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    Larrikin reacted to Higgings in MDMG not differed   
    Nop. No bugs. Every upgraded crafted item has the power of an item +1 level higher of the current one.
    For example, a lv26 upgraded crafted staff has the strenght of a lv27 staff.
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    Larrikin reacted to Reivenorik in [2018.09.14] The XXII Arena season is open!   
    We announce the start of the XXII Arena Season! It is time to find out who is worthy of the rank of the greatest Gladiator of Arinar. This time the battle will take for the right to get a new epic costume, a unique attacking ability – "Gladiator's Fury" and other buffs already familiar to you, and also you have the opportunity to get a unique currency – “Imperials of Greatness”.
    As promised, we have updated the reward system for Arena, you can find more about this in the release – https://bit.ly/2xfsUTD 
    So, the rewards are distributed as follows:
    1st place:
    - costume "Dragonborn's Great Armor"
    - basic skill "Gladiator's Fury"
    - "Gold Gladiator's Aura" buff
    - currency “Imperials of Greatness”
    2nd place:
    - basic skill "Gladiator's Fury"
    - "Silver Gladiator's Aura" buff
    - currency “Imperials of Greatness”
    3rd place:
    - basic skill "Gladiator's Fury"
    - "Bronze Gladiator's Aura" buff
    - currency "Imperials of Greatness"
    4-10 places:
    - "Bronze Gladiator's Aura" buff
    - currency “Imperials of Greatness”
    11-50 places:
    - currency “Imperials of Greatness”
    We remind you that we have reduced the duration of the Arena Season - now the lists of the best fighters will be updated every month.
    XXII Arena season will start from 14/09/18 13:00 CEST to 12/10/18 13:00 CEST.
    We wish great victories!
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    Larrikin got a reaction from UK in [2018.09.13] Update 7.7: Hidden power. Release   
    The delay is due to time gap from Russia to India 😁
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    Larrikin reacted to Peony in [2018.09.13] Update 7.7: Hidden power. Release   
    The Warspear Online 7.7 update is finally here and will be available right after the servers restart for all owners of Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Windows, OS X and Linux devices. Note that updates for different platforms may be released with some delay!
    You may already have some information about the main changes from our announcement post. However in the release, you will also find out more about the new reward system for the Arena Season, updated craft professions and more.
    Let’s fight, warriors! It's time to learn your newly discovered abilities and also pump up your heroes before they travel to the unknown Underwater world. You will need to use all your forces against your opponents!
    Additions and refinements to skills
    Please note that some skills have been changed. Read the current description in the updated announcement.
    Starting with the XXII season of the Arena, the winners will receive a new unique currency - “Imperials of Greatness” as a reward. It will be possible to spend it at new merchants in Gladiator’s shops.
    Added new armor sets of Greatness levels 6-28 with powerful bonuses:
    Cloth armor: Affects the сooldown of skills and Resilience Light armor: Increased health and Resilience Heavy armor: Increased health and Resilience And the classic armor sets of Greatness updated to level 28.
    All equipment of Greatness can be purchased in Gladiator’s shops using “Imperials of Greatness”. Stores are located in all the major cities of Irselnort and Ayvondil. Previously players only received them for winning the Arena Season.
    PvP skills
    It's time for real battles. Time to fight for the rank of best Gladiator in the Arena!
    It is said that these martial arts masters can to focus their fury and crush enemies with it.
    As one of the rewards, the winners of the Arena Season will receive a completely killer basic PvP skill "Gladiator's Fury":
    Causes great damage to the enemy and imposes a negative effect on the enemy "Biolysis" for 40 seconds. Biolysis reduces the enemy parameter "Resilience" by 5% every 5 seconds.
    This Skill cannot be used during fights in the Arena, and it’s available until the end of the Arena Season.
    Also, starting with the XXII season of the Arena, Arena mode 5x5 will be temporarily disabled.  
    We will refine this mode to balance the distribution of warrior forces in battle.
    One of the main innovations of this update will be the ability to manufacture belts of levels 10-26 of all classes of armor! Craft tasks to create belts added to the profession of "Cloth armor", "Light armor"and" Heavy armor".
    As well as:
    For professions "Cloth armor", "Light armor" and "Heavy armor" the amount of available rare craft tasks is increased to 3 Changed rules for disassembling equipment - now depending on the quality of the item, one to four types of rare craft resources can be obtained Added new slots for craft tasks Added a new craft achievement Minions
    Minions no longer disappear at the death of the character and remain at the location. They will wait for the resurrection of their master. When the character is resurrected, the minion will move to the character. You will therefore not lose your faithful assistant in case of unexpected death.
    Additional changes
    Positive effects from items (Potions/Scrolls) are no longer removed when a character dies in the world. The positive effects of passive Guild skills are no longer removed when the character is offline. The penalty imposed on Regeneration of health and Regeneration of energy during the battle is now displayed in the "All attributes" menu.  Added display level of equipment on the item icon in the character's Bag and in Stores. Removed the ability to close the "Extension time of Dungeon" window by clicking on the background. Improved rewards system for Dungeons on mythical difficulty level - now you always get two rewards, one of which is rare craft resources. Updated parameters of all monsters: Penetration and Critical hit  
    Well, what’s an update without gifts!?! In connection with the changes in the reward system and starting a new Arena Season, all the characters from the 5th level will receive 20 Tickets for the Arena and the Elixir of Gladiator, as well as all the characters from the 18-level - Book of Oblivion.
    See you in the game!
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    Larrikin got a reaction from REAPER in [2018.09.12] Game servers restart. Welcome update 7.7!   
    Regardless which character was nerfed and which was enhanced, you have to live with it and play with it. It's not the end of the world for each class. If DEVS created a perfect class then the game will be imperfect. It is intended to put limit in each class, it is called "balancing".
    In real world, there's no such thing as perfect but there is faith... This is not the last update. Who knows in the upcoming updates your class will be boosted.
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    Larrikin reacted to Necromaa in [2018.09.12] Game servers restart. Welcome update 7.7!   
    You are wrong bro!!!! Elfs did get major nerf but after big tears got it removed, everytime skill update elf cry all over and the nerfs were removed, why is it that elf has a tank class that can tank any boss where mcs cant... see the number of times elm has been killed by elf as compared to mcs. So stop making a fool out of urself by saying mcs got better. 
    Useless skills for so many classes on mcs. Rogues were nerfed big time and no one cared just because mcs dont cry doesnt mean they got better. 
    P.S: we are not in a habbit of crying life elf
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    Larrikin reacted to Reivenorik in [2018.09.12] Game servers restart. Welcome update 7.7!   
    Dear players!
    On Thursday, 13.09.2018, our game servers will be restarted at 09:00 CEST due to the game update.
    The game will be unavailable for about 8 hours.
    Please, don't plan anything significant in the game at this time.
    See you!
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    Larrikin reacted to Psyborg in [2018.09.07] Update 7.7: Hidden power. Preview   
    Thanks to this update, my 9-10 sets stock of ethereal essence is useless now. 🤢

