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  1. you asked twice for this topic to be pinned, so have your way


    and chris wouldnt make fun of my previous job when it was a good job to begin with, you dont know anything about me. and id advise you to not bring my personal life into this when you never speak of your own to begin with. for all we know youre an obese male neckbeard which you apparently love to call me when its plainfully obvious to the friends ive made that i am not such a person :)

  2. introducing.... swaaz 2.0!


    ive made well over 500k profit this update, so ive decided to at least buy all the expert skills


    i bought 80 energy essences for 500 gold each for the past 5 months or so, and they are now worth 8k each due to the crafting hype. i also bought 30 ethereal essences for 1k each and they are now worth 10k each :D



  3. Pliskin Made a super joke once on this , reason why i know this :,D


    ur lying, but then again, you always are full of it anyway


    any reason youre still replying here? cant let us all talk about how much of a thief you are? you already established its true, changing the subject 5 times a page isnt going to work dear


    we will continue to discuss youre true self whether its here or elsewhere, keep changing the subject

  4. I am not here with a poley scam story even though she has asked me for gold or mshop items on a few occasions and whether I had it or not didn't give it to her. I am just here to say How dare u. How dare u act like ur crap dont stink and bash on housewives, and helping/caring for seniors. I was a housewife at one time and my current occupation is taking care of elderly/handicapped. I find this Job very satisfying knowing these people count on me for things they can't do. What will u bash on next? Single mothers? Just keep in mind someday u will be old and I hope u r put in a bad nursing home and while u r there u can reflect on this when u say that we r "small thinkers" I dont know 4-6 different languages but my achievements r just as good as urs. I have lost any respect I had for u with just those 2 statements. And someday karma will bite u hard for all the wrongs u have dun to good people. I just hope its sooner than later.


    she was trying to make fun of my previous job of escorting the elderly and handicapped at the airport


    just another attempt at changing the subject when exposed of her true self


    what will you change the subject to next? its exciting!


    funny how weve never talked yet you know about my personal life, you obsessed with me or something?


    whose the sociopath now? miss "i never post or talk about my social life except random pictures of drinking alcohol and i will judge others based on their occupation"


    real idol you are

  5. Then ban poley if snorlax did not say moderators are not allowed to ban other moderators, do so? you threatened and gave warning points to her, go ahead with it or empty threats, you claimed snorlax said this yourself, now going to deny it? such big talks and no action towards her, in the end snorlax is the boss, if i am wrong then ban another mod.


    This is not just a server issue, anybody who poley was friends with or trusted / allowed her to use a account has more of say than a random troll messenger who never was her friend or let her use any account, actually the only place you have here was being mentioned by ladygi as the messenger from urowak to her ear, so that's really it, unless poley scammed you? took any of your items?, guess not as it would of been made a 20 page BAN and HANG her topic by now.


    White knighting again? nothing original, just the same cliché words, you may quote where i am defending poley because im not in the end, if she is a thief and did this purposely to gain profit, there is no defending that and urowak and ladygi had a right to complain but then again this topic has nothing to do with anybody who doesn't fling shit at her.


    pathetic, even with evidence in front of you you still cling to the small hope youll get the vixen in the end for mindless ranting


    shes admitted it twice now? why dont you realize whats actually going on here and stop trying to being everybody down with you

  6. i used apprentice craft licenses, which i got by buying composite essences and common essences (which at the time costed less than 100 gold each) and i simply made small amounts of gold by flipping items in market or questing on my paladin. after you make your first apprentice license craft you made profit, since the reward was worth more than the required materials. could sell 1 license and keep the rest, and you can afford enough materials for another try


    dont bother crafting anything unless its "apprentice license craft" or "advanced resources craft" everything else is a money sink

  7. Are you planning on crafting weapons? For a free user it might be a waste of money or a great change to get strong gear! 

    If you craft you probably should only level one profession (99% sure it's staffs then?)


    im level 14 ranged weapon craft and almost lv12 light armor craft


    money spent = 0


    time spent = months


    however i can atleast say from level 12 - level 14 ranged weapon crafting, i did "free miracle coin survey ofers" to buy some "rookie crafting licenses"


    but still 

  8. there was a skill tree in 2011 with literally 20-30 skills per class, and classes even "evolving" into other classes


    the idea was scrapped and replaced with the current gimmick, most likely due to device restrictions 

  9. update:


    after 3 months of no videos, ive bought swaaz a new expert skill in hopes to be on-par with other players of the same level


    new videos sooner than expected, but i feel id need 2 expert skills in order to be able to fight others fairly. 


    will start selling items ive been hoarding for profit and new skills expected soon :)

  10. ive made over 3 accounts that didnt spend a penny


    if you want, i can post their levels and max bag space as proof of not buying anything :D

  11. just going to say again, my PC client still shows everything even kill messages from you killing someone/they killing you/players with potions killing others/etc...


    Then you were unbanned and snorlax told everyone not too, so if you ban her or any moderator you will be going against snorlax and your own words, because it is you who said snorlax disallowed mods to ban each other, stories change it seems? do it or empty threats made for trolling.


    I prefer dark knight, also not on anybody's side in this matter, actually has nothing to do with anybody except the people involved and some unnamed pesky trolls (could be anybody).


    Although if she stole the gears for self profit from a friend and never intended to return it, then i don't respect that and it's sneaky as hell, too much he say, she say, with different opinions about what was going down for anybody to start negatively judging, unless it's azebu cause he hates women,


    You are now


    that was a different situation, ive been banned twice


    you literally dont know what youre talking about


    also, you dont even play this server and dont know what happened, so you literally have no say in this


    white knight harder


    edit: im clearly part of this, as im mentioned in the original post. and as hamstring said later posts my name was >implied


    you jealous you arent part of sapphire drama or something? or you trying to white knight? only 2 explanations i see possible 

  13. idk man, seems pretty clear to me who it was directed at..


    besides, who cares anyway, let them scratch it out.. maybe it will encourage chris to post moar pictars. prs, priskin prs.

    already asked him, he wants to stay neutral in hopes he'll get eisha 2.0 out of it

  14. Fire is not nullified by any Type.


    pardon me, ive been awake for 20 hours


    i can at least name situational scenarios where such a case could happen, but yes youre still right

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