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  1. Wait wait, are you saying that game is scary? o.O should try some silent hill then xD
  2. Buy chiton of fiery skies (know it is hard to find one crafted but, I hate waiting) Pm Elftoaster- eu- mc side obviously.
  3. Downloaded the game x2 times for pc but still getting v3.12 and yes i did clear my browsing data even used another browser but still the same,any solution?
  4. This place has better drama than the cave
  5. Arygx


    i'm missing the cave already xD
  6. Arygx


    Snorlax/roland,can any of you check why my account is blocked? Char name: Mrtoaster,lvl 20 shaman. As far as i know,i've done nothing against the rules...
  7. Eu/Emerald Buy baton of sudden doom,pm elftoaster/baltheir.
  8. I didn't even get my chests,be happy at least u got a mail e.e
  9. Eu/emerald Buy runic arbalest,pm baltheir (no overpriced whores).
  10. Eu/Emerald Trade gold from mc side to elf side, Pm elftoaster...
  11. From the best country ever...
  12. Arygx

    Talk Here Arabic :D

    لعد شنو هاي اللغة الي كتبت بيهه؟ :unknw:
  13. Lol at blocking bridge for 10 mins :lol:
  14. Come on, you cant do that because you lost a weapon e.e buy a low lvl weapon and do arena till u get enough points for staff.
  15. Sell guiding thread gauntlets on eu mc, pm me here.
  16. Arygx

    Talk Here Arabic :D

    صارلي فتره ضايج من ال mc اذا تعرف احد ايبدل الاكاونت كلي ههه
  17. Arygx

    Talk Here Arabic :D

    اروح اكمل تنزيل كروس فاير احسن
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