    They better bring some good quality craft accessories!!! At least ones equal to or better than arena % accessories.
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    Larrikin reacted to Reivenorik in [2018.08.23] In development: V sector of Ayvondil "The Ship Graveyard"   
    Hey there!
    We have good news: we are continuing the "In Development" to unveil the mystery of the long-awaited V sector of Ayvondil.
    The new sector is not just some new territory, but a huge underwater world, hiding many adventures and dangers within: over a hundred wonderful locations, inhabited by yet unseen creatures from the dark depths of the sea, dungeons and grottos, old secrets and great treasure. A multitude of new unique mechanics and events await you there.

    We understand how important to you, our loyal fans, the development of the game and the release of the new sector is, so we approach the development thoroughly and with a focus on quality, paying attention to every little detail. The upcoming update is massive and its release is planned for the spring of 2019. Until then, we will share some information about the development progress and release a few articles in this series, devoted to the V sector of Ayvondil or how our dear developers call it — "The Ship Graveyard".
    Today we'll talk about the start of the storyline, locations' features and even throw some screenshots in, fresh from the developers' oven.

    Are you ready, kids? (Aye, aye, captain!)
    Then let's go!
    Backstory and global aim
    So! Let me tell you a little bit about the plot that will lead you into the underwater world. Why would you need to go to the new sector?
    When you finish IV sector’s storyline, you’ll need to get back to Maliat, where you can get a quest with a great purpose — finding the Clock of the World Creation artifact.
    Only this ancient relic can dispel Adven-Tar’s charm that has been stopping any living creature from entering Lower Temple under Tree of Life for 5 centuries.
    Queen Valaria that is forced to conduct eternal battle with troops of necromancer Maradish has been held captive in that Temple. It is also important to note that both Maradish and Valaria hold onto other powerful possessions — Gaya’s Clepsydra and Eye of Elam. The close proximity of those mighty artifacts has formed a huge weir in the River of the Times which Kronus used for his plan to disturb the peace of Arinar.
    That’s why the main aim is to separate them. If no one succeeds in this, then a new weir might form and will open an entrance for something far more dangerous than Kronus. This can lead to the destruction of Arinar.
    So we are going on a search for an amazing relic for the sake of this world.
    The islands, or The Golden Archipelago

    The Golden Archipelago is a group of islands, utter heaven for rum lovers and those who ride the high seas under the Black Jack flag. In other words, land of the V sector is fully occupied by pirate syndicates.

    However, islands only make up a tiny part of all locations. The main territory for exploration, plundering treasure and massive battles is situated underwater and called the Ship Graveyard. There you will meet the hosts of this rough world — Tritons and Frogles.

