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  1. thats like reading into the plot of an adult movie
  2. Jswaaz

    one day?

    so whose not gonna enter the selfie contest?
  3. black troll costume is rarer than those junk items you posted in the info-graphic for rarest skins haha
  4. Jswaaz

    9381 dmg

    im just curious if it has a unique appearance, ruined it with a skin...
  5. Jswaaz

    Lvl14 "pros"

    funny this happened to more than one person
  6. Jswaaz

    9381 dmg

    ITS OVER 9000 !!!!!!
  7. my mistake, i read it wrong. i meant jezdec
  8. i tried, somebody deleted your report. r0land is aware but hasnt acted.
  9. the only scammer i see is degreejr
  10. Jswaaz

    one day?

    works 60% of the time, everytime
  11. Jswaaz

    one day?

    im chris, hes an imposter. pvprange #1 pro player
  12. not to mention your 3-4 posts saying sapp is 58 years old and not a girl? harassment will not be tolerated, you claim you "read" the thread 1000 times and dont know what you did wrong. well there you go
  13. alright, had enough of this. questioning my authority believe it or not is against the rules, and i already warned you. moderator report shows which posts you made that were the reason for such punishment, continue harassing me and/or sapphire and you wont be welcome back.
  14. you deserved the warning point and the one day ban, acting innocent only further proves my point questioning my motives is also against the rules, you had one warning prior to suspension any further harassment will lead to another punishment, your suspension was due to harassing sapphire calling her a slut no life etc etc. grow up and dont worry about admins not knowing what you posted, i left evidence in the report itself. continuing to harass other forum members will lead to the same conclusion.
  15. he doesnt hide who he is what do you think about turtles?
  16. Jswaaz

    sell berengar's stash

    u should prob say mc/elf
  17. Jswaaz

    one day?

    im not your lmao, rofl
  18. Jswaaz

    one day?

    im not your pal, guy
  19. Jswaaz

    one day?

    im not your bro, friend
  20. says the one who let me join guild to do nadir dungeon, then got kicked within 24 hours
  21. lmao all these kids saying they played in 2009
  22. lol i might switch to harad/revenge next time. i was only using lv16 cc
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