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  1. Thank you, looking forward to a positive result in the future
  2. Hi GMs! have you ever consider to make a dealer that allowing the players to trade/sell items with the other faction? maybe adding another dealer or somewhat called "Black Market" to perform the tradings can possibly done? It is something like "we" players will have an option to sell our items to other faction by vending it to the Black Market but if we don't want to sell it to them, we will use the existing 2nd Hand Dealer which trading is only happening with the same faction. But in order not to abuse the black market, the fee should be higher than the 2nd hand dealer. Hope your getting the concept...
  3. Maybe next year we find out that Sam Hain isnt really Sam but some imposter Sam is someone from somewhere who doesn't know by somebody. erggggggg this is something without sense
  4. I think necros should not be categorized BEST in support. His skills especially in DG. I found it irrelevant to compare with killer class.
  5. CRAFTER guild maybe. I don't know I'm jut guessing lol self talk: why the heck did i replied???
  6. Share your gears please, I want to see how you came up to 98.9% CD Skill! It's awesomely amazing!!!
  7. that's a heads up! thank for the info.!
  8. Greetings DEVS, MODS and ADMINS! Can you check the MDMG between lvl 26 (Crafted) Cruel Demolisher's Staff and lvl 27 Baton of Technopolis Guard. In the print screen below, both are amped +8 but the MDMG has no difference to each other? Shouldn't be lvl 27 have more damage? Whereas the other attributes are different in favor of lvl 27 baton. I think this should be amend.
  9. Regardless which character was nerfed and which was enhanced, you have to live with it and play with it. It's not the end of the world for each class. If DEVS created a perfect class then the game will be imperfect. It is intended to put limit in each class, it is called "balancing". In real world, there's no such thing as perfect but there is faith... This is not the last update. Who knows in the upcoming updates your class will be boosted.
  10. I got confused. It says "instantly resurrects" then from the word "instant" the skill should be passive? but in the skill description shows skill is "Active". I am hoping a passive skill to save a skill slot. Help me figure it out
  11. Chill guys, everyone is getting into argument when is the update exactly???
  12. Hi IrishBoar! It was a very unique idea & suggestion and your imagination really works hard for it. However I doubt about the level reset. Upon my observation inside the game, most players are eager about advancing the level cap to 30. Check this thread about level advance it was posted way back 2013 and still not happening... Moreover, I don't want my high amp gears to be useless when I reset my char to lvl 1...
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