    Pirates, Tritons and Frogles
    Heroes of each Alliance come to the Golden Archipelago, the harbor of different pirate syndicates — Petrel and Albatross. They compete in hunting treasure and selling it to the Chainless League traders. The Archipelago is divided between factions equally, and they try to keep the precarious peace: the Archipelago’s Code forbids open conflicts on the land. However, these rules don’t extend to the underwater territories where the war against everyone doesn’t stop.
    On the start locations we get acquainted with the leaders of pirate syndicates — captains Billy Griphook and Jim Slayer as well as League traders Madgid and Salman. The more often you meet them, the more you immerse yourself in the details of their mutual contempt because of rival for underworld treasure…
    But don’t forget about the main aim of our journey — to get the artifact. The search of the ancient relic is complicated by the fact that it was last seen on a sunken elf frigate. It will be extremely difficult to find as the sea bottom is covered by an enormous amount of ships that were sunk there over the entirety of Arinar history.
    As you need to gather information for the search, you will have to gain the trust of pirates and become a key figure of their war.
    In addition, a huge number of whirlpools makes it impossible to navigate over the water, so you can only move between the islands along the bottom — like the brave divers do in order to get valuable items. These courageous sailors risk their lives every day and may not return home because of being caught in the paws of terrible monsters or running out of air. And you have to become one of them.

    On the bottom you will meet the tribes of intelligent dwellers — Tritons and Frogles that have once been living in peace. We will deal with the reason of their conflict and try to piece them back together in order to fight back the terrible threat that has been inactive for hundreds of years but is going to break out of the rifts on the sea bottom.
    But we will tell about it in detail later.

    Underwater world, or the Ship Graveyard
    So what is the new sector of Ayvondil?
    First of all, it’s a territory for high-level characters — you must be level 28 or higher.
    The V sector of Ayvondil will be a logical continuation of the existing sectors. Its setting is living up to its name: the territory consists of a dozen islands and underwater locations with dangerous monsters.
    Symbolically, the territory of the sector is divided into 2 parts, let's call them “Reef” and “Depth” for further narration.
    Let's start with the Reef:

    That's where you will be sent by the storyline. The first time you will not have any difficulty. Primary locations will be relatively friendly to the heroes. You can do the quests alone, kill monsters for rewards and just walk around beautiful places. And most importantly — you can climb to the surface of small islands and relax. The islands will be more than enough in this part of the V sector.
    But the further you move along the storyline and the closer you get to the Depth, the more dangers will be on your way and thus you will need to unite with other warriors.

    We strongly advise you not to go to this part of the sector ahead of time, because, boy oh boy, you will run into trouble. In addition to open PvP - a trademark of all underwater locations — at every step you can meet the most dangerous and disgusting creatures from the depths. Also there are far fewer islands in this part of the sector: this will significantly increase the time of your travels and will require strategic approach.
    In the screenshots above you can see the developer's submarine, which they use to descend to the bottom every day to do their work.
    In the final version it will be probably removed.
    Oh, and did I tell you that there are only two statues of revival in the whole sector: one for each Alliance, and all this in open PvP. Do you feel the heat? 😄
    If you are tired of underwater everything, you can always fill up the supply of provisions, drink a bottle of ale and simply relax in a cozy tavern with an interior decoration similar to a ship's hold.

    As you probably guessed, moving, fighting and living in general in the new sector requires significant efforts. More information about reputation, mechanics of the underwater movement, bosses and events will be in the next issues.
    So, are you ready for a new adventure?
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    Larrikin reacted to Peony in [2018.09.07] Update 7.7: Hidden power. Preview   
    Very soon Warspear Online 7.7 update will be released, it will be available next week and will bring a lot of long-awaited changes to the game.
    Lately the dwellers of Arinar were concerned - they were scared of strange noises coming from the bowels of the earth and then the earth started to tremble at night as if from fear. No one understood what was going on - whether to leave their homes and escape from the impending cataclysm or wait for a miracle that will bring long-awaited changes in their lives? Another powerful concussion of the earthen depths caused great damage to the library building, almost turning it into ruins. The young warriors found on the ruins a dusty book with ancient predictions in which the great sages described the emergence of a new and completely unexplored force that touches everyone.
    The great magician Berengar has imprisoned, in the depths of the earth's bowels under Irselnort, not only the forces of Chaos, that once tried to break into Arinar, but also something no less powerful, which would try to break out into the world and balance the forces of the opponents in an endless confrontation.
    What kind of hidden power is waiting for warriors? What abilities will they be bestowed with?
    Answers to these and other questions are waiting for you in update 7.7.
    So, it is time to add new expert skills for all classes. Due to numerous requests in this update existing skills will be significantly revised and improved and craft professions will be updated. Changes will touch the Arena too: new awards for the Arena Season and much more await you!
    We will tell you about the main innovations right now, and you will learn the remaining details on the day of the update release.
    New expert skills
    A new portion of expert skills will add a little spice to the hot battles and even the most skillful masters of military craft will thoroughly review their military strategy.
     Aura of Fire:
    Bestows the “Aura of Fire” positive effect on a character for a limited duration. The fiery aura deals magic damage to all enemies within one yard every 3 sec. Skill with a constant energy consumption.
    Instantly resurrects a member of the party within several yards of the character, and transports him to the character. Cannot be used during arena fights.
     Paladin's Prayer:
    Increases the character’s or an ally’s maximum health for a while, and instantly restores the amount of health equal to this added value.
     Exhaustive Blow:
    A strike that deals physical damage to an enemy and decreases his skill recharge rate and the “Evasion” parameter for a period of time.
    Blade Dancer
     Mark of the Blade:
    Decreases the “Evasion” and “Parry” parameters of an enemy and increases his "Penetration" parameter for a period of time.
     Slowing Trap:
    Sets a trap invisible to enemies at the specified spot for a period of time. The trap deals physical damage to the target and to all enemies within a few yards from the target, and decreases the enemies’ movement speed for a period of time.
     Elemental Backing:
    Summons a monster to a specified region for some time. The monster deals magic damage to an opponent.
     Natural Resistance:
    Increases the character’s “Resistance” parameter for a period of time.
    Mountain Clans
    Increases the character’s “Critical Hit” and “Accuracy” parameters for a period of time. All incoming damage to the character is increased for the duration of the effect.
     The Blessing of the Mountains:
    Decreases all incoming damage to the character and increases his “Evasion” parameter for a period of time.
     Totem of Weakness:
    Sets a totem at the specified spot for a period of time. Every 3 sec. the totem decreases the “Critical Hit”, “Penetration” and “Accuracy” parameters of all enemies within several yards from the totem for a period of time.
     Scream of Fury:
    Decreases the "Penetration" parameter of all enemies within several yards of the character, and increases the character’s "Blocking” parameter for a period of time.
    Applies the “Aggression” effect on an enemy and decreases his movement speed for a period of time.
     Dark Seal:
    Afflicts an enemy with the “Dark Seal” negative effect for a limited duration. The seal reduces the healing effect of skills and items on its recipient The amount of health recovered by the character using the “Life Exhaust” skill is increased while the seal is in effect.
     The Gift of Rebirth:
    Instantly resurrects a member of the party within several yards of the character, and transports him to the character. Cannot be used during arena fights.
    Death knight
     Blood Protection:
    Decreases all incoming damage to the character for a period of time.
    Improved and reworked skills

