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  1. hahaha, thanks for commenting teozantyn. :friends: i know that my story was unusual and kinda weird, not like the other story. :blush: and i also think that cool wasnt the right word to describe it. maybe its not cool but its funny, isnt it? :blush: oh well, i hope you enjoy it ;D actually the original one has more then 7500 characters, but to fulfill the rules, somehow i success to make it into less than 4000 with a lot of cut for the detailed scene. its quite painful :'( in the original story, the girl met her tragic ending in the hand of newborn mountainers, the Berengar Guards who tell the story and also Gariel dies in the hand of the join faction hunters before those faction begin their own war, just like the good old days. :drinks: cheers :give_rose:
  2. yay!! now i can participate in this contest!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: too bad the character was restricted, if not i can make this story more colorful, tee hee ;D anyway, hope you guys enjoy my kinda weird story :wacko: cheers :give_rose:
  3. Do you ever know about Lord Berengar love story? Im bored wandering alone in my post, so ill tell you that: A week before, the famous evil Lord Berengar, which we call Lord B, who bored arranging his usual evil thing from his palace, decide to disguise him self as a traveling merchant and take a walk to the mountain for refreshing his mind. Then, he saw that lovely human girl, fell in love at that instant and decide to make the girl his bride! That night, her village has a huge commotion when Lord B shows his true self and abduct that girl from there! The villagers try to stop him, but he is unstoppable. After an hour, Lord B started to regret his decision abducting that girl. Her nonstop sobbing make his head very ache. After a while, he gave up and decided to consult with his two close personal guards. “Minions,” he said, “Tell me, what should i do now? She wont stop crying!” “Just kill her my Lord. Then she wont cry anymore.” Suggest one of them. “Your salary will cut a half this month!” says Lord B coldly. Poor guy, think the other guards, okay, that guy is me. “Another suggestion? A good suggestion will granted with the salary bonus! If there were none, both of your salary will cut again for a half.” WHAT? NOO!! “How if you give her a gift, like a dress or flowers.” I decide to speak. “I already try that! your salary will also cut a half this month!” Dang!! “But my Lord, the gift that you give to her wasnt a gift for human girl.” “What do you mean?” ask Lord B “My Lord, no human girl will be happy with the rag of wizard mantle or withered flower! Try the lovely gift, and treat her with kindness.” “Hmm, okay. This month you will get one gold as a bonuses!” God! And my salary my Lord?” “What? You want to continue receiving half salary for next month too? Okay!” Why? Why in the world i agree to be this cheapskate evil Lord minions in the past? Dang! I hope there were a lot of hunting people coming in my post so i can save a lot of food from their corpse, or else i need to survive with only water for this two month, again!! After Lord B do my suggestion, the girl started to open her heart and treat him with the same kindness. Lord B was very happy with her attitude, so he decided to give all of his minions two gold bonuses. For a cheapskate person like Lord B, thats reaally plenty! But yesterday, one of my comrades brought a beaten badly suspicious knight in front of him.Judging from her almost-cry-again expression, i think its her fiance. I think Lord B realize it too. “Who are you?” ask Lord B scarily. “I-i..” “WHAT-DO-YOU-WANT?” “I-want-my mommy!! Waah-i come here in peace but you guys beating me! waah-you are soo mean! Waah-Mommy” His weeping makes my jaw drop. Seriously? “Do you really love him?” ask Lord B to the girl “Err..” “Whatever. Kill him!” he command me. “DONT!” she scream and my sword stops in the air. “Please, dont.” “Have mercy! I came here just for my engagement ring.” Says the knight “Ring?” ask Lord B “Its an expensive qualitative signet ring o evil Lord. If you want my fiance, you can keep her. But please, give me back my ring.” The girl cry and Lord B laugh scarily. “Naah, its mine! Nice armor btw. Be my minions!” “Y-es” answer the knight “Shut up! Im talking with your armor. Open it now and leave!” “I..” “Dont worry, i wont let you naked in this winter. Minions!” After that knight kicked out from palace, only using Lord B wet towel to cover his body, Lord B welcoming his new minions, animated armor. After that, Lord B live happily ever after with the girl.. not! Actually last night that girl drank a weird potion, given by jealous Gariel, and turned into a sheep. Lord B, who is too cheapskate to spend some money to invented a new changing potion for the girl, kick Gariel away and then ask me to take the girl back to her village. The end. Dang! Im hungry! Where the heck are those people? I hope they brought pumpkin juice this time! Their traveling porridge taste yuck! Hurry up & come, my food bank!!
  4. thank you soo much guys, i really appreciate your help for solving my problem!! :give_rose: and for other member who haven't received any reply from support team, please be patient guys!! they will do their best to help you all!! thank you again guys!! especially for the support team. :good: :good: :good: Love ya all!! :give_rose: :give_rose: :give_rose: best regards, elvroarge
  5. what do you guys think devs? until now i havent open this email yet, waiting for you guys to reply my report today first. thank you. best regards
  6. hi all, found another funny picture here ;D anyway, who still remember the relationship of the last picture? i still though, tee hee :blush:
  7. you got the point there, but still, it doesn't give u the rights for insulting people. :nea:
  8. actually we can still play this game at ver 3.0.0 and 3.0.2 smoothly. my pc has ver 3.0.0 and my phone has ver 3.0.2. those version only need data catching to play.
