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  1. that is a very bad time!! i will get back to it.. now the war is ok to be once in two days but the weekend it should be both saturday and sundays!!! many and i mean many ppl cannot be online at that damn forsaken time the us server. which leaves only the weekend..... the bad thing is not everyone will get time either that saturday or sunday since it will always fall on one of em. and more ppl will love to have the fun they missed on both saturdays and sundays!!!else you can please change that US server time and add at least one more hour to it!!! TY last point !! ONE HOUR WAR IS JUST TOO SHORT!!!!!!
  2. How do they get more OP?Is says fear probability of reset when hit is increased By 5%. Thats makes fear less useful since it can fail easily.(just like barb charge)
  3. Music removed again! Hmmm dont ever put crazy songs again
  4. Since i found it on ovi store randomly looking for a big size(mb) game. Hehe :[
  5. I would love it. Prob download it over the net and watch. Hehe
  6. Correct me if am wrong. You can increase bag space of guild banks only directly using m.coin. It will be great if i can be increased using extra pockets as well
  7. please add support for windows phone7 and put the game in the windows market.add a .xap file v of the game in downloads
  8. please make a .xap file for windows mobile 7 and 8 because the .cab file on download works only on windows mob5 and 6
  9. kagegaara

    Server down?

    always updating before the said time and letting us play with all the bugs!!! ok bugs let some of us get good stuffs on the release of swamps :D :D :D :D :
  10. OMG warspear is DISCONTINUED :'(
  11. saw him at lost soul.was just reviving and summonig efls warriors,and he did escape in the end.not impossible he can do that.that dude is -INVISIBLE-
  12. The idea is completely right.y then do we have crystals for two handed and one for one hand??is like saying lets put a one hand crystal in our 2 hand axe....now tell me about u will that!is perfectly normal 2 hand have already double the attributes of one hand.now why not a rune??finaly i dont take it for staffs as there is no 1 hand staff.haha...
  13. boff idk what to feel now!+9 huh?just as good as +10 to me!u can still kill anyone u want,moreover u are warlock for god sake!!! what is it that u want to do with +10 that u cant with +9? i may be wrong but no big deal.unless to show off!!man that doesnt make u stronger but cheaper...and less respected.ready to do anything to get something of no value is stupid!
  14. u know why it wont happen?they made available spheres in arena shop without the signs,while we still can farm for em...!making a sign drop from boss is just like adding it to the arena shop.both things that will never happen.but there is hope for noobs like me,the daily gifts from mentor...-who is that mentor anyway-senario is:u get surprise chest gift,u open and bang!a set of signs...haha.so in the end the game is not so unbalanced peeps.just be cool-wise- and play nice.
  15. no, no and no,my phone gotta a prob recently and now i only can play on pc.dont se the advantage though,i play arena good on phone as well.full screen will u strech ur hand far to get to another place and dont think a full screen will mean more map to see.f5 already change from portrait to landscape as in motion sensor phones,use it to ur advantage as it still is bigger than the usual phone
  16. u wanna get started?play rogue in u.s saphirre...easy to lvl,can win at pvp,can easily work in the casino(swamps),the bad thing is its gears that cost a lot and overall is an expensive class....for more cheaper and good class,u better play shaman...and u will never be disappointed!they can do anything,u name it!!finally dont play druids or ranger...mcs will always kill em..!!lol
  17. no that would make the game more boring getting the stuffs all too easily again!!
  18. i slept late yesterday due to chainless!!! wow!! lvl 14 and finished all chainless the same day :blush:
  19. hve been leveling up my warlock(duck u need to be so precise to play warlock.more than a shaman or necro)so no swamp or farming now.but im getting low on gold and had to sell a guiding thread vest very cheap...(duck again,lvl 13 stuffs cost a lot.)but is all gud,i got what i wanted.....wink!
  20. Totally is a NO! NO!...is already hard as it is with d mcoin user nd gold user(idl d rich poor cntext,is jst priorities.nd also some wuld lov to buy d mcoin bt jst cnt).in short more imbalance....bt then a maybe!!i have heard u can request something lyk that 4rm devs with a fee obviously
  21. kiyomi is more of a moderator on forum...
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