    In this update we have significantly revised and improved the Basic skills for all classes. Therefore, even if you continue to play with long-loved heroes, you too will have many changes.
    In addition, the mechanics of aggression skills have been changed. Now the skills applied to the specific enemy do not remove the current target of the attack when imposing aggression. To apply this skill to another person, you need to reset the current target of the attack by clicking on the empty spot on the location or on the opponent himself and use the skill.
     Ethereal Barrier:
    The shield now has a duration. The duration of effect depends on the level of development skill: 7-8-9-10 seconds. Shield effects no longer accumulate when using non-damage skills.
     Blinding Fire:
    Added the damage to the main target of the skill. Changed the duration of the effect, from 4-6-8-12 to 6-8-10-14 seconds.
    Reduced the range of the skill from 6 yards to 4. Changed the sequence of the work of the skill, now it first removes negative effects, then the healing occurs.
     Mystic Mark:
    Reduced the cost of using the skill from 20-22-24-26 to 12-14-16-18 units of energy.
     Exhausting Burden:
    Increased the duration of the effect from 5 seconds to 8..
    Increased skill recovery time from 7 to 9 seconds. Additional damage from the skill is now only applied if the effect of the “Fetters of Justice” skill has been applied by the paladin himself.
     Harad's Banner:
    Changed the search of targets mechanic. Now the skill can not inflict damage on enemies outside direct reach of the attack.
     Fetters of Justice:
    When the skill is developed to the level 4 or above, it prevents enemies from using their skills. Reduced the zone of the skill effect at the 4-5 level development up to 2 yards.
    Damage caused by the skill is now accounted for in the dungeon/arena stats.
    Reduced the cooldown of the skill from 7 to 6 seconds. Increased damage on all skill levels.
     Harad's Shield:
    Increased effect duration from 10 to 12 seconds at all levels of development.
     Inner Rage:
     Increased the power of effect at all levels of skill development from 10-15-20-25 to 15-20-25-30%.
    Blade Dancer
     Flash Strike:
    Increased skill recovery time from 7 to 8 seconds.
    Reduced the effective range of skill from 7 to 5 yards.
     Power of the Blades:
    Modified the skill’s effect. The skill now increases the Attack Strength attribute. Attack Strength increases the damage of the character's auto attacks by a specified percentage. Depending on the skill level, the bonus increases by 10-15-25-40%
     Point Shooting:
    When used, the skill no longer stops the character in place, instead reducing the movement speed of the character for the duration of the skill's effect.
     Explosive Trap:
    Reduced damage at all skill levels. The set trap no longer takes into account the player’s attributes - Penetration, Critical hit, etc. Chance to deal critical damage now stands at 5-10-15-20% depending on the level of the skill.
    The marks now accumulate when using attacking skills and are not removed if the player's damage is zero. With the development of the skill to the third level and above, further increases the “Critical hit” attribute. The maximum bonus is 5% at the 3rd level of development, 10% at the 4th level of development.
     Scatter Shot:
    Changed the duration of the effect at all skill levels from 1-1.8-2.6-3.4-4 to 1.5-2-2.5-3.5-4.5 seconds.
    Modified scheme of work skill. The skill deals instant damage and draws players to the center. The effect remains on location and in the selected zone reduces the reload speed skill for the duration of the effect. When you exit the zone - debuff is removed.
     Punitive Roots:
    Increased the effect time at 2-3-4 levels of development from 4-5-6 seconds  to 4.5-6-7.5 seconds. While the skill is in effect, opponents under the effect of skill can now use skills. Reduced the cost of using the skill from 30-32-34-36 to 24-26-28-30 units of energy.
     Lightning Bolt:
    Increased the cooldown of the skill from 7 to 9 seconds.
     Entangling Roots:
    Increased the time of effect at all levels of development from 2-2.8-3.6-4.4-5.2 seconds to 2.5-3-4-5-6 seconds. The effect blocks the opponent's ability to use skills when developing a skill up to level 4 or higher.
     Powerful Blow:
    Increased the cooldown of the skill from 7 to 9 seconds.
     Block Master:
    Added a limit on the frequency of the skill. Now health can be restored no more often than once in 2-1.75-1.5-1 second, regardless of the number of blocked attacks during this time. Increased the amount of the recovered health, depending on the level of skill development from 4-6-8-10 to 6-8-10-12%.
    Reduced the penalty on physical strength as the skill improves from 15-20-25-30 to 11-14-17-20%. Increased the cost of using the skill. from 1.5-2-2.5-3 to 3-3.5-4-4.5 units / sec.
    Enemy get negative effect when using this skill which decreases his movement speed. The duration of the effect - 3-4-5-6 sec, reduction of movement speed - 15-30-45-60%.
    Mountain Clans
    Increased the bonus to the "Attack speed" attribute at all levels of skill development. from 5-9-13-17 to 10-20-30-40%. Increased the cost of using the skill from 14-16-18-20 to became 20-22-24-26 units of energy. Changed the duration of the effect from 10-11-12-14 seconds to 8-10-14-18 sec.
     Absolute Reflexes:
    Changed the effect time of the effect from 7-10-12-15 seconds to 5-7-10-14 seconds. The bonus to the "Attack speed" attribute has been changed from 10-14-18-20 to 8-12-18-22%. Increased the bonus to the "Evasion" attribute at all levels of skill development from 3-5-7-9 to 5-7-10-15%.
     Poisonous Blades:
    Skill damage now increases with skill development.
     Explosive Arrow:
