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  1. bullsh*t, ive been playing bd a very long time and LATELY having very hard time against legion cc aswell as rogue jump. usually could have taken out any rogue, but now even lower amped ones get me. I think this is balancing stuff
  2. Yeah, and who the f**k's idea was it to put berengars tower, dungeon, as a quest so that without it u can't do any quests in ayvondil, without telling it anywhere but in the forum?
  3. Nice theres my guild name in one of ur arena pics ;D BUT UR NOT GOING TO SRSLY ADD CLOSE QUARTERS ARENA MAPS WHEN EVERYBODY KNOWS OTHER FACTION HAS MORE CC THAN THE OTHER ??? :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: not crimson corundum
  4. Tonttuu

    Servers lag

    As of this moment every single player is experiencing lag with the game, skills, changing map, bosses, etc. World chat is full of it, I could send some pics but I don't have the time plus there's too many ;D EDIT: I guess now fixed?
  5. Oooh I guess I hit the soft spot right there.
  6. Yeah well what do you suppose they can do with it in forum if there's a possibility a person has traded his/her account. Support is the best way to approach that matter believe me, its not cold or sarcastic in any way.
  7. Isn't dev(s) short of developer(s)? Where is the development? Создавайте!
  8. Niinno monet jo tietääki että tässä on käyny niin että joku heir oli kickannut kaikki guildista ja ottanut rahat erissä guildin warehousesta ja vaatinut goldia jäseniltä guild messagessa kickin uhalla. Itse olen ollut viettämässä joululomia ja melko vasta alkanut taas pelaamaan EDIT: Ja tämä siis tapahtui joululoman aikoihin jouluaaton ja uudenvuoden välissä, en osaa sanoa tarkkaan
  9. Can't get pass char selection at this time
  10. So basically everyones saying this game doesen't support pay-to-win type of achievement, (?) oh but it does. It just doesen't tell you exactly straight (or your way too dumb to see it) what is it that your in fact winning. :dirol: Your welcome :give_rose:
  11. Juu tänään illasta pelaan taas, päivitän myös sivut :) Pyrin päivittämään jäsenlistan viikottain mikäli tarpeen
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