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  1. Sorry @Reivenorik but with this OXYGEN kind of mechanics, you guys just ducked up everything. Doesn't really matter if the others part of the content are absolute awesome. Just change this mechanic
  2. Maybe you don't understand, let me make it clear. EXAMPLE: 2 elven PTs are fighting for Elm, one of those PT is full mages (which have more dmg skills than any other class) PT number 2 has 2 speed rangers (which depends on the skills activation (progressive dmg) ) This is not balanced! If mages gave the 10% dmg at the start, even if the other PT is same level or higher amped equips they will loose I understand your point, but if someone is killing a boss before you, is up to you and your own ethic and moral. The consequences, in game, believe me, will happen for those "Trolls"
  3. About this... let's be real, Ragnarok MVPs formula was a good one, I don't know the exact function but it was something that considers DMG inflicted to BOSS (x2) + DMG took from BOSS (x1). To me, personally, the way it is right now doesnt make any sense at all. Ex: Someone come and take 10% hp from 1kk (100k) monster, my PT came and take 900k and we don't get rewarded, not really fair huh?
  4. More than 300 runs and couldnt get a (vamp) book in the last week. What is the drop rate? That is really disappointing. Why mythical tec is easier than other mythical dgs? I can do myth tec in 10minutes sometimes and myth termitary best time of ALL was 15min same pt, doesnt make any sense.
  5. ZzzzZzzzzzZzz... Oh someone wake me up when we have T5 and lvl 30. Thanks! ZzzzZzzzzzZzz...
  6. 6 - At least on BR server guild players keep writing on Guild chat during guild events. There could be an option for leaders and heirs to MUTE general guild chat for lower num rank classification players. That Will help people focus on the game instead of keep writing or OPENLY trying to discuss/refuse leaders decisions during the events by the guild chat. This would help bring another level of guild organization and better timing precision on the guild actions overall at the GvG events or Raid bosses for example.
  7. I have few suggestions to enhace Castle mechanics and turn players even more insterested on it. 1- Unique equipment with special bonuses that only guild with castle can produce/use. This special bonus only works if the guild have a castle, it's dynamic, not permanent. 2- Exclusive NEW dungeon (shared) for all guilds who has castle. Like coliseum but requirement would be: Have a castle. 3-Alliance System. Make possible a limited number of Alliance with other guilds including elfs and MCs alliances allowed. In the alliance nobody from respective guilds can kill each other during Castle Sieges. 4- Place the vendor NPC outside the Castle instead of inside, that will turn easier for people to buy stuff. Ex: Boss Rottung Ayr is on the castle and no one appears to kill it. Result: weak players can't get to the Castle Shop. 5- During Castle Siege (inside the castle) after guard killing, make warp with random player placement on attack, it feels too predictable as it is right now. Even with the various entering gates there are displaced, the possibilities are pretty limited. 6- Guild chat block button that only affects guild Newbies and Explorers. I really think these are reasonable requests to improve this face of the game. I know some of them needs some work, but at least number 4, 5 and 6 seems easier to solve! Thank you for your time!
  8. If I understand right... The solution for this would be the minion and rogue/seeker cancel stealth independently from each other. Wich brings us another problem: Minion would not go stealth if attacking enemy, and the rogue/seeker would be easily found (on PVP). As it's close from the minion even with stealth. That's not easy at all to solve, you should help them to find a solution instead of just whine, if you want this to be solved soon. GL
  9. Try to Test stuff instead of typing things like "theoretically" to me. This game is logic and mathematics, so if a BD can resist / parry while using RUSH on Shaman's Blind, it should resist / parry while using RUSH on a Warlock's Dark Circle or on a Druid's Punitive Roots. So What I can understand from your statement is that THIS A BUG and must be CORRECTED! I'll wait patiently, thank you devss!
  10. I didn't mention shaman, I said Warlock and Druid. You can go test by yourself, get a bd friend full resist or parry and ask him to rush into your lvl 1 Warlock's Dark Circle.
  11. That's awkward because I never saw anyone resisting to a "Dark Circle", or BD Rushing thru it without being stuck.
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