    Changed the amount of additional damage that gets targets within a radius of the main enemy from 50% at all levels of development to 30-40-50-60% of the damage to the main target.
     Pathfinder's Arrow:
    The limit on the number of targets in PvE is removed.
     Energy Field:
    The skill additionally increases the energy regeneration rate by 25-40-55-70%, depending on the level of skill development.
     Ball Lightning:
    Increased the cooldown of the skill from 7 to 9 seconds.
     Tribe's Ritual:
    Changed the value of the effect when developing a skill from 10-20-25-30 to 15-20-30-40%. Changed the duration from 10-15-17-19 to 12-16-20-25 seconds. Increased the cost of using the skill from 14-16-18-20 to 18-20-22-24 units of energy.
     Fire Totem:
    Changed target search scheme. Now the skill can't inflict damage to enemies outside of direct access to attack.
     Strong Blow:
    Increased the cooldown of the skill from 7 to 9 seconds.
     Stone Skin:
    Changed the time before the effect is obtained from 15-10-7-5 to 14-12-8-6 seconds.
     Last Wish:
    Changed the threshold value of health points at which the skill is triggered. It was 10-12-15-17%, it became 12-14-17-20%. Increased the cooldown of the skill from 90 to 120 seconds.
     Combat Fury:
    Added visual display of the amount of restored health.
     Barbarian Nature:
    Added continous visual display of the skill's effect.
     Knowledge of the Dead Man:
    Additional damage from the skill now takes into account the protective attributes of the target.
     Stone Curse:
    The effect can now be ignored by the opponent in the bonus “Resistance”. The effect now does not remove threat points.
    Changed the lifetime of the summoned monster on the location from 15-20-25-30-35 to 12-15-18-24-30 seconds. Reduced the health of the summoned monster from 400-600-900-1200-1500 to 350-500-700-900-1200.
     Otherworldly Blessing:
    Increased the cost of using the skill from 18-20-22-24 to 22-24-26-28.
     Dark Prism:
    Increased the cooldown of the skill from 7 to 9 seconds.
     Energy Manipulation:
    Added a cost of using the skill - 5% of the maximum health of the player.
     Power of relaxation:
    The effect of the skill is not removed if the damage has been absorbed by the shield.
    Changed the effect at all levels of development from 40-50-65-75% reduction in magic protection and 30-45-55-65% to 30-40-55-75% for all types of protection. Changed the duration of the skill from 7-10-12-15 seconds, it became 6-9-12-15 seconds.
     Arrow of Darkness:
    Reduced the cooldown of the skill from 7 to 6 seconds.
     Poison Spittle:
    Increased the cooldown of the skill from 7 to 9 seconds.
     Acid Rain:
    Slightly increased target poisoning time after the end of the main effect - the target will take additional damage 4 times instead of 3.
    Fixed the mechanics of the skill. Now the skill reduces the defense points of the target, before this skill increased incoming damage by a certain percentage. Changed the effect from 5-10-15-20 increase in incoming damage to 10-15-20-25% reduction in physical and magical protection. Fixed a limit on the number of targets that receive additional damage from the skill from 4 at all levels of development to 3-4-5-6.
    The limit on the number of targets in PvE is removed.
     Poisonous Shield:
    Changed target search scheme. Now the skill can't inflict damage to enemies outside of direct access to attack.
     Fateful Connection:
    Changed target search scheme. Now the skill can not applied to enemies outside of direct access to attack.
    Death knight
    Reduced the duration of the effect, while the strength of the effect is increased. Time: from 13-18-21-25 to 8-10-12-15 seconds. Bonus "Theft of Health": from 4-7-10-14 to 10-15-20-25%. Increased the cost of using the skill from 3 to 10% of health.
     Secret Reserves:
    Modified the skill’s effect. Previously, the skill increased the “Health regeneration” attribute and applied the healing effect every few seconds. Now the skill increases the numerical value of health regeneration and the rate of health regeneration by 75-100-140-180%, depending on the level of skill development. Increased the cooldown of the skill from 90 to 120 seconds.
     Thorn of Death:
    Increased the cooldown of the skill from 7 to 9 seconds.
    With the start of the XXII Arena Season, a new currency will be introduced - the "Imperials of Greatness", which will be awarded to the top players of the Season.
    "Imperials of Greatness" - the highest reward for the Arena gladiators. Only the strongest fighters of Arinar will be able to get this unique currency.
    It will give you access to goods in new stores that will open their doors in major cities on the Irselnort and Ayvondil.
    Gladiator’s shops
    In new stores you will be able to find both the usual Arena Suppliers, as well as brand new merchants:
    Gladiators' Tailor; Gladiators' Currier; Gladiators' Armor Seller; Gladiators' Jeweler. A little bit about the selection of goods of these merchants. You can buy: “Cloth armor of greatness”, “Light armor of greatness ”, “ Heavy armor of greatness ”, and also “Accessories of greatness”. You only can pay for these goods with the new currency - "Imperials of Greatness".
    Now for the crafting professions in "Cloth armor", "Light armor" and "Heavy armor" instead of Essences will require a completely new resource - Matter. It will be of four kinds:
    Common Matter Composite Matter Energy  Matter Ethereal Matter That's all for now, details on other changes and innovations read on the day of release of the update.
    See you later!
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    Larrikin reacted to Peony in [2018.09.03] Double event of the week: Might of Guilds and Rush of Knowledge! Get valuable rewards and level up your guild!   
    Warriors of Arinar!

