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  1. Dear Player, I hasten to inform you that cool down time is not equal to the duration of skill it stays active. Cool down = the duration of time in between two successive casting of same skill.
  2. There is no way, I will be in the blacklist because I don't fight any mcs without any reason. I am a peaceful player like the guy who made this topic and got bullied by high amp people. That's when I started my quest of becoming stronger to hunt back the ones who bullied me in the past. My actions in game are always in retaliation or as reaction to those who did harm to me in past. But, I still believe there are no rules in war. What I mean is, you make your own rules how to hunt them down
  3. no need. Dummies are made for that purpose. @Rayotenper, you can find dummies on map 2 t1, t5. map4 t1,t5. some towns in map 1 also. Feel free to send ur frustration on them if you cant kill the blacklist. P.S. : Pls don't complain again if someone disturbs you while u killing dummy.
  4. Please show me ss of 5000-8000 demands or else I cant believe. I still believe low level arena is much peaceful than high level arena taking account into all low level brackets as a whole. Well, thats what i suggested-- to reduce the season time to a week so that players don't have to wait half a year to get one ring.
  5. I can understand the reason behind the prices. From high level players point of view: The % stat of greatness accessories is same for all levels. some players can easily abuse the damage getting from the low level accessories. From low level players point of view: The fights and competition from low level arenas are different from high level arenas. The competition in high level arena is way too high. That is how the imperials rewards from each level reward is justified. I know of some low level arena brackets which are only won with max 3-4 hours of arena spam and win the monthly #1 season reward. The only frustrating thing is waiting time which I see from many players. If you compare with the high level arena fights, your fight is much more peaceful and less cost invested. In the end, you spend less money on the arena tickets and the time invested in arena spams for winning season top ranks is also cut down by much. Only issue is waiting time for season end. My suggestion: Maybe devs can do something like weekly season rewards than monthly rewards in low level arena with little modifications of rewards to make the game much lively in low level arena.
  6. This is Warspear online. There are no rules in War. . At the end, you make the decision for your own future and face consequences of your actions.
  7. The word "My" speaks it all. It is just a personal opinion based on the class you play or the guild you are in. I can give suggestions for every issues mentioned earlier. Before going to the suggestions, I would like to remind that every player is free to choose any class and use any item available in game and make any decision same as any other player. I believe every class in warspear has their own advantages and disadvantages. You might find a class may not be working for you if you want to play arena ( Class X is too op in arena, my class sucks :v) . I know a guild which thought Bladedancers are too op and focused only on recruiting Bladedancers only and ignored all other classes in the past and they realised they have made a big mistake. Developers are constantly working on wide range of data collected from each class in arena, dungeons, guild events and many other data suggested by players and come up with balance changes and creative solutions. I really appreciate developers of warspear from bottom of my heart for working their best. a. Developers of Warspear analyze a lot of data regarding the arena and come up with creative and innovative things to increase the variation of things you can use in arena. Each and every % and stats mentioned in the castle scrolls and pots are decided by analyzing those data. If you think the castle scrolls and buffs are too much op, maybe you should try changing strategy and consider various options available in game. I believe arena is designed for team battle rather than 1v1 pvp battle. b. Level differences: The situation of a lvl 32 player not meeting any other party with lvl 29 + lvl 28 arena level is same situation for every player in warspear. This situation exists since many years and almost every experienced players knows it. If you think it is problem for you, you should have thought twice or thrice before leveling up. You cant expect a lvl 32 player with more hp, mana, skills points available and skills slots available to compete with lvl 29 player who chose to sacrifice the benefits of lvl 32. Sometimes you need to try be a team player in guild rather than thinking of just "personal" opinion. c. Multi-logging: This is clear violation of warspear EULA not just in arena but everywhere else. @Whitex Unfortunately I have to tell you that many high level players and even players who are leaders of top guilds in a server practice it. One of the persons whom you tagged in your post has been received the ban message not once but twice for Multi-logging and the player is still playing freely in game. The below screenshots shows the heights of madness and greed drowns even famous players and leaders of top guilds through illegal multi-logging. Even, I understand your pain of illegal things which players do in game. But no worries, The warspear support team is always there for you to report any illegal things you observe in game. Although they may take time but they definitely will respond for all your queries and provide fairness. d. Bots: Bots follow predefined set of commands followed in loops. My suggestion again is take a video of player who you think is botting with predefined commands and report to warspear support email. e. Time and Blocking: I understand very well the pain of getting blocked and losing my fun time better than any player in game. Arena is a place of competition, sometimes u may have fun or not. But every other players try compete in arena understanding how arena works. But only through experience, you will be able to overcome the difficulties and become better without getting blocked in arena. If you think a player is wasting your time on purpose, you could report to your other guildmates about this and I am sure, they will stand up for you. Be a team player . f. Maps: There are some maps which are created for some classes to excel through kiting. There are basically using the ranged attack advantage based on the classes entering the arena. Its all about observational skills. If you think its issue, You can be smart in closing the distance co ordinating with your other member in your party and trapping enemies in between. (When there is a will, there is way). g. Visual Errors: This can be possible with every class in warspear. There are many occasions it can happen. Sometimes it happens when you switch warspear app to another app and back warspear app, u suddenly find a barbarian hitting you from 50 yards. It can also happen when your internet connection is not stable and your char position on screen is different from real position according to server. Sometimes, It can happen when a player deliberately tries to confuse you constantly changing direction and the player position is in different location from what you see on screen. If you understand the principle behind it, even you can take advantage of it. It only comes through experience. But you can always find the real position of enemy with a quick relogging of your char. Maybe we can suggest warspear devs team for an option for quick refresh of game screen if you feel that there is visual errors on screen. h. Ranking system and rewards: The suggestion I can give is obvious. The system is same for each and every player in warspear. If you feel brackets with monthly rewards is issue then the bracket is just not your cup of tea. The developers have introduced 5x5 with daily rewards for this issue to increase variations in rewards where players can choose the bracket where they are comfortable. You might even enjoy the new seasonal arena mode 3x3 crucible coming up in next season.
  8. can players party up before applying for new 3x3 mode? or need to be applied solo ?
  9. Great guide of castle capture and also shows present owners of castles. I really appreciate the creator of this post. Thanks a lot for such detailed explanation.
  10. Judgement still depends on the efforts put, mistakes do happen.
  11. The US-Sapphire server went down right before Mermen GVG started and reseted after 5 mins just to see that the GVG is cancelled. Please do something about this!
  12. @Angelxgod I understand your problem that elves always win Mermen GVG. There is a different reason why they win. Like everyone above said, all skills are locked before taking crown in stage 1. Therefore, everyone has equal opportunity to win the GVG. Maybe the developers need to put the Mermen GVG time 2 hours later so that the Mermen GVG is not affected by Warbuffs or schedule the Mermen GVG where the warbuffs doesnt affect the GVG time.
  13. Your character effective accuracy = (accuracy % - enemy dodge%) For example: If you have 30% accuracy and enemy has 40% dodge. your effective accuracy= (30-40)= -10% ===> which means you have 10% chance of missing attacks on enemy
  14. @Holmes @Peony There is an issue with the world event "Shadows of Past" Stage 3 is getting finished very fast in 10-15 secs and most of us arent getting the stage 3 rewards.
  15. This video need some edits. Please use your creativity and edit it.
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