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  1. I know that rule, but if that is why an IP BAN? I know thousands of players who share account, it is impossible to deny that most do, this was my brother is a rule that must be respected but such a big punishment just for that does not fit me.
  2. If my brother had access, he lives in Buenos Aires, but I do not see as much reason to ban me from IP that's why it's unfair for years playing. It's unjustifiable, a big IP ban just for that, I'm giving me a heart attack, I want to scream or cry of rage.
  3. @Daria This is the last straw, I've been playing for 2 years and I've been playing Warspear Online, never steal, I've never cheated, I've always been a player free and today they come in and tell me that my account was blocked, I almost died of rage. this happens to me "the support do not give me an answer, I do not know what else to do years of effort thrown overboard, I get a response from what I did wrong, the only thing I had were two account that are totally mine and the rule says that I can have two account with separate emails, many player of the server knows me and they know that I am totally player free and that never steal or I do fraud is an INJUSTICE this. Without giving more trouble because I am a player free and I do not care much, I get a quick response for the years of play and sacrifice that I carry is unfair, I retire waiting for an answer soon.
  4. Hi, I hope you like it, I'll paint it in 2 days ... "I could go to prison because it's a neighbor's wall" It was worth hahahaha
  5. I do not complain about the points that it gives, but all the games of attraction use 3 Tick and we won very little point even having the buff 30% of the event @Daria
  6. They could decrease the stum please, we want to end in 1 stam and because of the exaggerated Stum you can not... @Daria
  7. It's from the CC 5k store, I do not know the name but it looks like salamander I think
  8. Merry Christmas and a cold white night, here I am roasting with this summer would be a warm Christmas
  9. It tells me the boss main name, it's for a school job @Daria
  10. What does this mean, Administrator? In all the Dungeon that I went to verify it said that it does not drop more Essence and Catalyst ... This is true or is only a bug, because if it is true it is a bad update.
  11. Hahahaha the Chinese are like cockroaches reproduce very fast ... "It's just Joke" You can come to BR-Tourmaline here there are no Chinese pants and people pay for the items the real value, you can compete in rank arenas, you will not have Chinese here hahahahaha
  12. Since 2015 I wanted to drop, and finally in 2017 I dropped
  13. @Daria The event is boring many already, It takes a lot, boss regenerate HP very fast, use skill Silence and Fear exaggeratedly, agan something I want to continue dropping baul but this giving much fail and the players lose interest, Also without the BUF 30% the game attraction give a misery of points ... full TICK
  14. @Daria It is very exaggerated the stum 2 minutes, in addition to the boss regenerates HP with shadows and to top the elves take advantage and kill MC when we fall in the infinite stum, fix that please is giving much FAIL that part ...
  15. Sorry, it's my level of morbid. You remember WhatsApp's black
  16. Seeing the positive side of this, I will have more quest to complete
  17. In real life I do not have my Necromancer skill to fight, but I have a birth skill to run run run
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