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  1. Good Luck to all participants. Excited for the result... Thanks for the event GMs
  2. Larrikin

    [NEW SKILL] Fateful Connection :!

    Fateful connection is very useful in DG specially those where massive mobs are re-spawned (TOS normal and hero, TP all difficulties) It is not shitty as mostly thinks. Plus the effect is awesome, it helps a lot to kill mobs faster but unusable with Bosses. In war probably can help a bit.
  3. Peony is a sweet name! welcome
  4. Larrikin

    Join LeAcHe GUILD!

    Hello there LeAches! Just passing by in the Guild thread - Ledzion
  5. Larrikin

    [2018.07.30] Week of Summer Bounty!

    My guild starts spamming the minute it was announced
  6. Part 1: The Dream Once there was a Necromancer who were born in the island of Forsaken A land that was cursed and the freedom were taken. The first step to live is to learn how to fight. Courage is the key and the strength to survive. Innocence is weakness, I need to learn some experience. Fighting is a must or else I won't stay alive. A lot of fails and a lot of dead’s But it isn’t enough to quit and give up… Along the journey is a very tough quest To kill a monster that is twice my strength. (Tuckoot) Should I quit or should I fight? Will I die or will I survive? Behind that monster is the road to a new land Where more quests are waiting and the journey gets more exciting. Luckily behind me is a Death Knight Who is eager to kill the evil mob. But fighting alone seems impossible and hard So we agree to party and together we fight. There’s no way to run, there’s no turning back… It took us so long to finish the clash. But eventually we won the fight… As we land our first step to this new land. We saw the light and the smile from the sun. Then I look back to the first land where we came from. I notice something that is going wrong… The darkness that is covering the map of Forsaken Became my dream to clear and lighten. Part 2: The Friendship As I enter the door to this new map. I feel worried because I know no one. Too many strangers are scattered everywhere. There’s a big Barb in the middle and Rouge in the corner. So I started a quest and hoping that it’s easy But the NPC never told me that I will kill a freaky I cry for help but all are busy So I stand and shout looking for someone that is friendly… Then a Shaman replied and asked “is it the Leopard?” I answered “Yes! Can you help me with your ward?” Then easy-peasy we killed the bastard. The Shaman is sweet and sometimes naughty But that makes difference with her personality We did together a lot of quest We have fun together; she’s one of the best. Part 3: The War So here I am doing my quest Then suddenly in WC there’s a call from an ally. I never knew in this map that there is a war of territory Too many MC in town, wait is there a rally? Here comes the enemy thirsty for blood They need to pass the MCs and hit the flag. We almost lose but we stand the fight We need a leader to fight for our right. But the war is not only fighting for territory There is also a war happening in the WC (World Chat). The first thing to kill is the ego and pride Everyone should learn how to follow and unite. END Hope you like it..
  7. easy way to meet the 3000 words requirement... Good job anyway!!!
  8.  I am the blood of the dragon. I must be strong. I must have fire in my eyes when I face them, not tears.

  9. Correct me if I'm wrong... this competition is individual? each top 20 members in Guild will get prize? Am I right?