  13. I have it at level 3/4. That's the max u can increase it to because u only have 2 skill points to spare. I took 2 points off lightning bolt. According to my observations, at level 3, the skill appears to work ~90% of the time if there are more than 2 enemies. In a 3x3 arena match, it once worked 100% to affect all three mc at once, which was so cool. The skill works on mobs too, with a higher chance than on players I think. At level 3, Forest Song lasts just a little less longer than root, which is awesome.
  14. Phone: Sony Xperia L Game graphics appear highly pixelated and zoomed in (like on symbian s60v5 devices). Funny on my previous phone (Sony Xperia Miro) which had a lower screen resolution than my current phone the graphics were way better. I have uninstalled warspear from my phone for now, until this problem is fixed.
  15. Level 21-30 we will get 6 new skill points, out of which only 4 are required to max a skill. So does this mean that we can expect atleast 2 new skills per character? Because it'd be pretty redundant for some classes like BDs who'd be left with no option but to allot skill points to either aggro or parry after maxing one new skill. 8)
  16. I like the way you think... :give_rose:
  17. Lots of op druids around these days. I'd say Juniorcel, Diaboloro or Revagne. :good:
  18. Even better would be an Unbind Scroll or someyhing for the rest of us who cant buy moins.
  19. Druid transformation ftw :give_rose:
  20. Where can i get it??? ;D
  22. Bah......our guild i suffering from a tremendous lack of activity!!! The update couldn't come fast enough...
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