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  1. Are we getting the event before the actual holidays start or after?
  2. Download android emulator on your computer and try it out, getting test servers on IOS is much more difficult than Android, you cannot simply load a custom app on it without additional alterations and approval for App Store takes way too long to make it worth it.
  3. Am I missing something or there is no release date for the update?
  4. Dewor


    Which type of relic am I missing? I did see def, empowering and offensive, but no 4th.
  5. Hey, I've seen a similar topic somewhere in the forum, but I cannot find it at the moment. Is it possible to add multiple relics to one skill? Since I already have one, but the button suggest I could add more. If that is the case how does that work, can I add 1 of each type (def, empowering, off)?
  6. It's been a while since I've played the game, but could anyone remind me about Recommended hero level for the dungeons. I've heard in the world chat that if you are lvl17 and go lvl20 dungeon you won't get a drop, is that true? As far as I remember if you would go to a lvl20 dungeon while let's say lvl24 you wouldn't get a drop (or have a very low chance). Perhaps someone could shed some light on this?
  7. Dewor


    I've been playing on and off since the only thing worth doing was old lab and to be honest it is hard to start with a purely f2p character. But your statement is actually wrong, right now the situation with opportunities to get money is through the roof. Events are everywhere, lvl 25-30 quests (daily) can make you a proper amount of money and within a few days or let's say a week you could buy at least 2 vamp runes and if you can make money for vamp runes, you can make it for gear with vamp rather easily. To make an amazing seeker you have to put up a lot, but to make him good it's relatively
  8. Dewor

    Relics don't work?

    I think it's ok now, could be a confusion on my end. You can close this topic.
  9. Dewor

    Relics don't work?

    It lasts for 8 seconds with the relic, and it does change the description since I added a mana reduction relic on another skill and it reflected in the description.
  10. Hey, I think there is a bug with relics. I have a seeker and recently purchased a relic for a skill called disappearance (lvl1 - 8sec invisible and 15% boost to speed.) I have added a great relic of continous effect which should extend the duration by 40%, however, I still get the skill for 8 seconds.
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