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  1. Hello @Nolan Welcome! I'm just curious. Wich languages do you know? Php? Java? Python? C++?
  2. Ofc, he uses Greatness full set, u don't. He has a unique skill called Power of Blades, u don't. He uses Heavy armor, u don't. He has all the possible passive books for PvP, u don't. Stop crying like a baby.
  3. PvE - Exceto na DG Primavera você não faz (e nem deveria porque o jogo é em grupo) nenhuma outra solo. PvP - Não existe arena solo Resultado: o Pala sempre vai ter alguém pra jogar o escudo, e se não tiver, pq seu companheiro de time morreu, você não fez seu papel de pala direito, porque o papel do pala no jogo é proteger e ajudar os outros. A sua sugestão tornaria o paladino individualista, se você quer ser individualista existem outras classes mais indicadas para isso, você pode escolher jogar com elas.
  4. As @Gladiator already pointed out, I also think the issues to be solved are more in the macro instead of micro. I think this is more complex than it seems to be. A hunter walking faster as a seeker? NO WAY! Imagine a hunter walking faster as Seeker, both got the same place at same time, who has distance attack advantage? who has stun advantage? A warlock jumping as a mage? Almost the same example above, mages stun for less time than a warlock, mage has antistun skill, warlock jumps same place same time with mage who has advantage? I can keep writing here all day, it's impossible to balance mobility giving similar skills to Legion because the classes on the two sides aren't similar. They are not opposed to each other. They are unique. The best way to give Legion mobility is creating different enviroment which mobility is something that can be countered in some way.
  5. Paladino tem um escudo ridiculo de absurdo. Paladino bem montado tanka qualquer coisa e ainda buffa a pt toda (endgame overall já era melhor que warden... agora então). Abs
  6. https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/181654-its-time-to-redesign-arena/
  7. O ideal seriam os 2 juntos. Físico tanka mais, o mágico bate mais e da suporte porque a defesa mágica base de todos os players é naturalmente mais baixa que a def física.
  8. Give UP Button or maybe dmg statues in every map.
  9. Hello guys! First of all, let me introduce myself, for those who doesn't know me. I'm Samba, a lvl 32 bladedancer, freeplayer for 3 years in a row (until this year) from BR-Tourmaline I play RPGs and MMOs since Diablo 1 / Ultima Online - 1998 I rarely came out here to write something, but I always read topics from all over this Forum (from Russian part to International). Recently, in the game, I've been focusing on arena and trying to make my character one of the best of it's class for PvP, I really try to optimize and test stuff on the game to it's limits. I enjoy creating new possibilities and teaching other people how the game can be seen and played by different strategies and perspectives. As a player, i think there are a lot of things when we talk about PvP that are kinda unbalanced, (specially with Chosen classes, I think they are OP right now). My own class, the bladedancer is pretty overpowered on PvP battles. But I'm not here today to bring this to the table. Today I want to talk about the enviroment, the ARENAS. Note that all the solutions I'm bringing here are just ideas, and maybe they can't be implemented on the game engine, or they will loose financially in some way. But not only in the game, I think together we can think and find different ways to solve the same problem and everyone can win, players, devs and the company. All that said let's go straight to the point. GENERAL Problems: a. Castle Pots and Scrolls I've already found some topics about this on the forum, but not listing all the pots and scrolls. Only some who really make arenas unbalanced which are Healing % pots and Def / Resist % scrolls wich I agree with @Gladiator, don't ban or ban all. But i'm on the side to take it all off. b. Level differences Maybe there is a topic here somewhere about this, but I didn't find it. The problem is people with 4 levels difference competing in the same arena ranking Example: If a lvl 32 player DMD arena 2vs2 with another lvl 32 in his party, There is a 3rd guy lvl 29 DMDing with lvls 28. The problem here is they are going for the same ranking and not facing each other ever. c. Multi Logging I saw a lot of topics about people complaining about that too. Recently in BR Tourmaline some people got banned for 14 days because of this bad (forbidden?) practice, but it took an effort from a lot of players to report them. And till we get to this point, they