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  1. I dont know, its not actually necesary to have always friends in game, becouse its just a virtual world, and everyone knows that virtual world brings only virtual friendship... I prefer not to mix games and friends together :) And another thing: maybie player cant talk any of given languages in Warspear, so he is quite and is for himself :P
  2. Haha i hate it too, but if you wont need friends and you are on rush, its best way to proceed further :)
  3. Update 2.2 14. Be aware of network coverage.
  4. Update 2.1 13. Earning some gold if stuck.
  5. update 2.0! Be sure to vote! :) it will make me happy haha
  6. its becouse im adding new tips. . . And im trying to do it almost every day ^^
  7. ohh. . . Yesterday i was playing and met guy with bunny costume. I asked him if i cn buy some runes. He said ok, what ya want, ill buy you anything u want. I said ok, buy me defense rune. And yeah he did it, and also gave me crystal for bow. . . And he didnt ask even a coin for tht. . . That means, there r still nice players these days :)
  8. 1. You dnt have to beg. Its newbie players fault he cnt make friends who could help. So he will beg for party or faster way is to hire help :) 2. My bad. . . Eh its just like im only levdl 10 and im writing tips for first levels for now. But as i level up, ill discover new nice tips and then ill post them for sure
  9. Hehe, but its worth tryin it to know, but badly it doesnt work :s
  10. Learn to read u mobile nerd Those r just tips retard
  11. Hello dear players! In this topic ill try to write some nice tips in game so you can try them out, and who knows, maybie you will become the best player haha xD Tips will be updated time to time so check it out every day folks. . . 1. Earning gold. As you start the game, you will find out that you can collect loot from npc corpses as you kill them. But not so fast. They wont make you rich . . . Do some quests first and when you reach level ~ 9 start killing npcs leveled same as your level or higher. They will give you better loot wich is also more expensive. . . Go for easiest e
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