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  1. Hello @Nolan Welcome! I'm just curious. Wich languages do you know? Php? Java? Python? C++?
  2. Ofc, he uses Greatness full set, u don't. He has a unique skill called Power of Blades, u don't. He uses Heavy armor, u don't. He has all the possible passive books for PvP, u don't. Stop crying like a baby.
  3. PvE - Exceto na DG Primavera você não faz (e nem deveria porque o jogo é em grupo) nenhuma outra solo. PvP - Não existe arena solo Resultado: o Pala sempre vai ter alguém pra jogar o escudo, e se não tiver, pq seu companheiro de time morreu, você não fez seu papel de pala direito, porque o papel do pala no jogo é proteger e ajudar os outros. A sua sugestão tornaria o paladino individualista, se você quer ser individualista existem outras classes mais indicadas para isso, você pode escolher jogar com elas.
  4. As @Gladiator already pointed out, I also think the issues to be solved are more in the macro instead of micro. I think this is more complex than it seems to be. A hunter walking faster as a seeker? NO WAY! Imagine a hunter walking faster as Seeker, both got the same place at same time, who has distance attack advantage? who has stun advantage? A warlock jumping as a mage? Almost the same example above, mages stun for less time than a warlock, mage has antistun skill, warlock jumps same place same time with mage who has advantage? I can keep writing here all day, it's impo
  5. Paladino tem um escudo ridiculo de absurdo. Paladino bem montado tanka qualquer coisa e ainda buffa a pt toda (endgame overall já era melhor que warden... agora então). Abs
  6. https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/181654-its-time-to-redesign-arena/
  7. O ideal seriam os 2 juntos. Físico tanka mais, o mágico bate mais e da suporte porque a defesa mágica base de todos os players é naturalmente mais baixa que a def física.
  8. Give UP Button or maybe dmg statues in every map.
  9. Hello guys! First of all, let me introduce myself, for those who doesn't know me. I'm Samba, a lvl 32 bladedancer, freeplayer for 3 years in a row (until this year) from BR-Tourmaline I play RPGs and MMOs since Diablo 1 / Ultima Online - 1998 I rarely came out here to write something, but I always read topics from all over this Forum (from Russian part to International). Recently, in the game, I've been focusing on arena and trying to make my character one of the best of it's class for PvP, I really try to optimize and test stuff on the game to it's limits. I enjoy
  10. More simple than that. Change the Damage mechanics taking all guild players Damage on the área in account instead of single Party
  11. I agree, and also Raid Bosses, Elm, Engineer, Orcinus and Octopus should drop like Nocturna and Rottung, with a chest. If a Raid Boss theoretically needs more than a single party, why doesnt everyone from the same guild cant get rewarded?
  12. This New skill doesnt change the fact that a BD cant resist 6 stun in a row. Without Rush Resist a BD would never kill druids, warlocks and hunters. Even with Rush and New skill sometimes still hard to get close in a 3x3 or 5x5 arena Battle. You should play with It before ask for nerf something. Power of Blades is slightly unbalanced to me because makes bd dmg much higher than other classes like seeker and ranger
  13. Rush resist was actually a fix because a bd could never get close to their enemies with 6 stun in a row. That would make bds exclusively PvE and useless specialy on GvG and Wars. If you want to cringe on something about BDs that should be the Attack Force passive skill
  14. Yes, I got stunned with antistun skill and was like: WTF?
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