    September has come, and at the same time we are announcing the start of two long-awaited events, “Might of Guilds” and “Rush of Knowledge”. Only this week there are discounts on levelling up your guilds, double bonuses, generous rewards, as well as a chance to get unique skill books and a new costume!

    Prizes and offers are waiting for you:
    - 15 finalists of the Guild Tournament (counts for the "Neverfading glory" achievement):
    places 1-3: the triple amount of Crimson Corundums and Golden Chest for winning the Guild Tournament;
    places 4-10: all Guild members will be rewarded with Crimson Corundums and a Silver Chest; 
    places 11-15: all Guild members will be rewarded with Crimson Corundums and a Bronze Chest.
    - A 50% discount on leveling up a Guild from level 1 to level 7 (less Guild Points needed).
    - A 50% discount on learning all passive Guild skills at levels 1-10 of the Guild (less Guild Points).
    - A 50% discount on learning all active Guild skills (less Guild Points, Unity Signs and gold needed).
    - A 50% discount on renaming a Guild.
    - The double amount of Guild Points given for completing all Dungeons.

    Also, during this week you can go to the guild Dungeon "Champion's Coliseum" of any difficulty level. Removed restrictions on the Guild level for getting into the Champion's Coliseum!
    But there's even more!
    A completely new unique costume “Heavy-handed Jabbar” is added to hard and heroic difficulty level of the "Champion's Coliseum" dungeon Enhanced Penetration, Enhanced Attack Speed and Enhanced Skill Cooldown expert skill books are added to all heroic and mythic dungeons Expert skill books for every class (112 in total!) are added to all hard, heroic and mythic dungeons
    Events start: 03.09.2018 13:00 CEST
    Events end: 10.09.2018 12:00 CEST

