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  1. Well, like i said, I'll drop in sometimes to see what's going on (in other words, for a little chatting), but i don't play anymore. This game is just to boring for me anymore and no update can change that (not to mention that i hate this business model aigrind uses). :bad: I don't find the game addicting actually, quite the opposite. I only played one character on emerald since i started this game. So any other players with a similar name are not me. Hmm, I didn't see you online for ages while i was still on regularly, so one might think you retired before I did. ;)
  2. Vanhelsing

    I quit too

    Seems like it's a popular sport to leave the game these days. I can only agree with this. I stopped playing for a while now, but I thought i just make it official. Just to say goodbye to all the good friends from F.O.F and elsewhere. It was a good time spent with all of you and it's the main reason i sticked with this game so long. I'll check in sometimes to see what's up (provided there will be anyone left in the game :P), but that's all. See ya people. :drinks:
  3. Vanhelsing


    Bye Ahmed, you're a good guy. Was fun spending time with you. Enjoy your new game. :good: :friends: I don't play either anymore, I just drop in from time to time to see what's up and who's still left.
  4. You can change the orientation on pc too. Press F5 to change between horizontal and vertical orientation.
  5. From mobile9 too, after typing "mmo" or "mmorpg" in the search field.
  6. I just looked up your phone on the net. It's also called cookie duo, and it's not a Symbian phone, it's just a simple feature pnone (no smart phone). So, you can't play Warspear on it cause it's not supported. For Warspear you must have a phone which runs the Symbian, Windows mobile, Android or IOS operating system. But you can still play on pc.
  7. Nah, Slay wasn't online at that time. I was chatting to zee. She said some panda is stalking her all the time and she had to shot arrows at him. :facepalm: :tease:
  8. I know what's the problem. Your phone is from the future :shok: October 30. It's to advanced to run the game. :lol: But now seriously, you can't download it 100%. Is it happening only with warspear or also with other files? Try a different browser for download, or maybe the network is preventing or interupting the download (happened to me sometimes if there are technical problems). So try again.
  9. A good question. Sap is good as it reduces the enemies damage to a fair amount if it's a high lvl, durability of the skill is also not bad. It also reduces speed. Parry is good against melee units as bd's can parry quite often, but it's useless against ranged units cause you can't parry an arrow or magic. Flash strike is always good as it delivers quite a punch and gives an extra hit. And aggression is good in team as it draws the enemies attention to you to tank them but not really useful in 1 vs 1 combat. Well, anyone has his style, but i like flash strike the most, followed by parry and sap, i don't really use aggression. So my skill points are spent in that manner. :)
  10. Why look at me lol, i was outside chatting, next thing i see, all dead inside. You just stormed in 1 by 1. Not all were present ;D
  11. Ok, now all sing: Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear bunny, happy birthday to you. :yahoo: :clapping: Happy birthday Luke. :)
  12. Like i said, it's exaggeration. Players pumped up the prices up ridiculously for some items over time. It's not realistic cause the game doesn't offer any fast way to get gold. Try it and you'll see what i mean. You would be dependent on drops you get and finding other players who would like to buy it for such an amount of gold, unless you prefer to farm for a month. No thing is that much worth in this game that it requires such prices.
  13. They are just being greedy, people with power always want more power. :tease:
  14. It's simple. Ranged classes are the strongest. Any good player noticed that. The fact that they are ranged and that melee classes don't have anything to counter that is already a big advantage, and the newest skills just gave them even more hits or chance to increase that range. And extra hits do a big difference in this game. If used right, by the time they are hit they already reduced the opponents hp significantly.
  15. Don't exaggerate. 100 k for such a simple thing is unrealistic. And overall, 100k is to much. You would farm that amount for ages, lol. If prices were that high, gold would still loose it's value.
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