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  1. snorlax when will update lvl 20+ arena wpn and armr
  2. im just gonna suggest where one map it is all hostile zone which even u in same races or guild u can still pvp with them, its brothersome when u want pvp wth same races u have to demand at arena which take a long time, and enable the chat between elf and mc just in that one area
  3. yes dk barb and paladin the one tats need attention here :shout:
  4. dev team could add something at dk new skill death call like maybe lower the opponent acc or slow them down , it just did nothing at all its circle n only give a little dmg n its duration so litttle could u maybe do dk skill as better bd skill its stun a long time n :yahoo:
  5. admin i found a hacker when im at pvp cave :facepalm: i screenshot him
  6. then if u play a druid u didnt know how op druid is bcuz ur playing it no pvping :wacko:
  7. but still some class is still op :unknw: ( example bd druid shaman )
  8. :facepalm: but still their mana didnt lose when i pvp priest while my skill is on him he use shield while my skill is on , didnt lost any man at all and it happens a lot :cray: not even once they ever lost their mana
  9. :spiteful: its better wth mcoin :spiteful:
  10. galm flight

    Thank you

    ya we support u :yahoo: :clapping:
  11. but i never did lose my enemy mana all this time i use it :'( my skill lvl 3 already :cray:
  12. nahhh its worth for its cc :wacko:
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