  9. actually, since this is an international forum i prefer the word "world" funniest home picture ;D this is for the cat lovers, enjoy cheers :give_rose:
  10. on my vivaz pro, my phone suddenly went blank and restart it self after i play for about 10-20 minutes. it happens several times, and makes me kinda scared to play with my phone again :cray: please fix this devs, thank you :)
  11. yeah, im agree with breakout. if someone start for insulting, better add him to ignore list. anyway this is an international online game, so a lot of people can feel free to insulting other without feeling afraid of getting punch on their face, so im also agree with Glynhal. just do ur own things and stick to ur values, u have rights to ignore the insulter. dont mind them, just think that those insulter as a real chicken that love to cock-a-doodle-do and give u some entertainment if u want too. ;D sorry for my bad english cheers, and keep having fun buddie :give_rose:
  12. i can play with my symbian phone (im lucky, tee hee :yahoo: ) but it continusly lag after a few minutes playing. and after a while, my phone suddenly restarted it self. this suddenly restarted case was happens several times, makes me kinda scared to play with my phone again. :(
  13. another picture to enjoy :give_rose:
  14. i found some funny picture here, so i think its time for you all to relax, chill out and laugh for a while and leave the anger, disappointment, and stressful feeling behind ;) enjoy :give_rose: p.s. : watch out for the tummy ache after seeing these picture, tee hee ;D
  15. pros : ancient spell skill : even it consume some hp, but it give health more than other class ( i think ;D ) for example on my case : using this skill reduce 20 point of my hp but give 100 instead, means my health increase by 80 point. i think it was more bigger than druid or shaman at the same level (level 4) bone shield : consume some hp, but it save a little bit health than being hit by mobs. for example on my case : using this skill reduce 20 point of my hp, and only can protect my char from being hit 2 times. one hit from mobs reduce 17 point of my hp, means i can save 6 point after being hit twice. not much but it helps. cons : deathly eyes skill : cant say a lot because i have no idea what the use of this skill :blush: i cant see the difference between mobs health or attitude after i use this, nothing change at all :unknw: sorry for my bad english cheers :give_rose:
  16. elvroarge : elves that love to roar :blush: freishanyo : free happy-go-lucky shaman ;D i don't understand, what's so sexy about rapist person that love to rape others? as long as i know rape and rapist is a serious word, and doesn't meant to use as a joke. its totally scary :( sorry for my bad English cheers :give_rose:
  17. Seriously guys, what is the point of being racist anyway? Im pretty sure if any racist people were asked to write 5 good point of being racist, they would answer like this : 1.??? 2. err…. 3. I don’t know 4. whatever 5. can I go home now?? But if any racist people who using his/ her healthy mind and stop letting the hatred toward other control them and to be honest for a while when they were asked to write 5 bad point of being racist, im pretty sure they would answer like this : I made a new enemy, a lot! I show my narrow minded to others people thinks that im still living in era of the stone age I made another racist that will do the racist things toward me to be born can I write this until 100?? If the bad poin was shown much much more then the good point, why you insist doing such a bad thing like this? Seriously guys, This is not the primitive ancient age when Dalton brother still alive and become the archenemy of lucky luke! we already living on a modern age on year 2012 and you still show the racist things and insist to be one of it? Come on! Beside, no one can choose their nationality or skin color when they were born. We are born because of God’s decision, not because we decide to born to. So why you hating each other because of the thing that God’s decides for you and for the other? The point is, being racist is useless!! If you wanna hate someone, hate them because of their attitude, don’t hate them because of their cover (like skin color, nationality, etc) were different from you! If you guys still insist for being racist, why don’t you get a peek into a jail? A movie that tell about the private live for the criminal, like Provoked, still would do. Tell me, what makes a person there, a person with the same skin color or nationality like you guys have, becoming a superior to other? Is the answer was their skin? Or the answer was their nationality? I don’t think so! i agree with you. Oh, yeah. I found some picture that I think fits for this thread. Thanks to my friend Karim and Nida who share this for me. Sorry for my bad English. Cheers. :give_rose:
  18. actually cybercrime, instead of getting angry to someone that comment on your thread, it would be better if you follow Coolstallone suggestion by reporting that scammer to support. give a lot of detail about what happen that time. dont miss every single bit of it so the support can act faster to follow up your report. and stop writing such a nonsense about your own religion in the future!! :aggressive: since this is an international forum and not religion forum, i wont talk too much about it. just think, write and act wisely from this moment so the same case wont happen again in the future, okay? cheers :give_rose:
  19. isnt this what they call scammer? i think it wasn't hacker because as long as i know a hacker works silently without revealing their self, doesn't even bother to ask, and suddenly... booom.... :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: our private web base property cannot be open or change into a weird conditions at least thats what happening on my email and my friends social media. i was lucky because the hacker doesnt change my password, but my friend must make another new social media and explain to everyone about this case because she cannot enter her old one that turning into a weird social media. since we just an ordinary citizen, not famous at all, and both of us pretty sure we never tell anybody about our password nor writing on a weird sites, so until now we still have no idea why this kind of case happen to us. :unknw: correct me if im wrong, but i think what happening to both of us was calling a hacking, and i think if there was PM first to ask about id and password, then im pretty sure it was scamming, not hacking sorry for my bad english cheers :give_rose:
  20. first thing first... me and desy was a total stranger. never know her nor even talk to her. i understand that you guys truly love desy and care for her which is why you both wrote such a word, but if im desy i wont be happy at all seeing these kind of word. as a matter of fact, i will be sad if my friend and sibling that i love saying these kind of word due my illness. for a sick person, especially the one with the dangerous illness, healthiness is a privilege that they were longing for their entire live, so if you still have a perfect health, please do not say something that does not appreciate God's grace like that. trust me, you guys wont be happy if these kind of bad wishes becoming true :( for desy... since we are totally stranger, the things that i can do is giving you some advice. i hope this will help you during your treatment 1. if you feel sick that makes you wanna throw up, try to eat something sweet or sour like candy or something, to reduce the urge to vomit. try not to vomit so much because your body need a lot of nutrition during your treatment. drink a lot of milk will help 2. if the feeling of stress or depression coming up, quickly eat chocolate because chocolate has anti depressan substance 3. specify a dream to do after you recover, a silly and impossible dream (like having a race with cheetah, tee hee :P ) still would do. the point is, you have to had a dream that you wishing for fulfill so you can stay motivated to do your treatment, no matter how hard it was, so you can fully cure your illness. dont ever under estimate the power of dream. ;) 4. never let your negative thoughts or some harsh word nor attitude from the bad, cruel, ignorant, indifference, insensitive, unemphatic person control you. keep positive thinking. if you are moslem, keep husnudzon about your conditions, dont su'udzon. think that the glass was half full, not half empty. 5. you are not alone. there was a lot of person that have the same disease. and a lot of them have the worse condition then you are but they were survive. so dont be afraid about anything. if you are moslem, afraid to Allah, not the other. 6. follow the doctors lead, and consume only the white from the egg, dont eat the yellow one. you need a lot of protein for your treatment 7. keep your spirit up!! never give up for anything. every single disease has its own cure, except for death. try to drink Habbatussaudah oil for your suplement. the taste was really gross, and can make you feel like vomit after you drink it, but it was a good suplement that helps improve your recuperate. and as long as i know, it will help kill the cancer cell either. 8. in the end, remember that healing is in the hands of God, not human kind, so dont forget to pray each and every moment for your healthiness. its just a piece of advice from a stranger, so its up to you to follow it or leave it. ;D sorry for my bad english cheers :give_rose:
  21. lol, u are so funny :lol: who said that im trying to push what a moslem believes to u? if u think like that then u wrong!! like i said, i only write about what moslem thinks according to my knowledge when their Gods name being used for joking and not discussing about what moslem should do nor what other person with a different religion should do. i never wanting, expect nor pushing someone to follow me nor agreed to what i wrote. if someone was disagreed with me then its fine. :) really? thanks for ur information :) lol, yeah, ur right. thanks for ur advice. ;D if that facepalming rude behavior doesnt count, i can say u are a nice person. :) flowers to all :give_rose: :give_rose: :give_rose:
  22. here goes the rude person :facepalm: first of all this post is about offensive name for character, and not about a religious teaching, which is why i only write about what moslem thinks when their Gods name being used for joking and not discussing about what moslem should do. if u wanna discuss about religious teaching, try to find another forum in religious web. second, there is too much offensive things in this game that insulting someone nationality, religion, etc. do u really think to let it all go just like that if someone insulting such a sensitive thing like that because its internet? well, i cant blame u for that, just pitying u. good luck for changing ur indifferent attitude then
  23. well, jayrox and edgeshadowwalk. it seems that u guys really dont understand about moslem at all. i dont know about other religion but for moslem, using Gods name on naming something was a very big insult for Gods existence. for moslem, God is different from His creation, such as living thing like human or animal or nonliving thing like rocks, mountain etc, which is why using Gods name for joking nor naming something was a very hars thing to do! and for Tenmayos dont expect too much from anybody, its useless!! lets just pray that the person that using that name realize his mistake and never do such a thing again in the future. aamiin. cheers buddie :give_rose:
  24. nevermind, i forgot with who i replying to. :facepalm: good luck for searching a good psychiatrist. :facepalm: hope ur mental illness can be cure as soon as possible. :facepalm:
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