    Good luck and see you in the game!
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    Larrikin reacted to Reivenorik in [2018.08.30] Moments of history. Warspear Chronicles. Chapter VIII   
    The long-expected fresh forces gave ground for a new phase of confrontation between the strongest guilds of the Sentinels and the Legion. At another attempt to reverse the course of the war in Ayvondil, they started to lead a fierce battle for the old fortress near Maliat and Tlasko, which had been abandoned for five centuries (7.1.0 «Guild Castles»).
    Most of the autumn passed in battles: the soldiers, having received disturbing news from the Horror Circus, laid aside their weapons reluctantly. Sam Hain and his associates fell into a strange oblivion, but, even worse, Sam's nightmarish dreams acquired flesh and filled the entire Horror Circus. The blame for everything was Boogeyman's spell. Boogeyman is a cowardly and insidious creature, who’s able to command dreams. In his attempts to become the new Prince of the Middle Nights and turn Arinar into a world of living nightmares, he weakened the Veil separating dreams and reality, and only the courage of the heroes who came to the rescue helped Sam prevent a terrible outcome. (7.2.0 «Realm of Nightmares»).
    The breath of death was felt there, in the frosty winter air. Without declaring war, the mysterious Frost Paladin brought a huge army of revived dead on the Snow Boundary. The Breath of Frost revived all those who died in the northern lands over the last millennium. It turned out that Mortis was hidden under the mask of Frost Paladin. He was an bastard of the imperial family, who equally hated the Sentinels and the Legion. Having found a fragment of the Spear of War, he acquired an almost inexhaustible source of energy. Only by gathering all the forces the Alliances managed to stop the avalanche of the living dead and defeat the hard-hearted Frost Paladin (7.3.0 «Breath of Frost»).
    The long-awaited wedding of the Spring King and Wickedora had to be an excellent occasion to take a breath after the winter battles, but suddenly King of Clubs appeared and messed all the things up. The card monarch set an ultimatum to the Spring King. He demanded to break off the engagement and cancel the wedding, but after receiving a refusal, he moved his regiments to the Emerald Capital. Having released captivated kings of other suits and dispelled the trick magic of King of Clubs, heroes of the Alliance finally managed to expel the card army from Blissful Isle (7.4.0 «Battle of Kings»).
    Holidays were over, and the battles on Ayvondil resumed. That time the guilds engaged in an argument about the right to own new castles: Dragon Ness in the Lands of wyrms’ riders and the Sky Sanctuary on the Flying Islands (7.5.0 «Bastions of Ayvondil»).
    Every day that goes by, the approach of epochal events was felt much more clearly in the air. This year the White Wanderer didn’t throw White Stones on Arinar, but heroes had to face other trials. The greatest villains and monsters of Arinar returned to the world in all their might, and the mysterious dungeons and catacombs with new spaces unexplored before were opened for adventurers. What do these tests mean? And what have they prepared heroes for? The answers to these questions are still to be found (7.6.0 «10 years of confrontation»).
    Thus the tenth year of the war was ended.
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    Larrikin got a reaction from IrishBoar in Luck Needs Sacrifice   
    Hi IrishBoar! It was a very unique idea & suggestion and your imagination really works hard for it. However I doubt about the level reset. Upon my observation inside the game, most players are eager about advancing the level cap to 30. Check this thread about level advance it was posted way back 2013 and still not happening...  
    Moreover, I don't want my high amp gears to be useless when I reset my char to lvl 1... 
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    Larrikin got a reaction from IrishBoar in Reception of applications is closed   
    Good Luck to all participants. Excited for the result...  Thanks for the event GMs 
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    Larrikin got a reaction from Omercix in [NEW SKILL] Fateful Connection :!   
    Fateful connection is very useful in DG specially those where massive mobs are re-spawned (TOS normal and hero, TP all difficulties) It is not shitty as mostly thinks. Plus the effect is awesome, it helps a lot to kill mobs faster but unusable with Bosses.
    In war probably can help a bit. 
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    Larrikin reacted to Peony in [2018.08.05] Welcome the new administrator - Peony!   
    Thank you! 
    Nice to meet you 
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    Larrikin got a reaction from Peony in [2018.08.05] Welcome the new administrator - Peony!   
    Peony is a sweet name! welcome 
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    Larrikin reacted to Peony in [2018.08.03] The 10 year celebrations are ending! Up to 60% discount on New and Noteworthy items and +50% for 1000+ Miracle Coins!   
    10th-year celebrations are coming to their end: it’s time to announce a special discount - up to 60% on items in the New and Noteworthy category: amazing costumes Phantasmo and Garahan's Wrath, killing decorative skins of Eternal Forest and Cursed Lands, new hilarious Memes 2 and Yellow Shorties Smilies! 
    Also, don't forget about traditional Friday deal: this weekend receive a 50% bonus with every Miracle Coins purchase (except SMS service)! ATTENTION! This bonus will only be active for purchases of more than 1000 Miracle coins.
    Deals start: 03/08/2018 16:00 CEST
    Deals end: 06/08/2018 11:00 CEST
