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  1. hi, please help me win a huawei ascend mate or g526 pleaseee vote for me here: http://b.dry.lt/weqw3o
  2. i used to buy mcoin frequently to equip my characters and trade items because i dont have enought time to hunt for drops.. and exactly the last paragraph on first post is in spanish, im from Venezuela too, im the leader of WsLatino on EU-Emerald and i also have lost interest on playing warspear... in the name of all wslatino members and other venezuelan players including me, i hope u devs can restore the sms service to Venezuela
  3. people already has posted this issue before but seems that devs wanna keep stealing the players with that pop-up!
  4. we all want this option... has been suggested before the email system but devs never answered-.-'
  5. i think its better idea make the game aviable for psp/ds
  6. hi, idk if u noticed, but where it was the circus tent on kamp gasphel, now people cant walk on there o.o
  7. if u play the game on a 10" tablet u can see almost the whole map
  8. yes i tryed, but i like it better the desktop version of forum;) thank's for answer, i hope to see it soon aviable on tapatalk ;)
  9. devs/mods can u make this possible?
  10. primer vídeo del clan :) buena muchachos!
  11. totally agree with this suggestion, tanks should have something on atacks that focus boss agro on him(withou spend 4 skill points on taunt lv5 wich is useless on PvP) because most of times ranged classes stole agro due to higher atack...
  12. i agree with this suggestion, paladins need their own cloak 17 with astral bonus + dodge/parry like mage need his own 17 cape with sun + dodge
  13. totally agree, i think guild tournament should be redesignedonly the ones who most expend $$$ on game wins.. lol -.-'
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