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  1. very very good! nice job! eu quero um kkk
  2. [Ferocious Girl] Description Grooaarr ... Grooaarr ... girl or bear? Now I'm a girl, or I'm a bear. Biting or embracing? Grooaarr ... Careful wandering around the Localities of ayvondil. Grooaarr ... Appearance Beaded Fish Bears Skins By the seamstresses on the island of the swifts Located in ayvondil Hot in winter and hot in summer To die of cold? Hmm ... with him will not. Your beautiful and rare ethereal green crystal Center shines more than a star in the sky. Materials (BEARFISH SKIN) Cheap and warm Material is not the issue. The point is not to be devoured by bears. What about the Ethereal Green crystal? Because they buy from merchants and very expensive. Thank you for the opportunity, I hope you enjoy. Oracion - BR-TOURMALINE
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