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  1. I think every additional effect that stresses the fluidity of gameplay even more should be avoided
  2. Ohmmm... i used a spear. Or do you really think you can reach 600 dmg and 280 magic with a +9 mace? And heal 5/5 btw. I tried many different builds because i like to really understand and practice the s... out of a class. At a point i had the same thoughts as you: High banner, high lifesteal, high magic, high crit with spear should heal you 24/7. But in opposite to you i actually tried that build and experienced, that it has limited use. Its really great for short battles, but in long ones you either have to kite (pvp) or you are screwed (pve)
  3. Malli, you really seem to overrate palas solo abilites by far. I tried soloing ponti (even easiest one) as pala with full +9, high crit (~26%), high magic (was about 600/280 i think, its been a while), high lifesteal (near 23%), high cooldown (~20%). Not a chance to solo that thing. Banner has extreme cooldown, Palas heal has long cd too and doesnt heal that much. I had to use tons of pots plus minion and didnt make it. And to skills: To have heal and dmg as well as banner maxed you have at lvl 26 0 skill points for that shield (prevents losing about 150 hp at 1/4 every 30 sec) or for the lifesteal skill sun seal that bosses resits to 90% anyway. And fetters of justice 1/5 then too, which reduces dmg and stuns 2 (!) enemies for about a second - oh and boss resists that too. Why dont you believe the pala players who actually tried it? Palas are really bad in soloing bosses with mobs.
  4. Perfect suggestion! The skills minions use could be written in description text instead of just "deals as much dmg as possible" and co.
  5. At the time i still used illumination it didnt work a single time either, so i stopped using it. But not only that: not even all undead monsters (ghosts and stuff) get dmg of it (for example in faceless pyramid) - maybe this attribute of monsters was forgotten sometimes, because noone uses illumination anyway A working group aggro skill for deathknights and paladins would be really nice indeed.
  6. Regarding the upgrade of the runes: Please not. Do it the other way around and nerf Vampire Runes. Vamp Runes at their current state make healers obsolete in many situations of the game. Classes with high dmg and armor can solo now almost every content of the game without even using minions. They are their own healer. There are people with 1k base dmg and 23% lifesteal - with use of their many dmg skills they heal themselves easy as much as a healer that follows them around all the time. With upgrading existing enchantments this trend just goes on. With a nerf of existing op enchants the party character of the game would get enhanced again.
  7. xD Minus 26k dmg?! Do you damage yourself with lifesteal then? =-O
  8. Next time in arena i will remember that and call my friends :lovepig: I know that imbalance of classes can be a design element to encourage group play or set dirrerent lvls of difficulty, but that just not works very well for every aspect of the game imo. Ty for answering roland. Didnt know posting in that forum isnt wanted, because there were already threads Wont do it again.
  9. Did my poll regarding new skills get deleted? It didnt vioate any forum rules. It disappeared out of the class discussion section - and its topic was exactly what this forum section is about : class discussion....
  10. Did you need 30 minutes for half a dungeon? Because they count down every minute 30min before restart.
  11. A character called Phanonkiem just linked the arena reward items lvl 24 (Heaume and Symbol of greatness) in elf side in EU, but except for me in 3v3 just 2 mc won lvl 24 in 2v2 and 5v5. How is that possible? =-O And i didnt receive them. The only explanation is that someone else got my reward Some people got Great Aura of Gladiator too although they were not top5. And some who were top 5 did not get their aura. Just for info Maybe it helps to figure out what happened
  12. Ty for answering roland. Dont mean to annoy, all are just so excited
  13. :-/ I did not get my arena reward items. Just aura of gladiator, although i have been place 1. I see everyone amping their new gear in worldchat, so i would like to get mine too Eu server, crystana, lvl 24
  14. Maybe you had a stun effect on you that prevents skill use or you did not have enough energy? Or: You received so much dmg at once that you were dead instead of having low hp that activates skill. For example: If skill activates at 500 hp-, you have 600 hp and get hit with 600 dmg, you are instantly dead and skill cant activate. I guess it works that way. For skill being able to activate your hp have to be between 1 hp and 10% of max hp.
  15. Snorlax wrote in russian forum that there are no skill fixes/changes in this update.
  16. Stop complaining when not even the estimated time given to you is over yet
  17. Macro balance doesnt contradict micro balance. Both can walk hand in hand
  18. I think highest gp dungeon gives about 500 gp per run, so 1k/1.5k with pots.
  19. Can i change the poll question without resetting the results?
  20. Yeah, thats it. Fastest way to make gp is still spamming the dungeon with the best time-to-gp-ratio and use a unity potion. Some people can make several hundred thousand gp in one week that way.
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