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  1. Yes, we can't kite, just end this discussion since you're basing your knowledge on a lvl 14, good day.
  2. 340 on 0 defense maybe, oh and bds do more damage than rogues, that's a fact, keep denying it, won't change anything, don't want to explain the obvious.Btw, this is going off topic, don't want mods to be on my ass so I'm done here.
  3. No one said it's useless, it is just not as easy as you guys claim it to be, not for a shaman at least after quake radius got rediuced.
  4. It matters for sure Please note that poison is an expert skill while hamstring is just a normal skill, experts are "supposed" to be better than normal ones.
  5. Arygx

    Shaman's skill set

    It increases damage and stun time, 5 seconds at 5.
  6. Wait what? Ham does 150? Maybe you've been fighting +1 bds, check high amplified ones and see how nasty ham can get.
  7. Arygx

    Shaman's skill set

    True but, say goodbye to kitting with 1 quake, also, quake is very helpful with lab runs and dungeons.
  8. Arygx

    Shaman's skill set

    Protection is mostly a pve build, I know it has been buffed but, quake is still more useful to upgrade.
  9. also, kitting with a druid is much easier than shaman.
  10. Knife skills for rogue can't even be considered as the damage they do is pathetic, just pointing that out.
  11. Still, you should have put sentinels first, my bad xD
  12. Both sides have equal op classes, don't give me the legion>sentinels
  13. Marco is love, Marco is life, I really liked his character, hope we'll see more of him in the future.
  14. Don't watch it unless you've seen the marineford arc in one piece, just sharing my feels ;-;
  15. The only 2 wars I've joined and we won them xD
  16. Oh well, they said lvl cap will be 50 in the old forum..
  17. Link? Pretty sure there will be more skills since the level cap will be 50.
  18. It is one of the hidden jewels of youtube, same thing with these guys
  19. The only skill bd requires is to find ham in the hotkeys after that just spam randomly, enemy dead.. Not asking for a nerf, just saying that the class is op, don't know why you guys keep denying it lol Anyways, hope the next set of expert skills solve this.
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