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  1. I hope you like it. Hello to my family in game. ;) FIGHTERS
  2. Having no horror circus and snow boundaries in anniversary is incomplete, hope you can make atleast one contest here in the forum that everyone will enjoy. thanks AIGrind
  3. regarding about test server, do you know why I can't play my main character on the same account? all the low lvl characters are working except one. it says "connection with server has been lost." it's been 30mins but still can't play on it
  4. If there'll be no horror and snow, I hope there'll be contest here in the forum atleast. (notice me senpai)
  5. i hope there will be an extension of submission of the entry :(
  6. Give your entry link pls. This is my own work and I don't use any referrence. sry about that maybe I can make some solution on that problem ty
  7. Hello r0land. I'm gonna re draw this work on a clean paper ASAP.
  8. Sry I didnt nptice my drawing wasn't uploaded here is my work
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