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  1. now i see there are more posts about this bug on forum, sorry it is going to be here twice or more times and yes i still need them back :fool:
  2. Hello guys, today i opened my 10 free surprise chests mail and clicked ''To bag''. My bag was full and it wrote me it is full so i can buy another bag as usual. But then i dropped something from my bag to have more space and went to my Mail. There wasnt the mail with chests so i checked inventory. I did not get them! Chests not in mail and not in inventory. I wrote a message on Report a bug that i need them back and i wrote my email too. It is really important to me to have them!...Really. If possible i would like to have them back. I can give more info about my account to deliver them to my mail or bag. Contact me please,Thanks
  3. ELF Foot of Grey Mountains - area next to Kamp Riff, npc Velaid - dat green guy :give_rose:
  4. ELF: Somarra Tribe Village, i think it was npc Melia :give_rose:
  5. ELF: NPC Gamark in Skuas Village today :give_rose:
  6. Yep, i have that problem too. I have fi-wi too and when I try to click on the big Play button for 1st time i start the game, it writes this: Connection with server has been lost. But when I do it 2nd time it writes this after choosing a character and clicking on dat green little button play. And after these 2 things it doesnt write anything and I can play but its pretty annoying. Dunno what it is. :nea: Anyone fix this ?
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