made their characters full arena doing this for a long time. d. Bots Fortunately, in BR we didn't face this kind of problem until now, And I hope it keeps this way. I saw a lot of players from other game servers complaining about this with meaningful and unquestionable proofs. e. Time & Blocking I know a lot of people will argue with this point (that's because they've been playing in this scenario for a long time), but for me there's no point in blocking and beeing blocked on the arena. Did the dev team ever taught that no one wants to UNplay the game? IMO no one should take my FUN time, and that's what block is, just people taking time from each other instead of healthy fight for the prize in the end. f. Maps Some maps, specially on the 2vs2 arena make it possible to "weaker" (not always) players run all over the map and don't chase the fight. In my opinion, again, there's no point at this. g. Visual Bugs Specially with skills used on the floor (Legion side have way more), but also with players hiting from the other side of the map or barbarians jumping thru map walls. h. Rank System The AP Rank System is overrated, the ranking position should be measured with other formulas. Possible Solutions: a. Remove all Castle buffs from arena, let them be used where the name already says CASTLE , or where there is a GvG fight where they will not unbalance the battle so much. b. Make it not possible to go arena with players on a lower rank c. Inside the game, exclusive report system for Multi Logging d. Inside the game, exclusive report system for Bot using e. This can be more complex than the others, Personally, I would cut the arena battle time in half and insert renewable buff totems without the hp recharge (like in 5 vs 5). f. Remove all maps that doesn't make the battle dynamic, and possible to run over and over non stop ad infinitum. g. I have no idea how to solve this. h. I have 2 for this one. 1st: Count the number of Wins (like 5 vs 5) and daily or weekly Imperials of Greatness prizes, instead of monthly. 2nd: 3 points for a win - 1 point for a tie (consider any alive player, instead of equal number of players like 1 on 1. You can't (or choose not to) kill everyone? It's a tie) - 0 points for a loose (In the end... You made more points, congratulations you've won your prizes). SPECIFIC The Arena 3 vs 3 Random Problem: I don't know about other game servers but in BR server what happens is: Someone from Legion side logs in a Sentinels (the otherway around is also true) weak character to DMD the arena and the battle is rigged. Possible Solution: Redesign this arena or make it not random (of course, taking the GENERAL changes into account) +++ I almost forgot! Please make a change equipment set BUTTON, it's really annoying change every single part when you go fight PvP and for people who have different sets of equipments for each situation This will bring more dynamics to the game. ________________________________ I expected that I could have been more straightforwarded possible. Sorry about any english errors, has been a while since I don't write, hope you guys don't mind. That's all for now,i hope everyone feel free to discuss this topic and argue with respect and kind. GL to all of us, but it's time to break this system and evolve to something that will be more enjoyable and fun to everyone. The arena like it is today, atleast for me is pretty bad and stressful. @lallouss @Gladiator @Reivenorik @[email protected]@Higgings
  10. More simple than that. Change the Damage mechanics taking all guild players Damage on the área in account instead of single Party
  11. I agree, and also Raid Bosses, Elm, Engineer, Orcinus and Octopus should drop like Nocturna and Rottung, with a chest. If a Raid Boss theoretically needs more than a single party, why doesnt everyone from the same guild cant get rewarded?
  12. This New skill doesnt change the fact that a BD cant resist 6 stun in a row. Without Rush Resist a BD would never kill druids, warlocks and hunters. Even with Rush and New skill sometimes still hard to get close in a 3x3 or 5x5 arena Battle. You should play with It before ask for nerf something. Power of Blades is slightly unbalanced to me because makes bd dmg much higher than other classes like seeker and ranger
  13. Rush resist was actually a fix because a bd could never get close to their enemies with 6 stun in a row. That would make bds exclusively PvE and useless specialy on GvG and Wars. If you want to cringe on something about BDs that should be the Attack Force passive skill
  14. Yes, I got stunned with antistun skill and was like: WTF?
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