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    Some ppl may remember xxpalagirl thats me! But i got scammed for months ago i dont know how to become back tecnic support is off so i hope someone see that i cant remembrer much buf i have some ss but idk how to post them pls dont trust gohstrider or xxpalagirl untill i write that i have back pls dont buy or trade acc with him thanks for reading
  2. gm why u make the druid skill tornado to shit noob skill??!!!???!!??!! that was shitest update ever seen make mcs strong elf weak how it ever was :-!
  3. hello all it would be cool if we become some fighting partners like dragons or something else you only buy once and lv up with killing monsters like an pet who ever stay with you so i mean you ride it like an horse i would really like to become something like that. sumons weak noobs
  4. XxPalagirl


    i get that message from gm i should answer with OK i do that but u see at my screen shoot thst there standy Fehlgeschlagen it means Fail the message dont get send but my money awy and i dont get mcoins i send re tick to forum but who know if i really get :10€= 1680 mcoins yo i hope its enoth to give me my mcoins TODAY... i hope i get!
  5. XxPalagirl


    My plan is easy i only need 1 pt 3 prists me (druid) and an ranger with good mdeff in 2 h i want try to do i hope manny ppl comes and pm GOHSTRIDER pm me and i add u so see u ;D
  6. i only tell truth she nerver scamm me but i dont say him that she dont scamm him i wasnt able to know
  7. siloraa (silora) scamm oill's bd oil have screen shoots gm pls block her and help oilll to.get his bd back
  8. manny mc always hunt lake so elf cant kill it i think u dont understand what WAR spear means elfs and mcs ar enemies they kill each other i dont understand the rogue noobs they koll low lbvls
  9. i want to ask why must the party lv as high as high as boss so dinalt all lv 14 or lower.... can fix something like that because my pala now lv 20 and idk bosses with lv 20 without demo..... pls say if all level can drop or make catalisator quest thanks for helping
  10. U can sell the casked there all in sign n costum the 10k he must not pay so 240k what it will cost
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