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  1. A question. Should the text be in English or the same in Spanish? Google Translator, translates long texts all wrong
  2. Ele quer decir que onte server caiu cuando ele tava acabando uma Dungeon Beregare e iria pelo drop q era capa mas server fico OFF. En sintesis que el server quedo OFF justo cuando iba agarrar su drop de Mazmorra Beragar osea una capa.
  3. Hi GM, this is difficult but the time of the second phase of Castle War is ridiculous, 17 minutes is too little, to knock down the doors and boss is a time of 1 Hour, we complete the first phase in less than 15 minutes of 1 hour, in addition to that we put a participant limit something ridiculous because in the end if your guild has 90 players ON only 50 can enter. Already in the castle's crown base we have to fight against the owners of the castle against all its players, full of BUF HP, DMG, ridiculous Regeneration, revives, and to top it can cure the crown. It becomes very difficult to capt
  4. Why can't I buy through play Store?
  5. Hi @Reivenorik For when a presentation in the Spanish forum. We also exist
  6. @Daria Hi, I would like to ask you please that there is the option to move left side, the touch of moving skill. I do not see sense, or use the option of quick access to chat and miracle coins shop. This all perfect interface change is good but, please do not ruin it, I do not ask you to take it out just ask that there is an option to change the skill touch. Thank you
  7. Because there are no more free suits like those that were given years ago?
  8. This is impossible to kill :/ The poison of the area kills everyone very fast, the boss regenerates very fast.
  9. They will disqualify you because you put a lot of photos, up to 1 skin, they only allow 1 entry per person. Choose a single image for the contest, delete your other entries I'll tell you why I already happened the same in the Christmas story contest. Greetings and luck...
  10. Hi, uninstall the game by mistake but when I wanted to reinstall it told me not to be compatible, my android is 4.4.4
  11. El dibujo es malo en si, te sujiero que almenos le pongas color, suerte
  12. Danfake

    What happiness

    What happiness Hi everyone, I am very happy because justice was finally done and my account was returned, I just want to make it clear that the account [email protected] NO IS MINE. I would like to know what I have to do to prevent me from joining this account with my accounts and my cell phone, in order to avoid another problem that occurs with that account that is not mine. What do I have to do to not link more with any of that account? @Aк[email protected]
  13. I can not pay for something that I do not buy, that prove that the purchase was not made on my cell phone. And if I get to pay is as if I was accepting a fault that is not mine. I do not steal or realize Fraud @Aкasha
  14. No pagara me dijo es un estafador ese Brasilero, lo peor de todo es que el castigo mas grande lleve yo, ni siquiera es mia esa cuenta que compro lo MCoins, en mi celular no hay transacion de compra
  15. My only two account that I had only I have access to no one else, that account that I buy the coins is not mine, never lend to anyone my true account.
  16. Administrators and Players The reason for blocking my account and blocking IP is an injustice, I swear to my mother that this account is not mine, never buy coins in my life, verify the transactions of my device, support only give you a message that I have to pay for a purchase of coins that I swear you do not buy. I do not know what else to do I'm desperate that this happens to me, I do not know what else to do or how to prove to them that this account is not mine and that I never buy anything ... Help me please, I ask you it is an effort of 2 years and months that I take it for an inju
  17. I know that rule, but if that is why an IP BAN? I know thousands of players who share account, it is impossible to deny that most do, this was my brother is a rule that must be respected but such a big punishment just for that does not fit me.
  18. If my brother had access, he lives in Buenos Aires, but I do not see as much reason to ban me from IP that's why it's unfair for years playing. It's unjustifiable, a big IP ban just for that, I'm giving me a heart attack, I want to scream or cry of rage.
  19. @Daria This is the last straw, I've been playing for 2 years and I've been playing Warspear Online, never steal, I've never cheated, I've always been a player free and today they come in and tell me that my account was blocked, I almost died of rage. this happens to me "the support do not give me an answer, I do not know what else to do years of effort thrown overboard, I get a response from what I did wrong, the only thing I had were two account that are totally mine and the rule says that I can have two account with separate emails, many player of the server knows me and they know that
  20. Hi, I hope you like it, I'll paint it in 2 days ... "I could go to prison because it's a neighbor's wall" It was worth hahahaha
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