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  1. Its not any1s fault but urs ppl playing the game sets the price of items so its not exploitation if the demand is low u have to lower the price of costume to sell or hold on to it for the time u can sell to ur required price.... And who do u think set the price of 1kcc.. Players ofc and the price fluctuates depending on how desperate the selling or buying party is.. In your case ppl aren't desperate to buy ur costume but u r desperate to sell it so u have to lower it otherwise as said b4 hold on to it
  2. I too have 3 chains and they r cool to fight melee class but more than 3 Skill pts I think its just taking dam from other skills also 4/5 chains ss won't work after chaining and 3 can get u going with hitting ss and kiting
  3. Yeah chains r useful but b4 u chain them MCs have stuns even BDS have ham pala fetter druids can root while they r chained chains range 1 block u r only seeing mage as PvP perspective
  4. maxing chains and kiting (i thought it was dam class maxing chains reduces dam from other skills) chains only stop at them one place dont stun and its range is 1 block the only stun ull get is 0.5-1 secs from stone (very less chance) and fear from blazing ground (very less chance)
  5. Mage is cool for mcoin users or users who have already good amount of gold, a new mage with no gold is very very hard to make ppl dont inv low amped mages anywhere: in dgs mages can only be invited if two healers already in pt (mage needs separate healer) in dgs rangers preferred over mages they give awesome dam + good def areana pt : mages die fastest cus low hp + no heal (if u wanna dam the enemies u have to go close ) mages r cool for ppl who can amp them good cus low amped mage is like shit low amped mages or new players(mages) dont get invited anywhere so they cant earn more all and all the thing is ive started the game with mage and it took me so much time to decently amp it mage not for new players yeah its fun and i love my mage but the truth is mage survival so hard for new players unlike healing classes no basic attack is really ranged except fireball stone has 2 blocks range others r 1 block ranged even many times u miss all attacks cus of server lagg blazing ground is 5 ranged but many times cus of server lagg my mage moves to the applied area mage is so vulnerable
  6. m going to sleep g/n all sabhi bhai log aur ladki logo ko apna kantaap
  7. Cool if it's implemented otherwise I have to make a priest so I can farm peacefully
  8. Do devs really read the suggestions? And yes modification is the best solution let the dominant heal be there Its so easy to implement I think so can we see it in next update?
  9. Okay so I was there soloing a boss as a druid and another pt of a priest and druid came and the druid unequipped his staff and started healing me, normally I have 250+ per tick heal but after he cross healed me it went down to 90 something heal/tick and eventually after some time I died after that I heard some1 making other druids die like that too I am so pissed he took my farm like that many times what to do please devs remove the cross heal or modify it
  10. Devs read this suggestion this is a GREAT IDEA Full agree
  11. Lol I reinstalled game w/o coming here first Server down server down I repeat server down!!!!
  12. Worst overall class mage and wlocks✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋
  13. Nadon tera shaman give away KR RHA h abi tak?? Sapphire me??
  14. BDS are............. lemme think....... Wait We all know....... OP
  15. For farm 4 tears 4 shield 5 heal 4 aura
  16. I just told that I have 2/5 chains so that I could evaluate from other players but when the description says it pushes and holds down then I think it should push always but sometimes it doesn't pushes that's the real problem
  17. there should be change in chains too but i don't think it'll happen now I mean warp and chains I usually use for escaping from mobs or pve but not that much in pvp chains sometimes doesn't even push btw I only have 2/5 chains
  18. Devilwrath

    Mage combo

    yeah I figured it out that 4 spaces r better than 5 for teleport but I don't have lag except war or when too many players at one area >100-150 and my net connection is always good its just lag in this skill when you don't get attacked you can tele 5 blocks easily but when being attacked in group like the towers at kota map this skill lags
  19. true mages need something, but we don't know what its really lacking, I think its not lacking anything but when I start comparing the other classes are just better
  20. really any dk or palas won't even take 2-3 if talking about crit, and they have half the attack stat btw I have 16% crit its good for a lvl 17 and yeah you can kill a priest but only if he hasn't used his shield till then but if his shield is up when you start attacking then you're ducked up I really love mage class in general but just giving out the facts
  21. Mages attack is 2nd highest then why is it so that every other class can do attack equal to and usually greater than mages of the same level we don't have good hp no good defence no stuns no heal and don't have many active mage players unlike other class then why doesn't gm think about it why don't they do something about it even after giving suggestions, do they really hate this class p.s. Those who say it is balanced go check again p.p.s even if the gm doesn't do anything bout it m going to continue playing it but it would be more fun if we can just stand alongside other warspear classes
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