    We would like to remind you that celebrations are going to end in 4 days so all event items will disappear from Miracle shop as well as anniversary accessories from mythic dungeons, also guild events will be ended and reputation requirements for the dungeons will be returned. Hurry up, you still have a chance to grab holiday souvenirs!
    Have a nice weekend and good luck!
    AIGRIND team
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    Larrikin reacted to REAPER in Journey – Ledzion – US Sapphire   
    I really like the way it is written. It calls you to follow the hero in his storyline. You defiantly hot my vote!!
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    Larrikin reacted to Killanoid in Journey – Ledzion – US Sapphire   
    like it. count my vote 😊
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    Larrikin got a reaction from REAPER in Journey – Ledzion – US Sapphire   
    Part 1: The Dream
    Once there was a Necromancer who were born in the island of Forsaken
    A land that was cursed and the freedom were taken.
    The first step to live is to learn how to fight.
    Courage is the key and the strength to survive.
    Innocence is weakness, I need to learn some experience.
    Fighting is a must or else I won't stay alive.
    A lot of fails and a lot of dead’s
    But it isn’t enough to quit and give up…
    Along the journey is a very tough quest
    To kill a monster that is twice my strength. (Tuckoot)
    Should I quit or should I fight?
    Will I die or will I survive?
    Behind that monster is the road to a new land
    Where more quests are waiting and the journey gets more exciting.
    Luckily behind me is a Death Knight
    Who is eager to kill the evil mob.
    But fighting alone seems impossible and hard
    So we agree to party and together we fight.
    There’s no way to run, there’s no turning back…
    It took us so long to finish the clash.
    But eventually we won the fight…
    As we land our first step to this new land.
    We saw the light and the smile from the sun.
    Then I look back to the first land where we came from.
    I notice something that is going wrong…
    The darkness that is covering the map of Forsaken
    Became my dream to clear and lighten.
    Part 2: The Friendship
    As I enter the door to this new map.
    I feel worried because I know no one.
    Too many strangers are scattered everywhere.
    There’s a big Barb in the middle and Rouge in the corner.
    So I started a quest and hoping that it’s easy
    But the NPC never told me that I will kill a freaky
    I cry for help but all are busy
    So I stand and shout looking for someone that is friendly…
    Then a Shaman replied and asked “is it the Leopard?”
    I answered “Yes! Can you help me with your ward?”
    Then easy-peasy we killed the bastard.
    The Shaman is sweet and sometimes naughty
    But that makes difference with her personality
    We did together a lot of quest
    We have fun together; she’s one of the best.
    Part 3: The War
    So here I am doing my quest
    Then suddenly in WC there’s a call from an ally.
    I never knew in this map that there is a war of territory
    Too many MC in town, wait is there a rally?
    Here comes the enemy thirsty for blood
    They need to pass the MCs and hit the flag.
    We almost lose but we stand the fight
    We need a leader to fight for our right.
    But the war is not only fighting for territory
    There is also a war happening in the WC (World Chat).
    The first thing to kill is the ego and pride
    Everyone should learn how to follow and unite.
    Hope you like it..
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    Larrikin reacted to Reivenorik in [2018.06.25] Holiday event “Seekers of the Decade treasures” and weekly ratings tournament!   
    Brave warriors!
    10 years celebrations are in the full swing: Arinar’s taverns are overloaded, empty mugs are being filled with ale at once. But how about some fascinating adventures?
    Get ready to unite under guild flags and compete for extremely lavish prizes. It’s worth the effort, for  two events have started this week!
    We’re launching Seekers of the Decade treasures event which will help you level up your guild faster and get precious drop. Only this week:
    x2 drop chance of unique accessories (cloaks, rings and amulets) with physical/magical damage and Resistance and Solidity bonuses in all dungeons on mythical difficulty level
    requirements for activation of holiday guild events are reduced:
    Nocturne - to activate, complete any mythical dungeon on Ayvondil for 1 time
    Rottung Ayr - to activate, complete Champions Coliseum at any difficulty level for 2 times
    Snorlar - to activate, complete Champions Coliseum at any difficulty level for 1 time
    Demonologist - to activate, complete the mythical Berengar's Tower for 1 time
    (All guild members of level 12 and higher, who were prese nt in the area for at least 30 seconds by the time the event is successfully completed, will get a reward. The cooldown of any event: 6 hours.)
    x2 Guild Points for completing all dungeons
    10 winners of the Guild Tournament (counts for the Non-fading Glory achievement):
    places 1-3: x2 Crimson Corundums for winning the Guild Tournament
    places 4-10: all guild members will get Crimson Corundums and a Bronze Chest
    Event begins: 25.06 13:00 CEST
    Event ends: 02.07 12:00 CEST
    And another remarkable competition — First holiday weekly ratings tournament, where 20 prize-winning places in the “Guild points” category with unbelievable prizes are waiting for you:
    1st place: Rottung Ayr costume and 100 Caches of the Decade
    2nd place: 75 Caches of the Decade
    3rd place: 50 Caches of the Decade
    4-10 places: 20 Caches of the Decade
    11-20 places: 10 Caches of the Decade
    Event begins: 25.06 00:00 CEST
    Event ends: 02.07 00:00 CEST
    We wish you glorious battles!
    AIGRIND team
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