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  1. I dont know, its not actually necesary to have always friends in game, becouse its just a virtual world, and everyone knows that virtual world brings only virtual friendship... I prefer not to mix games and friends together :) And another thing: maybie player cant talk any of given languages in Warspear, so he is quite and is for himself :P
  2. Haha i hate it too, but if you wont need friends and you are on rush, its best way to proceed further :)
  3. Update 2.2 14. Be aware of network coverage.
  4. Update 2.1 13. Earning some gold if stuck.
  5. update 2.0! Be sure to vote! :) it will make me happy haha
  6. its becouse im adding new tips. . . And im trying to do it almost every day ^^
  7. ohh. . . Yesterday i was playing and met guy with bunny costume. I asked him if i cn buy some runes. He said ok, what ya want, ill buy you anything u want. I said ok, buy me defense rune. And yeah he did it, and also gave me crystal for bow. . . And he didnt ask even a coin for tht. . . That means, there r still nice players these days :)
  8. 1. You dnt have to beg. Its newbie players fault he cnt make friends who could help. So he will beg for party or faster way is to hire help :) 2. My bad. . . Eh its just like im only levdl 10 and im writing tips for first levels for now. But as i level up, ill discover new nice tips and then ill post them for sure
  9. Hehe, but its worth tryin it to know, but badly it doesnt work :s
  10. Learn to read u mobile nerd Those r just tips retard
  11. Hello dear players! In this topic ill try to write some nice tips in game so you can try them out, and who knows, maybie you will become the best player haha xD Tips will be updated time to time so check it out every day folks. . . 1. Earning gold. As you start the game, you will find out that you can collect loot from npc corpses as you kill them. But not so fast. They wont make you rich . . . Do some quests first and when you reach level ~ 9 start killing npcs leveled same as your level or higher. They will give you better loot wich is also more expensive. . . Go for easiest enemies so you can loot them easier 2. Killing boss for quest. Many players do their quests and enjoy gameplay, but then comes boss quest wich is too hard for them to complete. In that way you have 2 options. First, you can wait near boss for other players who are doing the same quest, ask them to party up and kill the boss. Second option, go to city or wherever you can use trade chat, and write that you are hiring team for certain quest. Dont forget to inform them that you will pay for help ~100gold or whatever. Very easy to get help is when you have some spare miracle coins, every1 wants them! Hehe 3. Killing boss in party. When your killing a boss in party and its attacking you, just move around your party and it will stop attackin you. This way you can stay alive easier and even heal, coz your not in combat anymore. Be sure not to die, becouse you wont recieve desired kill then! 4. Buying equipment. When your level grows, you can equip new weapons etc. But stop! Dont buy them yet in shop. You can earn same equipment by doing quests, so you wont spend even a coin for it. Another option is to buy equipment in trade chat. Players who buys new equipment, wont need old one, so they will sell it in shop for low price, but they still will try to find better deal in trade chat first, so catch them up and buy your desired equipment cheaper than in shop! 5. Earn more money by selling old equipment. When u buy new equipment, try to find player who need old one, he will buy it if ur price will be lower than shop price. Be sure to sell it higher than selling price in shop and lower than shop is selling that item! 6. Small tip ~ server update. When u read about upcoming update, be sure to complete your hard quests, becouse they will restart after update! 7. Easy money ~ helping If you are high level you can offer your help to desperate players for payment. They mostly will acept ur offer. . . And thats it, just party up and kill whatever he wants. 8. Leveling up ~ buff skill. If you find it hard to level up your buff skill, just go to player crowded place and use ur skill on random players. After some time [actually depends on your buff level], you will level up your buff. Thats it, as easy as that! And dont forget to buff me, if you find me someday xD 9. Leveling up attack skill. Its easy to do it. How long it will take to level up? Well. . . Faster than normal way. So the trick to level up faster is very easy, just use your skill whenever you attack. Its just so easy to level up,as it takes only those times you have agresive enemies! 10. Collecting quest items. When you have a quest where you have to collect certain items like flowers etc... And u encounter a big problem - Another player is doing the same quest and collecting your items grrr.... Chill out and use this nice strategy i learned when i was pi*sed off :D Normally all flowers* have at least 1 NPC around wich can attack you, ok and you should now that you cant collect item if its attacking you, thats right. ok the trick is easy, just w8 till your opponent player lose patient and start killing the guard*, then its your time to collect item and NPC wont attack you becouse its already in combat with another player. So happy harvesting :D ! 11. Surviving. When you complete quests you sometimes recieve potions. Just dont use them yet, better save them up for boss fights. As potions can be used in combat its great tactics to use them when your hp runs low. In that way you can even kill it alone if you have enough potions! 12. Becoming rich by spending only 3$. Easy way to earn thousands of gold is to buy some miracle coins [500 m coins for 3$], everyone wants those runes and crystals, so just head to camp and use trade chat to sell something. Usually players will pay high becouse they dont want to spend their own $$$. Example: i sold deadliness rune for 7k gold! And this way wont hur becouse runes and crystals basically cost few m coins :) 13. Earning some gold if stuck.Everyone a bit experienced player knows that you can travel from first island to next one after a while, ofcourse if you have right amount of gold. Ok, when u want to travel be sure to have enough gold to come back, as next island have stronger monsters and it wil be hard to earn enough gold to travel back. If you do this mistake dont cry so soon, there is sunken ship* treasure chests wich contain item, wich u can sell to merchants and earn enough gold after a while to travel safely back :) 14. Be aware of network coverage. If your using your smartphone, be aware of bad network coverage, if you lose connection it can result in death in game. And if your kinda poor it will hurt, becouse repairs gona cost :P Anyways just play warspear in safe places, so there is no risk that you can die More coming really soon, im just boored of writing xD If any of these tips helped you. Add karma please. Pixelspore
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